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MAUDE Adverse Event Report: PRK EYE SURGERY

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Event Date 10/03/2007
Event Type  Injury  
Event Description

This is related to cosmetic eye surgery. I considered lasik for awhile, but was afraid that my eyes were too dry. I didn't really use any drops during the day, but it was when i could feel that they were really dry, that's when i occasionally would use drops. Finally after 3 years i decided to go see a lasik specialist for advice. Two places that i went to did not event check to see if i had dry eyes. The doctor just looked at my eyes and said they were fine. I was not satisfied with their answers. I finally decided to go to an eye institute for a screening because i heard a lot of good things about them. Even if they charged a lot more, i was willing to give them a try. On my first appointment, dr determined that i had dry eyes, therefore, put me on antibiotics and fish oil. She also suggested prk instead of lasik for me, because there will be less nerve damage to my eyes making it less dry. I was very happy because this was the first place that i felt cared about my eyes. I was on it for 1 month, when i came back for another check up, the doctor said there was improvement, therefore, i can go ahead with the surgery. Before the doctor decided this, she had her assistant measure the dryness of my eyes with some kind of camera. They had to take the pictures may times, because my eyes were too dry, therefore, the camera could not get a good picture of my eyes. I was a little bit hesitant, because my eyes only felt a little better, but trusted that she knew what she was talking about, since she seemed to care a great deal about my eyes. She asked me to continue the antibiotics and fish oil after surgery, she said it should continue to improve even more. I was very excited to hear that. The doctor that operated on my eyes was another doctor. The next day after surgery, i was required to come back in for a check up. When i did, the assistant mentioned that my file said i got lasik not prk, i was very nervous and confused. I went in thinking and also signed paperwork for prk. Then dr mathers came in, but he was also confused on what i got done, finally they figured it out by looking at my eyes through a microscope. Prk has a different kind of surgery mark than lasik. I was so scared starting that moment on, i wasn't sure anymore about this place. These were my eyes they were dealing with! four days later, i came back to get the contacts taken out of my eyes, they didn't even know what doctor i was seeing. Dr mathers was on vacation, therefore, i was to see his assistant doctor. Two different ones came in before they could determine which one was to see me today. I was so angry, another mix up, by now i was really scared and didn't trust this place anymore. When the doctor took out my contacts he accidentally poked my eyes. I was shocked, because i thought he should be good at this by now. From then on all my follow up appointments was with third dr. He was not very organized, every time he came in the room he would ask me why i was here. He would never remember what he recommended for me from the last time. For example, he asked me to start taking 4 pills of fish oil instead of one, he forgot that. He asked me to continue to take my antibiotics and plus he added restasis eye drop to my daily routine and he forgot that. I always had to update on what he asked me to do last time. It was horrible. I don't think he even looked at my file before he came in. Well, after surgery, my eyes dryness level got worse. I was putting in eye drops every 5 minutes. When i came in to see him, he boosted my fish oil intake and recommended other brands of eye drops. He also gave in an inflammatory drop, that helped. I started doing eye drops every 15 minutes. I was still very frustrated. When i came in to see him, he would tell me my eyes look fine and didn't really do anything else for my dry eyes except to tell me to continue my antibiotics, fish oil and restasis, even though i kept telling him it has not helped me any. After changing to refresh celluvisc eye drop i was able to wait every half an hour to put in drops, that was a relief from every 15 minutes. When i woke up in the morning, my eyes felt like there was sand in it. I could never open them, therefore, i started using a night time ointment. I never had to do this before the surgery. I was very frustrated and angry at the fact that this was not told that my eyes will get this dry and there's really no improvement and the doctor is doing nothing about it. My contract says that after surgery they will see me for six months to monitor my eyes. Every appointment i had after surgery with him was pointless. He kept telling me my eyes were fine after looking at it through his microscope. My last appointment was at my 6 month post operative exam. They measured the level of dryness for my eyes again with their special camera, it came out very dry. I figured since my eyes were still really bad he would continue to see and help me get better. Instead he said that since my eyes were dry to begin with it was not the surgery that made it worse, i was so angry when i heard this. I hardly used eye drops before the surgery. Now i am doing it every half an hour and it's not the surgery then what is it? not only is it annoying to put in eye drops so often, but it's very expensive. He said he will send all paperwork to my regular doctor so i can continue my treatment there. I feel that this doctor did not really care about me. He just wanted to push me out of the door. I am very unhappy and still doing eye drops every half an hour after 9 months of surgery. I still have to put thick ointments in my eyes before going to bed otherwise, it would hurt to open them in the morning. I want to let others know, so they won't go to where i went. The eye institue. Dates of use: 2007 - 2008.

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MDR Report Key1057092
Report NumberMW5007212
Device Sequence Number1
Product CodeLZS
Report Source Voluntary
Reporter Occupation Patient
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 06/02/2008
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received06/02/2008
Is This An Adverse Event Report? No
Is This A Product Problem Report? Yes
Device Operator Service Personnel
Was Device Available For Evaluation? Yes
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? No

Date Received: 06/02/2008 Patient Sequence Number: 1