A physicist was performing facility surveys prior to April 28, 1999, with a bachelor's degree in a physical science as defined by FDA. His or her State approval is still current after April 28, 1999.

Is this degree acceptable as meeting the alternative initial requirement?

Yes. The degree would be acceptable as meeting part of the initial qualifications. The physicist would need to document the degree in a way that also identifies the field of study. If the degree is in physics, FDA assumes that the physicist has earned at least 10 semester hours of physics without requiring further documentation. However, if the degree is in one of the other physical science fields, the physicist has to provide documentation showing that he or she has at least 10 semester hours of physics. The physicist also needs to document that he or she has the experience of conducting surveys on at least 20 mammography units and one complete facility survey (including the evaluation of technologist quality control records). In addition, the physicist must have 40 contact hours of documented specialized training in conducting surveys of mammography facilities.

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