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FDA Poisonous Plant Database

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AUTHOR(S): Elbadwi, S. M. A.; Adam, S. E.; Shigidi, M. T.; Hapke, H. J.
TITLE: Studies on laticiferous plants: Toxic effects in goats of Calotropis procera latex given by different routes of administration.
YEAR: 1998 CITATION: Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr, 105(11), 425-427 [English]
FDA #: F24779
ABSTRACT: The effects on goats of Calotropis procera latex given by different routes of administration were investigated. The administration of latex at 1 ml/Kg body weight via the oral route or at 0.005 ml/Kg body weight/day via the intravenous or intraperitoneal route caused death of the goats between 20 minutes and 4 days. When the small dose of latex (0.005 ml/Kg body weight/day) was given by the oral route or intramuscular route no death among the goats occurred. Nervous signs, frequent urination, frothing at the mouth, dyspnoea and diarrhoea were the main features in goats given latex by the oral, intravenous or intraperitoneal route. Lameness was observed in goats given latex via the intramuscular route. Lesions were widespread congestion and haemorrhage, pulmonary cyanosis, enterohepatonephropathy, peritonitis (in goats receiving latex via i.p. route) and haemorrhagic myositis at the site of latex injection. These changes were accompanied by increases in the activities of serum GDH, LDH, ALP, GGT and AST and in the concentrations of cholesterol, urea and creatinine and decreases in the level of total protein.
GRIN #: 8653 Exit Disclaimer
LATIN NAMECalotropis procera
STANDARD PLANT NAMECalotropis procera (Aiton) W. T. Aiton