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  Class 2 Device Recall CAPNOSTREAM 20P (US) N W/PRINTER ROHS see related information
Date Initiated by Firm July 31, 2018
Create Date October 03, 2018
Recall Status1 Terminated 3 on September 20, 2022
Recall Number Z-0027-2019
Recall Event ID 80895
510(K)Number K112368  
Product Classification Analyzer, gas, carbon-dioxide, gaseous-phase - Product Code CCK
Product CAPNOSTREAM 20P (US) N W/PRINTER - ROHS, Part Number CS08657-03
Code Information PA10170221 PA10170222 PA10170224 PA10170226 PA10170227 PA10170238 PA10170240 PA48160004 PA48160009 PA48160011 PA48160012 PA50160014 PA50160017 PA50160021 PA50160023 PA50160024 PA50160025 PA50160026 PA50160027 PA50160028 PA50160029 PA50160030 PA51160034 PA51160035 PA51160036 PA51160037 PA51160038 PA51160039 PA51160040 PA51160041 PA51160042 PA51160043 PA51160044 PA51160045 PA51160046 PA51160047 PA51160048 PA51160049 PA51160050 PA51160051 PA51160053 PA51160054 PA51160055 PA51160056 PA51160057 PA51160058 PA51160059 PA51160060 PA14170880 PA14170881 PA14170882 PA14170883 PA14170884 PA14170885 PA14170886 PA14170887 PA14170888 PA14170889 PA14170890 PA14170891 PA14170892 PA14170893 PA14170894 PA14170896 PA14170898 PA14170899 PA14170900 PA14170901 PA14170902 PA14170904 PA14170905 PA14170906 PA14170907 PA14170908 PA14170909 PA14170910 PA14170911 PA14170912 PA14170913 PA14170914 PA14170915 PA14170916 PA14170917 PA14170918 PA14170919 PA14170920 PA14170921 PA14170922 PA14170923 PA14170924 PA14170925 PA14170926 PA14170927 PA14170928 PA14170929 PA14170931 PA14170932 PA14170933 PA14170934 PA14170935 PA14170936 PA14170938 PA14170939 PA14170940 PA14170941 PA14170942 PA14170943 PA14170945 PA14170946 PA14170947 PA14170948 PA14170949 PA14170950 PA14170951 PA14170953 PA14170955 PA14170957 PA14170958 PA14170959 PA14170960 PA18171381 PA18171421 PA18171444 PA18171449 PA18171450 PA18171451 PA18171452 PA18171453 PA18171454 PA18171455 PA18171456 PA18171457 PA18171458 PA18171459 PA18171460 PA18171461 PA18171462 PA18171463 PA18171464 PA18171465 PA18171466 PA18171467 PA18171469 PA18171470 PA18171471 PA18171472 PA18171473 PA18171474 PA18171475 PA18171476 PA18171477 PA18171478 PA18171479 PA18171481 PA18171482 PA18171483 PA18171484 PA18171485 PA18171486 PA18171487 PA18171488 PA18171489 PA18171490 PA18171491 PA18171492 PA18171493 PA18171494 PA18171495 PA18171496 PA18171497 PA18171498 PA18171499 PA18171500 PA19171501 PA19171502 PA19171503 PA19171504 PA19171505 PA19171506 PA19171507 PA19171508 PA19171509 PA19171510 PA19171512 PA19171513 PA19171514 PA19171515 PA19171516 PA19171517 PA19171518 PA19171519 PA19171520 PA19171522 PA19171523 PA19171524 PA19171525 PA19171526 PA19171527 PA19171528 PA19171529 PA19171530 PA19171531 PA19171532 PA19171533 PA19171534 PA19171537 PA19171538 PA19171539 PA19171540 PA19171541 PA19171542 PA19171545 PA19171546 PA19171547 PA19171549 PA19171551 PA18171468 PA20171832 PA21171924 PA21171925 PA21171928 PA21171943 PA21171944 PA21171958 PA21171968 PA21171976 PA21171978 PA21171980 PA21171991 PA21171999 PA22172005 PA22172009 PA22172022 PA22172024 PA22172036 PA22172037 PA22172038 PA22172039 PA22172040 PA22172041 PA22172042 PA22172043 PA22172044 PA22172045 PA22172046 PA22172047 PA22172048 PA22172049 PA22172050 PA22172051 PA22172052 PA22172053 PA22172054 PA22172055 PA22172056 PA22172057 PA22172058 PA22172059 PA22172060 PA22172061 PA22172062 PA22172063 PA22172064 PA22172065 PA22172066 PA22172067 PA22172068 PA22172069 PA22172070 PA22172071 