I am a physicist who wishes to become initially qualified as a medical physicist. I completed 10 contact hours of initial mammography training in screen-film mammography and performed one facility and ten unit surveys under direct supervision. I wish to count the time spent performing these surveys toward the 20 contact hour requirement. All of the surveys were performed in a full...

Medical physicists (MP) may count the time they spent in the actual performance of surveys to be used toward satisfying the survey contact hour training requirement. As guidance, however, FDA recommends that MPs not count more than four hours for each facility survey and two hours for each unit survey toward the required total hours of training. Once an MP completes the facility and unit surveys, the MP is qualified to perform screen film surveys independently but not necessarily FFDM surveys. In order for the MP to also perform FFDM surveys independently, the training program will have to supply the MP with additional documentation showing that at least eight hours of experience/training was in FFDM. 900.12(a)(3)(iii)(C).

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