Extension of the 14 Month Limit for the Medical Physicist Survey


When there is an extenuating circumstance(s), such as an impending move, which makes it impractical to have the annual physicist's survey performed within a 14-month time period, facilities should contact their State inspector, State Certifying Agency, or the FDA District Office (whichever conducts their annual inspections) and request permission to defer the current survey until after the move has been completed, or until the extenuating circumstance(s) is no longer applicable.


The facility needs to explain, in writing, the reason for the request and establish a reasonable schedule showing the date by which the deferred physics survey will be completed. The State or FDA, based on the facility's history and circumstances, may at their discretion, approve a delay for such cases. If needed, States may consult with the FDA on a case-by-case basis.


When the State inspector, State Certifying Agency, or the FDA district office approves a delay for the annual physicist survey and the MQSA inspection is conducted before the approved delay is over, then the inspector should enter an "N/A" ("N/A" denotes not applicable) as the answer to the question SURVEY REPORT AVAILABLE: and record the reason in the printable Remarks for the SURVEY REPORT section. The facility should be instructed to send a copy of the report to the inspector once the physicist survey is performed. The inspector will then need to evaluate the survey report, edit the inspection record (answer the physics survey questions), and re-upload the inspection data to DMQS, and send the facility a revised facility inspection report.


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