PA22172072 PA22172073 PA22172074 PA22172075 PA22172076 PA22172077 PA22172078 PA22172079 PA22172080 PA22172081 PA22172082 PA22172083 PA22172084 PA22172085 PA22172086 PA22172087 PA22172088 PA22172089 PA22172090 PA22172091 PA22172092 PA22172093 PA22172094 PA22172095 PA22172096 PA22172097 PA22172098 PA22172099 PA22172100 PA22172101 PA22172102 PA22172103 PA22172104 PA22172105 PA22172106 PA22172108 PA22172109 PA22172110 PA22172111 PA22172113 PA22172114 PA22172115 PA22172021 PA22172127 PA22172159 PA22172161 PA22172164 PA22172169 PA22172170 PA22172171 PA22172172 PA22172173 PA22172174 PA22172175 PA22172176 PA22172177 PA22172178 PA22172179 PA22172180 PA22172181 PA22172182 PA22172183 PA22172184 PA22172185 PA22172186 PA22172188 PA22172189 PA22172190 PA23172191 PA23172192 PA23172193 PA23172194 PA23172195 PA23172196 PA23172197 PA23172198 PA23172199 PA23172200 PA23172201 PA23172202 PA23172203 PA23172204 PA23172205 PA23172206 PA23172207 PA23172208 PA23172209 PA23172210 PA23172211 PA23172212 PA23172213 PA23172214 PA23172215 PA23172216 PA23172217 PA23172218 PA23172219 PA23172220 PA23172221 PA23172222 PA23172223 PA23172224 PA23172225 PA23172226 PA23172227 PA23172228 PA23172229 PA23172230 PA23172231 PA23172232 PA23172233 PA23172234 PA23172235 PA23172236 PA23172237 PA23172238 PA23172239 PA23172240 PA23172241 PA23172242 PA23172243 PA23172244 PA23172245 PA23172246 PA23172247 PA23172248 PA23172249 PA23172250 PA23172251 PA23172252 PA23172253 PA23172254 PA23172255 PA23172293 PA24172403 PA24172408 PA24172411 PA24172413 PA22172121 PA22172141 PA24172415 PA24172441 PA24172558 PA24172566 PA24172568 PA24172578 PA24172584 PA25172602 PA25172603 PA25172604 PA25172605 PA25172606 PA25172607 PA25172608 PA25172609 PA25172610 PA25172611 PA25172612 PA25172613 PA25172614 PA25172615 PA25172616 PA25172617 PA25172618 PA25172619 PA25172620 PA25172621 PA25172622 PA25172623 PA25172624 PA25172625 PA25172626 PA25172627 PA25172628 PA25172629 PA25172631 PA25172632 PA25172633 PA25172634 PA25172635 PA25172636 PA25172637 PA25172638 PA25172639 PA25172649 PA25172651 PA24172442 PA27172848 PA27172849 PA27172850 PA27172851 PA27172852 PA27172853 PA27172854 PA27172855 PA27172856 PA27172857 PA27172858 PA27172859 PA27172860 PA27172861 PA27172862 PA27172863 PA27172864 PA27172865 PA27172866 PA27172867 PA27172868 PA27172869 PA27172870 PA27172871 PA27172872 PA27172873 PA27172874 PA27172875 PA27172876 PA27172877 PA27172878 PA27172879 PA27172880 PA27172881 PA27172882 PA27172883 PA27172884 PA27172885 PA27172887 PA27172888 PA27172889 PA27172890 PA27172891 PA27172892 PA27172893 PA27172894 PA27172895 PA27172896 PA27172897 PA27172898 PA27172899 PA27172900 PA27172901 PA27172902 PA27172903 PA27172904 PA27172905 PA27172906 PA27172907 PA27172908 PA27172909 PA27172910 PA27172911 PA27172912 PA27172913 PA27172914 PA27172915 PA27172916 PA27172917 PA27172918 PA27172919 PA27172920 PA27172921 PA27172922 PA27172923 PA27172924 PA27172925 PA27172926 PA27172927 PA27172928 PA27172929 PA27172930 PA27172931 PA27172932 PA27172933 PA27172934 PA27172935 PA27172936 PA27172937 PA27172938 PA27172939 PA27172940 PA27172941 PA27172942 PA27172943 PA25172630 PA27172886 PA29173171 PA29173172 PA29173173 PA29173174 PA29173175 PA29173176 PA29173177 PA29173178 PA29173179 PA29173180 PA29173181 PA29173182 PA29173183 PA29173184 PA29173185 PA29173186 PA29173187 PA29173188 PA29173189 PA29173190 PA29173191 PA29173192 PA29173193 PA29173194 PA29173195 PA29173196 PA29173197 PA29173198 PA29173199 PA29173200 PA29173201 PA29173202 