Radiologic Technologist Overview

Under 21 C.F.R. 900.12(a)(2):


In order to independently perform mammographic examinations, one must qualify as a radiologic technologist. To do this, one must document all of the following requirements:


1.  Be State licensed to perform general radiographic procedures, or have a general Certification from an FDA-approved body to perform radiologic examinations.


2.  Have prior to April 28, 1999, qualified as a radiologic technologist under the interim regulations; OR completed 40 contact hours of specific training in mammography in the topics specified in the regulations, including performance of a minimum of 25 examinations under direct supervision.


3.  Maintain continuing education (15 CEU's/36 months).


4.  Maintain continuing experience (200 examinations/24 months).


5.  Requalification: Radiologic technologists failing to maintain the continuing requirements must requalify prior to independently performing mammographic examinations.


(a) Continuing Education: Must bring total up to 15 CEU's/36 months.


(b) Continuing Experience: Perform a minimum of 25 mammography examinations under direct supervision.


6.  Maintain a valid State license or general certification.


Radiologic Technologist Qualification Worksheet

This worksheet may be used by facilities to help ensure that their personnel meet all applicable 
requirements prior to providing mammography services.


Initial Qualifications Met Before 4/28/99 (INTERIM) Initial Qualifications Met After 4/28/99(FINAL)
Need one of the following: Need one of the following:
___ General radiography license (any State) ___ General radiography license (any State)
___ General certification (ARRT or ARCRT) ___ General certification (ARRT)
Need one of the following: Need all of the following:

___ 40 hours of mammography training

___ ARRT (M)

___ CA Mammography Certification

___ AZ Mammography Certification

___ NV Mammography Certification

___ Completion of prior FDA accepted course or training

___ 40 hours of mammography training including the following subjects:
   ___ Breast Anatomy
   ___ Physiology
   ___ Positioning/Compression
   ___ QA/QC
   ___ Breast Implants
(attestation allowed if training completed prior to 10/1/94)  ___ 25 supervised patient exams
(generally up to 12.5 hours can be counted toward the 40 hours, but must be documented)

START DATE ___________________________
(The later of 10/1/94 or date the last initial qualification was completed)


___ 8 hours initial training in additional mammographic modality used (if applicable)
DATE COMPLETED ____________________________


Continuing Qualifications

All of the following:

___ 200 patient exams in the 24 months prior to the current date
(applicable 24 months after start date)

___ 15 CMEs in the 36 months prior to the current date
(applicable 36 months after start date)


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