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BAUSCH & LOMB EYE LASER LASIK Back to Search Results
Event Date 06/29/2006
Event Type  Injury  
Event Description

Had lasik eye surgery. Lasik ruined my vision that has made life miserable. I had 20/15 clear vision anytime of the day with glasses before lasik. Now i have: severe starbursts in the daytime on all reflections. A starburst on an oncoming car is so bad that it blocks the whole car to where i can barely see the front bumper. Even more severe starbursts at night. Starbursts from cars block my view of the road. I have to use my hand to block the starbursts or i have a square piece of 3x4 inch duct tape on the windshield to block starbursts so i can see the road. Severe glare that makes it look like there's a fog around anything that is lit or white. The tv remote is white and has a glare around it sitting on oak table. Halos around lights at night and dim lighting. A frosted light bulb will have a halo and a clear bulb will have the starbursts. Severe light sensitivity. The sun reflecting on dry concrete hurts my eyes. Double vision and sometime triple vision. Dry eye that makes the problem worse. Night vision and in low light my vision is horrible. Low light is grainy photo. I have been on depression and anxiety medication since right after having lasik. Within 2 months, i lost 20 lbs right after having lasik because i couldn't eat. I am still on the medication today. The medication helps some but not completely, i can describe it as only taking the sharp edge of depression away. In the beginning, i went through 4 pairs of glasses of varying prescriptions to get by. Company had three pairs made and i had 1 pair made. I decided to have enhancements done because i felt i had no other choice living with this miserable suffering vision. Enhanced left eye 2007, right eye 2008. Vision focus improved enough to go without glasses but all the problems did not. Starbursts/glare got worse, vision fluctuates a lot. Before i had decided to have lasik, i asked the question to the consulting dr - be honest with me that i am definitely good to have lasik - she said yes and she did not talk about the problems. I told them that i want to see the same as i do with my glasses and they said i would be happy with what i see. Lasik plus lied, they told me the "gash" problems would go away, and they didn't. They told me my expectations were too high. Then they told me i just needed an enhancement. They lied to make money by ruining the only pair of eyes i will ever have. Lasik doctors have no integrity. I don't know how they can sleep at night after "lied to you", ruined a person's eyes and their life for profit. I went to a local eye dr and told him about my problems. He told me he used to work for company, and he said their corporate wants you to sell the lasik. He said he could have run off a lot of people. I asked him if he had lasik and he said no, he wears contacts. From one human being to another human being to not talk about and completely explain every detail about lasik and how it can ruin the only pair of eyes you will ever have is horrible and unbelievable. I am living a nightmare and i suffer every second because of lasik.

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MDR Report Key1059500
Report NumberMW5007261
Device Sequence Number1
Product CodeLZS
Report Source Voluntary
Reporter Occupation Patient
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 06/11/2008
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received06/11/2008
Is This An Adverse Event Report? Yes
Is This A Product Problem Report? No
Device Operator Service Personnel
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? No
Was the Report Sent to FDA? No

Date Received: 06/11/2008 Patient Sequence Number: 1