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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

522 Postmarket Surveillance Studies Database

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The FDA has the authority to require device manufacturers to perform postmarket surveillance under Section 522 of the Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (FD&C) Act, when questions are identified for devices that meet the statutory criteria. This database contains information about 522 Postmarket Surveillance Studies that have been required. This database allows you to search information about the postmarket surveillance requirements by manufacturer or device.

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Study Status
PS210001 Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Freestyle libre 2 flash glucose monitoring system Clinical Chemistry 02/18/2021 Postmarket Surveillance Delayed
PS140001 Argo Medical Technologies, Inc Rewalk Neurology 06/26/2014 ReWalk Registry Redesigned/Replaced Study
PS200001 Avenu Medical, Inc. Ellipsys vascular access system Cardiovascular 01/10/2020 Ellipsys Vascular Access System Postmarket Study Ongoing
PS160001 Bayer Healthcare, LLC Essure system for permanent birth control Obstetrics/
02/29/2016 Postmarket Surveillance Study Ongoing
PS240001 Beta Bionics, Inc. Ilet dosing decision software Clinical Chemistry 03/04/2024 iLet Postmarket Surveillance Study Study Pending
PS200005 Caldera Medical, Inc. Desara One Single Incision Sling System Gastroenterology/
02/11/2020 Postmarket Surveillance Study Delayed
PS220001 Canary Medical, Inc. Canary Tibial Extension (CTE) w/Canary Health Implanted Reporting Processor (CHIRP) System Orthopedic 01/24/2022 Study of Subjects with the CTE Delayed
PS230003 Empower Medical Devices Breast Implant Removal Device (BIRD) previously the Bateman Bottle General &
Plastic Surgery
06/20/2023 Bateman Bottle Postmarket Surveillance Study Noncompliant
PS230001 Happiest Baby, Inc. Snoo smart sleeper General Hospital 03/30/2023 SNOO Smart Sleeper Ongoing
PS220002 Insulet Corporation Insulet smartadjust Clinical Chemistry 12/21/2022 SmartAdjust Technology Ongoing
PS230004 Laminate Medical Technologies, Ltd. Vasq Cardiovascular 09/26/2023 VasQ Postmarket Surveillance Study Study Pending
PS200006 Medtronic, Inc. Carpediem Gastroenterology/
04/29/2020 CARPEDIEM 522 Delayed
PS200004 Merit Medical Systems, Inc. Surfacer inside-out access catheter system Cardiovascular 02/10/2020 Surfacer Postmarket Surveillance Study Delayed
PS110070 MicroPort Metal transcend articulation system Orthopedic 05/06/2011 Metal Ion Levels Wright Redesigned/Replaced Study
PS230002 Moximed, Inc. Misha knee system Orthopedic 06/06/2023 MISHA Post-Market Clinical Study Ongoing
PS110002 Nexus CMF Tmj fossa-eminence/condylar prosthesis system Dental 02/04/2011 Registry Database Redesigned/Replaced Study
TMJM Registry Study - Partial Redesigned/Replaced Study
Prospective Postmarket Surveillance Study Plan Progress Inadequate
Explant Analysis Study Plan Progress Adequate
PS200003 Olympus America, Inc. Evis exera iii duodenovideoscope tjf-q190v Gastroenterology/
01/17/2020 Sampling and Culturing Study Delayed
PS210002 Pentax Pentax ed32-i10 duodenoscope Gastroenterology/
04/01/2021 Postmarket Surveillance (PS) Study Delayed
PS190005 Pentax of America, Inc. Pentax duodenoscope model ed34-il0t2 Gastroenterology/
11/15/2019 Sampling and Culturing Study Delayed
PS190001 Rapid-Medical, Ltd. Comaneci embolization assist device Neurology 05/22/2019 Success in Comaneci-Assist Coils Embolization Surv Ongoing
PS230005 Tandem Diabetes Co. Control-iq technology Clinical Chemistry 11/03/2023 Postmarket Surveillance Study Study Pending
PS110003 TMJ Concepts Patient-fitted tmj reconstruction prosthesis system Dental 02/04/2011 Time to Revision and Explant Analysis Progress Adequate
PS180002 TVA Medical, Inc. Wavelinq endoavf system Cardiovascular 06/22/2018 WavelinQ EndoAVF Delayed

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