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PhishPharm - Detail

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Title:  Bioaccumulation potential of 4''-epi-(Methylamino)-4''-deoxyavermectin B1a Benzoate (Emamectin Benzoate) in Bluegill sunfish.
Authors:  Chukwudebe AC, Andrew N, Drottar K, Swigert J, Wislocki PG
Drug:  Emamectin Benzoate
Fish species:  Bluegill
Date:  1996
t1/2-hr:  94
est:  est
Sample:  whole body
Ave Weight (gm):  2
Ave Water temp (°C):  22
Water:  Freshwater
Dosage:  1.6 ug/l 28 d
Route:  BATH
Comments:  Steady state concentration reached by 21 days. Residue levels plateaued by 21 d=94 ug/kg. Residue at 28 d= 90 Emamectin Benzoate (3H). Equilbrium bioconc. Factor = 80, indicating unlikely to biomagnifiy in the food chain.
Metabolites:  N-demethylated derivative
Citation:  J. Agricultural and Food Chemistry 44:2894-2899
Dep-time:  0.18/d dep rate constant (90% gone by d 13)
Link:  http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/jafcau/1996/44/i09/abs/jf960228z.html  Opens a new window
Genus Species:  Lepomis macrochirus
Drug Class:  Antiparasitic-Avermectin
t1/2-detail:  3.9 days est by author
Wt gm-detail:  1.5+/-0.6 g
Water temp (°C)-detail:  22+/-1 C
Dosage-detail:  1.6 ug/l for 28 d
Method:  HPLC-Rad
Authors-red:  Chukwudebe AC, Andrew N, Drottar K, Swigert J, Wislocki PG