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Event Date 07/21/2007
Event Type  Injury  
Event Description

I had lasik surgery in another country in 2007. I chose this group because my sister had her eyes done there and was very happy with her results. At that time, i wore glasses for far vision, but i could still read without glasses. I went back for my checkup one day after surgery and then 1-2 week post-op. The one weak checkup was planned a few days early because i was experiencing pain in my left eye. The optometrist said, i had an inflammation in my eye and if it wasn't better in 48 hrs, i should a see a dr in the states. I decided on my way home to see an ophthalmologist immediately. The ophthalmologist said there was something very wrong and sent immediately to a cornea specialist. He did scrapings and put me on 2 types of drops. From there it went down hill. After not growing a culture on the first scraping, they kept me on antibiotic and steroid drops. Two weeks later, and a lot of pain, they did another scraping. This time they found a candida fungus. This meant that the steroids were helping the fungus grow, so i was taken off of the steroids immediately and put on 3 different antibiotic drops, one of which i had to use every hr, and at night every 3 hrs. One antibiotic was one hundred dollars a bottle, had to be kept cold and expired every 7 days. I had to see the dr either every day or every other day at first. During this time, i was trying to work but my eye was so painful, it was very difficult. One day my vision got so bad, it felt as though i was looking under water. I reported this to the ophthalmologist immediately and got an emergency appt. They found that the fungus ate a hole in my eye and it was leaking. I was to go home, not pick up anything over 5 lbs, and keep my eye covered while showering. They didn't want me to do anything. At the time of the surgery, i had a full time job and 2 small part time jobs. Now i had to quit one part time job and go on disability from the other jobs. Also, i couldn't be in any light at all, it was unbearably painful. I spent most of my days in the basement or a very dark room. I couldn't watch tv and i most certainly couldn't read. My visits to the dr were everyday now, even on the weekend, both saturday and sunday. My father had to drive me to and from the drs and i had to ride in the car with a coat over my head. There was talk about having to glue my eye, but the drs decided to wait to see if my eye would seal itself off. It did thank god, but the battle continued. I spent 5 mos on disability. The disability company wanted constant updates about my condition or i wouldn't get a check. During this time, my condition would get slightly better, then go down hill again. It was agonizing 24/7. By this time, i'm taking 4 different drops and a pill. I had to take 2 a day. This doesn't include all the co-pays, other medical bills, prescription costs and the fact that i'm now earning less than half my normal pay and have to pay for health benefits. My vision was never 20/20 after the lasik surgery and now it would get better then worse. My right eye remained about the same, but again, the best it got was about 20/30 to 20/40. Thank god i had some medical coverage. What i've told you so far is what it cost me financially and physically. Mentally, i was a disaster. I cried most of the time. I lost all self-esteem for many reasons. One, i chose to do this. I felt as though it was partially my fault. Two, my career of 26 yrs was in definite jeopardy. I'm an ultrasonographer. We spent all day in a dark room looking at a computer screen which is mostly black and white and have to measure things in millimeters. I couldn't read anything at this point even with reading glasses. The thought of losing my house was constantly on my mind. I've been a very independent person for a long time. I raised 2 children completely on my own. Now i had college expenses i couldn't pay. I've never had to take a hand out from anyone. Now i had to depend on my elderly parents to do everything for me and i had to constantly fight with the disability company for every dime they sent. I thought that i would have to move in with one of my siblings in order to survive. It was the absolute worse time of my life. The thought of ending it all was not far from my mind. Very slowly i got better, with the best care i could ask for from the corneal specialists, and the kindness of their staff. When i went to my appointments, i was in tears and had to hold an icepack on my left eye most of the time. The staff would keep the lights down in the room, so my eye would not be so painful. In late 2007, i went back to work part-time and eventually full time. I still have trouble with my left eye. I've had 3 different prescriptions. Non of them work well. My left eye has shadow vision, or double vision. There is a scar in it. The ophthalmologist said that might get better, but it constantly feels like there is something in it. Both eyes need correction for both near and far vision. My night vision is terrible because all of the lights smear. I can't even enjoy looking at the moon or stars because it's all a smear. I have an appt tomorrow with lasik md approx one yr after surgery. They have closed the clinic, so now i have to drive to another city, a two hr plus trip. They have all of my records because i had everything faxed to them during this disaster. I'm not sure what i'm going back for. I just know i need to go. As far as i know, i did everything by the book and there were no errors that i know of elsewhere.

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Brand NameLASIK
Manufacturer (Section D)
MDR Report Key1056171
Report NumberMW5007125
Device Sequence Number1
Product CodeLZS
Report Source Voluntary
Reporter Occupation Patient
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 06/03/2008
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received06/03/2008
Is This An Adverse Event Report? Yes
Is This A Product Problem Report? No
Device Operator Service Personnel
Was Device Available For Evaluation? Yes
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? Yes

Date Received: 06/03/2008 Patient Sequence Number: 1