Starting Dates

The term “starting date” is used to describe the date on which an interpreting physician, radiographic technologist, or medical physicist has met all initial MQSA requirements and must begin to meet the continuing requirements for his or her specialty.

  1. How is an individual’s starting date determined?

  2. Does an individual’s starting date ever change due to personnel taking time off after they qualify or if they re-qualify when they are found to be deficient for either continuing experience or continuing education?

  3. A physician had over three months of training in mammography during residency, and has been reading and interpreting mammograms at a facility for several years. He or she has now passed the ABR certification exam. Will this change the starting date for the physician's continuing experience and continuing medical education?

  4. Under the regulations, if less than 24 months have passed since an interpreting physician's, radiologic technologist's, or medical physicist's starting date, will they still be evaluated for continuing experience during an inspection? What about continuing medical education if less than 36 months have passed since the starting date?


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