Interpreting Physician Teaching a Specific Course


900.12(a)(1)(ii)(D): Units earned through teaching a specific course can be counted only once towards the 15 required by paragraph (a)(1)(ii)(B) of this section, even if the course is taught multiple times during the previous 36 months.


Mammography personnel may receive credit for presenting courses/lectures and/or reading/writing articles/papers for journals as long as the articles/papers and the courses/lectures pertain to the diagnosis or treatment of breast disease or other areas that will aid facility personnel in improving the quality of mammography. FDA has no way of determining the proper amount or type of credit to give for any individual article/paper or course/lecture. However, an organization authorized to award credit can assess and document the appropriate amount of CME awarded. Mammography personnel should get a letter or other documentation from the authorized organization stating how many and what type of CME’s are awarded and the date the credit was given. FDA would then accept the amount awarded toward the continuing education requirement. For physicians, credit obtained after 4/28/99 must be category I.

  1. An interpreting physician teaches the same ten-hour course to residents in mammography every year. Can the physician count this for 30 hours of continuing education over a 36-month period?


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