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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 1 Device Recall Medtronic BioConsole 560

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  Class 1 Device Recall Medtronic BioConsole 560 see related information
Date Initiated by Firm March 03, 2021
Create Date March 26, 2021
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-1313-2021
Recall Event ID 87490
510(K)Number K131964  
Product Classification Control, pump speed, cardiopulmonary bypass - Product Code DWA
Product Medtronic Bio-Console 560 Extracorporeal Blood Pumping Console, Model Numbers: 560BC, 560BC1, 560BCS, 560BCS1, R560BCS1. Used in cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) procedures.
Code Information 560BC: GTIN 00885074539386, Serial Numbers: 560B100094, 560B100212, 560B100244, 560B100257, 560B100274, 560B100283, 560B100418, 560B100439, 560B100482   560BC1: GTIN 00613994450326, Serial Numbers: 560B100901, 560B101368  560BCS: GTIN 00613994258236, Serial Numbers: 560B100369, 560B100376, 560B100472, 560B100495, 560B100496  560BCS1:  GTIN: 00613994450463, Serial Numbers: 560B100191, 560B100690, 560B100783, 560B100806, 560B100820, 560B100871, 560B100896, 560B101062, 560B101187, 560B101318, 560B101344, 560B101470, 560B101499, 560B101504, 560B101519, 560B101593, 560B101526   GTIN 00613994526052, Serial Numbers: 560B102610, 560B102725  GTIN 00643169201033, Serial Numbers: 560B101838  GTIN 00643169201651, Serial Numbers: 560B101834  GTIN 00643169315822, Serial Numbers: 560B100127, 560B101694, 560B101700, 560B101805, 560B101976, 560B101996, 560B102080, 560B102118, 560B102185, 560B102194, 560B102204, 560B102210, 560B102215, 560B102265, 560B102336, 560B102426, 560B102493, 560B102518, 560B102547, 560B102559, 560B102598, 560B102761, 560B102762, 560B102763, 560B102764, 560B102765, 560B102766   GTIN 00763000135447, Serial Numbers: 560B102711, 560B102717, 560B102718, 560B102720, 560B102721, 560B102722, 560B102723, 560B102724, 560B102726, 560B102727, 560B102730, 560B102731, 560B102732, 560B102733, 560B102734, 560B102735, 560B102736, 560B102737, 560B102738, 560B102739, 560B102740, 560B102741, 560B102742, 560B102743, 560B102745, 560B102746, 560B102747, 560B102748, 560B102750, 560B102751, 560B102752, 560B102754, 560B102755, 560B102756, 560B102757, 560B102758, 560B102760, 560B102767, 560B102768, 560B102769, 560B102770, 560B102771, 560B102772, 560B102773, 560B102774, 560B102775, 560B102776  GTIN 00763000159412, Serial Numbers: 560B102930, 560B102931, 560B102932, 560B102933, 560B102934  GTIN 00763000236526, Serial Numbers: 560B102778, 560B102779, 560B102780, 560B102781, 560B102782, 560B102783, 560B102784, 560B102785, 560B102786, 560B102787, 560B102788, 560B102789, 560B102790, 560B102792, 560B102793, 560B102794, 560B102795, 560B102796, 560B102797, 560B102798, 560B102799, 560B102800, 560B102801, 560B102802, 560B102803, 560B102804, 560B102805, 560B102806, 560B102807, 560B102809, 560B102810, 560B102811, 560B102812, 560B102813, 560B102815, 560B102817, 560B102818, 560B102819, 560B102820, 560B102821, 560B102822, 560B102823, 560B102824, 560B102825, 560B102826, 560B102827, 560B102828, 560B102829, 560B102830, 560B102831, 560B102832, 560B102833, 560B102834, 560B102835, 560B102836, 560B102837, 560B102838, 560B102839, 560B102840, 560B102841, 560B102842, 560B102843, 560B102844, 560B102845, 560B102846, 560B102847, 560B102848, 560B102849, 560B102850, 560B102851, 560B102852, 560B102853, 560B102854, 560B102855, 560B102856, 560B102857, 560B102858, 560B102859, 560B102860, 560B102861, 