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Learner Help

This web application is called a module. The module is divided into units, lessons, topics and pages. Units are listed in the navigation pane on the home page of the module. If you select a unit, you will be presented with the lessons in the unit, and their associated topics. You may select 'begin' to start a lesson, or navigate directly to a lesson topic of your choice. While taking a lesson, the topics of the lesson will be available in the main navigation pane. The easiest way to take a lesson is to use the next and back links. Next and back will traverse the lesson's topics (and their pages). A topic may be composed of multiple pages.

There may be a certificate offered at the end of a lesson. To receive a certificate, you must complete the lesson. Your completion status is located in a status section that exists directly after the content in the presentation pane.

Some lessons include knowledge checks. These are not graded but require you to at least try and answer all of the questions before credit is given towards lesson completion.

If you cannot find the answer that you are looking for, please use the comment link at the end of the main navigation to ask us directly.