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Event Date 06/13/2006
Event Type  Injury  
Event Description

I had lasik in both eyes in 2008. I had high prescription of contacts at a -8. 50 in left eye and -9. 50 in right eye. Very high prescrip. My surgeon, dr diagnosed me with dry eye before i had surgery when he was doing some tests. I shouldn't have had this surgery. After surgery, i saw like a freak immediately, though mostly clear, my world has turned upside down. My floor is crooked, my walls are stretched, circles aren't round anymore, my eyes were changing constantly being even one whole diopter different, i was overcorrected, and eventually when i got stern enough, he finally told me i had both decentered eyes. A nightmare i still live with everyday. What was not told to me until i gathered enough information from 15 docs or so, -most of whom would not tell me, only found out because i insisted on my records, that is, if they chose to put what it really was, i found some do not even write what they should on the charts- i found out i had epithelial ingrowth, blepharitis, corneal haze, corneal swelling, post-op astigmatism that the laser gave me!, irregular flaps, and some more i probably don't remember right now. One month after surgery, after my lying doc said all i had was overcorrection, -i knew he had to be lying- i went for a second opinion at laser center and saw another dr od, who worked for dr(third)- he told me i was fine, i just saw freaky because i had such a high prescription and it would take a long time to heal -more lies- then said i too had corneal swelling- of which at that time i didn't know you have to treat with steroids. He did not treat me, told me to see my surgeon in the next week and sent me on my way. Well, because he didn't treat me, and i got to my surgeon too late, i now live with unbearable permanent damage from the corneal swelling seeing a ghosty line around everyone and everything and have no 3dimensional vision all due to him not treating me- i had an episode on the following month, where everything i saw had changed. Mind you, on top of the freak world i "already" lived in with moving, crooked walls, distortion, crooked floor, etc. -and you know what dr(second) saw in my charts that i had dlk-therefore i even had pred forte on my counter and could have taken it till i got to my surgeon if "he" didn't "want" to treat me, and i wouldn't be living like this, had he told me what was going on and how i could fix it or event that i should see my surgeon asap today!, if he wasn't going to help! good thing i have one honest doctor i can now turn to. But the damage is done and not repairable, and believe me if you had to live like this, you wouldn't want to. It's god awful existing this way and being "forced" to see things so wrong. After thousands of dollars spent, i have contacts that help some, but guess what i will never see normal again. Well, i guess i must add, that i do have severe dry eye, of course halos and starbursts, and of course, loss of contrast in a big way. I also have corneal thinning, because i also have only 219 microns left in my left eye and not much more in my right. I fear ectasia, cataracts, corneal transplants if corneal swelling continues, which i've already had again this year! lucky i know now, to go in right away and my new doc "does" treat me. I miss my beautiful world. Can't seven see my own face straight; even with contacts. My nose moves because it is a different shape in one eye than the other, as well as all things being different shape, too. I went in thinking i'd have a miracle, and ended up hating life, trusting none, but one doctor, and having my life turned upside down and never being able to get past it, because it's always "in front of me"! imagine! could you endure? going through a day in life, is no fun and very scare, every day! you know what, even the words on this screen typing to you, do not go straight across, dipped in the middle, up on one end, down on the other and swerved. Can you even fathom living like this? the machine used on me, was an alcon ladarvision 4000, and if i went to a second opinion doc, and i wouldn't let them known who my surgeon was, they'd just ask what was the machine used. I bet it's a faulty machine on top of finding out the doctor has a bad reputation. I've also learned of people who went to well world renowned docs and still had irreversible damage. I just don't think lasik should be done, period! i was responsible for deciding on this surgery, but the truth is, i trusted the doctors know what they are doing and would never do a surgery that would harm, if they knew it did, and i found out the worse, which is they do know it harms! included with that is all the hype that's it's virtually a piece of cake, and foolproof, to find out later the ruth is so many are harmed, -i've met those with transplants, now and who are blinded- and none of us should have to live like this. I had a great future ahead. Had, is how i feel. L:ife will never be the same! thanks for listening.

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Type of DeviceNONE
Manufacturer (Section D)
MDR Report Key1213589
Report NumberMW5008793
Device Sequence Number1
Product CodeLZS
Report Source Voluntary
Reporter Occupation Other
Type of Report Initial
Report Date 10/27/2008
1 Device Was Involved in the Event
1 Patient Was Involved in the Event
Date FDA Received10/27/2008
Is This An Adverse Event Report? Yes
Is This A Product Problem Report? No
Device Operator Service Personnel
Is The Reporter A Health Professional? No
Was the Report Sent to FDA? No

Date Received: 10/27/2008 Patient Sequence Number: 1