PA29173203 PA29173204 PA29173205 PA29173206 PA29173207 PA29173208 PA29173209 PA29173210 PA29173211 PA29173212 PA29173213 PA29173214 PA29173215 PA29173216 PA29173217 PA29173218 PA29173219 PA29173220 PA29173221 PA29173222 PA29173223 PA29173224 PA29173225 PA30173226 PA30173227 PA30173228 PA30173229 PA30173230 PA30173231 PA30173232 PA30173233 PA30173234 PA30173235 PA30173236 PA30173237 PA30173238 PA30173239 PA30173240 PA34173644 PA34173645 PA34173646 PA34173647 PA34173648 PA34173649 PA34173650 PA34173651 PA34173652 PA34173653 PA34173654 PA34173655 PA35173656 PA35173657 PA35173658 PA35173659 PA35173660 PA35173661 PA35173662 PA35173663 PA35173664 PA35173665 PA35173666 PA35173667 PA35173668 PA35173669 PA35173670 PA35173671 PA35173672 PA35173673 PA35173674 PA35173675 PA35173676 PA35173677 PA35173678 PA35173679 PA35173680 PA35173681 PA35173682 PA35173683 PA35173684 PA35173685 PA35173686 PA35173687 PA35173688 PA35173689 PA35173690 PA35173691 PA35173692 PA35173693 PA35173694 PA35173695 PA35173696 PA35173697 PA35173698 PA35173699 PA35173700 PA36173701 PA36173702 PA36173703 PA36173704 PA36173705 PA36173706 PA36173707 PA36173708 PA36173709 PA36173710 PA36173711 PA36173712 PA36173713 PA36173714 PA36173715 
Recalling Firm/
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.
Har Hotzvim Industrial Park Box 45025
Har Hotzvim Industrial Park
Jerusalem Israel
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
The date/time, nurse call and alarm settings of the bedside patient monitors may reset to the factory default settings when the monitor is powered off.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Nonconforming Material/Component
Action Urgent Medical Device Correction notification letters dated 7/31/18 were distributed to customers. The letters included the following instructions for customers: Share this notification with all care environments where the Capnostream" 20 and Capnostream" 20p bedside patient monitors are used, particularly in the areas where nurse call may be enabled (general care floors). If your facility has distributed these bedside patient monitors to other persons or facilities, please promptly forward a copy of this letter to those recipients. Medtronic is recommending continued use of Capnostream" devices. Users should confirm that the date/time is accurately displayed. If the date/time requires reset, all user defined settings, such as alarms and nurse call, will also require reset until the software is updated. Please follow the instruction in the Operators Manual to set user-defined default settings. The Operators Manual is available at http://www.medtronic.com/covidien/enus/support/product-manuals.html, refer to the Institutional Settings section. Return the completed Acknowledgement and Receipt Form by fax or email even if you have no inventory. In October 2018, download the software update from the Medtronic website via the following link which includes directions on how to download and install the software: http://www.medtronic.com/covidien/en-us/support/patient-monitoring-equipmentsoftware-upgrades.html.
Quantity in Commerce 696
Distribution The products were distributed US nationwide and Puerto Rico. The products were distributed to the following foreign countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, and Vietnam.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55.
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = CCK and Original Applicant = ORIDION MEDICAL 1987 LTD.