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PhishPharm - Detail

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Title:  The uptake, distribution and elimination of dietary 14C-DDT and 14C-Dieldrin in rainbow trout.
Authors:  Macek KJ, Rodgers CR, Stalling DL, Korn S
Drug:  Dieldrin
Fish species:  Trout, rainbow
Date:  1970
t1/2-hr:  960
Sample:  whole body
Ave Weight (gm):  15
Ave Water temp (°C):  16
Water:  Freshwater
Dosage:  0.2 mg/kg/ week 140 d
Route:  PO
Comments:  The predicted time required for rainbow trout to eliminate 50% of total body DDT or dieldrin is 160 d or 40 d respectively, DDT (14C), Dieldrin (14C)
Citation:  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 4:689-695
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Genus Species:  Oncorhynchus mykiss
Drug Class:  Organic-Chlorinated-Pesticide
t1/2-detail:  40 +/- 4 days
Wt gm-detail:  15 +/- 3 g
Water temp (°C)-detail:  16 +/- 1 C
Dosage-detail:  0.2 mg/kg/ week for 140 d
Method:  Rad
Authors-red:  Macek KJ, Rodgers CR, Stalling DL, Korn S