How will the counting periods for continuing education relating to new mammographic modalities be synchronized with the general continuing education requirement?

Note: FDA is exercising its enforcement discretion and is delaying enforcement of the six hour new modality continuing education requirement indefinitely.


Compliance with this requirement will be assessed for each individual during the first facility inspection performed after all of the following date benchmarks have taken place: 


  1. June 30, 2002, or 

  2. The third anniversary of the end date of the calendar quarter in which he or she met their initial requirements, or 

  3. The third anniversary date after he or she began using the new mammographic modality.


The 36-month counting periods for both the general and the new mammographic modality continuing education requirements will be identical from the beginning. Any portion of the initial 8 hours of training in the new mammographic modality falling within this 36 months can be counted towards meeting both the general continuing education (if Category 1) and the new modality continuing education requirement while still counting toward the initial new modality training requirement.

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