All medical physicists must have specialized training in conducting surveys of mammography facilities.

What type of training can be used to meet this requirement? Can continuing medical education (CME) be counted to meet this requirement or does it have to be formal, academic training? Can CME be used to meet both the "15 CME in 36-month" requirement and also to meet this "specialized training in conducting surveys" requirement?

Various types of training may be used to meet the requirement of having specialized training in conducting surveys, including CME, formal academic training, or other types of training programs. However, not all CME may be acceptable for this survey training. FDA accepts any CME credits or units related to the diagnosis or treatment of breast disease or to other areas that will aid medical physicists in improving the quality of the survey as acceptable toward meeting the continuing education requirement for physicists. The survey training should be specifically related to technical or quality assurance topics pertinent to mammography facility surveys.

Physicists who are qualified prior to April 28, 1999, and obtain their survey training prior to this date may count the survey training for both CME and the "specialized training in conducting surveys" requirement. However, physicists who qualify after April 28, 1999, may only use the survey training to meet their initial requirements and may not use the training as CME.

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