Are there any exceptions for attestation for education or training earned after October 1, 1994?

FDA may continue to accept a limited form of attestation beyond October 1, 1994, in situations where the education or training provider does not specifically document that the education or training offered at a meeting, or other educational opportunity, was in mammography. For example, to use continuing medical education (CME) or continuing education units (CEU), the interpreting physician, radiologic technologist, or medical physicist should provide:


  1. Documentation from the CME/CEU provider of the total number of CME/CEU he or she earned at the meeting.

  2. Documentation (for example, meeting agendas) showing the number of hours he or she could have earned in mammography at the meeting.

If an individual provides such documentation, FDA may then accept attestation (using FDA’s recommended form or a form with similar elements) to the number of CME/CEU in mammography he or she actually earned at the meeting. The above policy applies only in cases where there are opportunities to earn CME/CEU in several fields at the same event. If the meeting or other educational opportunity is limited to mammography, then all that would be needed is documentation from the provider of the number of CME/CEU earned. This limited form of attestation also may be accepted for continuing medical education requirements for other subjects related to breast disease.

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