560B102862, 560B102863, 560B102864, 560B102865, 560B102866, 560B102867, 560B102868, 560B102869, 560B102870, 560B102871, 560B102872, 560B102873, 560B102874, 560B102875, 560B102876, 560B102877, 560B102878, 560B102879, 560B102880, 560B102882, 560B102883, 560B102884, 560B102885, 560B102886, 560B102887, 560B102888, 560B102889, 560B102890, 560B102891, 560B102892, 560B102893, 560B102894, 560B102895, 560B102896, 560B102897, 560B102898, 560B102899, 560B102900, 560B102901, 560B102902, 560B102903, 560B102907, 560B102908, 560B102909, 560B102910, 560B102912, 560B102913, 560B102914, 560B102915, 560B102916, 560B102917, 560B102918, 560B102919, 560B102920, 560B102921, 560B102922, 560B102923, 560B102924, 560B102925, 560B102926, 560B102927, 560B102928, 560B102929, 560B102946, 560B102947, 560B102948, 560B102949, 560B102950, 560B102951, 560B102952, 560B102953, 560B102954, 560B102955, 560B102956, 560B102957, 560B102958, 560B102959, 560B102960, 560B102961, 560B102962, 560B102963, 560B102964, 560B102965, 560B102966, 560B102967, 560B102968, 560B102969, 560B102970, 560B102971, 560B102972, 560B102973, 560B102974, 560B102975, 560B102976, 560B102977, 560B102978, 560B102979, 560B102980, 560B102981, 560B102982, 560B102983, 560B102984, 560B102985, 560B102986, 560B102987, 560B102988, 560B102989, 560B102990, 560B102991, 560B102992, 560B102993, 560B102994, 560B102995, 560B102996, 560B102997, 560B102998, 560B102999, 560B103000, 560B103001, 560B103002, 560B103003, 560B103004, 560B103005, 560B103006, 560B103007, 560B103008, 560B103009, 560B103010, 560B103011, 560B103012, 560B103013, 560B103014, 560B103015, 560B103016, 560B103017, 560B103018, 560B103019, 560B103020, 560B103021, 560B103022, 560B103023, 560B103024, 560B103025, 560B103026, 560B103027, 560B103028, 560B103029, 560B103031, 560B103032, 560B103033, 560B103034, 560B103035, 560B103036, 560B103037, 560B103038, 560B103039, 560B103040, 560B103041, 560B103042, 560B103043, 560B103044, 560B103045, 560B103046, 560B103047, 560B103048, 560B103049, 560B103050, 560B103051, 560B103052, 560B103053, 560B103054, 560B103055, 560B103057, 560B103058, 560B103059, 560B103060, 560B103061, 560B103062, 560B103069, 560B103070, 560B103071, 560B103072, 560B103073, 560B103074, 560B103075, 560B103077, 560B103078, 560B103079   R560BCS1, GTIN 00643169315822, Serial Numbers: 560B102009, 560B102355, 560B102367  
Recalling Firm/
Medtronic Perfusion Systems
7611 Northland Dr N
Brooklyn Park MN 55428-1088
For Additional Information Contact Medtronic Customer Service
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
An electrical component within the system controller module of certain Bio-Console 560 devices may exhibit electrical failure causing the device to stop pumping. Issues observed include the pump stopping, the user interface going blank, and smoking and producing a burning odor during use.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Component change control
Action In the United States (US), beginning 03-Mar-2021, a written Urgent Medical Device Correction letter was mailed via UPS 2-day delivery to consignees who have received affected product according to Medtronic records. Consignees will be asked to complete and return a confirmation certificate, confirming they have received the notification.
Quantity in Commerce 387 devices (93 US)
Distribution Worldwide distribution. US Nationwide including Puerto Rico, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Viet Nam
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.
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