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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Device Recalls

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Related Medical Device Recalls
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Z-0546-2009 - Balloon Inflation Device Model #'s: MED15-105 MED15-106 and SCI04527-01 The reprocessed Balloon inflation device is intended for use with balloon dilatation catheters to create and monitor p... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0577-2009 - Reamers Model #'s: HAL5091-144 and ZIMS5979-95-41 An orthopedic manual surgical instrument is a nonpowered hand-held device intended for medical purposes to manipulate tissue, or for use with oth... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0548-2009 - Drill Bits Model #'s: DEP14043 MIC8053-019 RIC21-0438 RIC21-0439 RIC21-0441 RIC21-0442 RIC71173504 RIC71173505 RIC71631117 SMI21-0445 STR5800-4-125 STR60-13570 SYN03.010.060 SYN03.010.... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0549-2009 - Biopsy Forceps, Hot Model #'s: BAL60110 BAR000852 BAR000854 and MIC1550 Laparoscopic electric instruments are designed for use in minimally invasive procedures and open surgical procedures to f... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0550-2009 - Burrs Model #'s: ANSL-3SB ANSL-5D ANSQD11-4OVDC HAL5056-118 HAL5056-166 HAL5091-106 HAL5091-112 HAL5091-122 HAL5091-125 HAL5091-136 HAL5091-144 HAL5091-164 HAL5092-120 HAL5092-168 HA... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0551-2009 - Cardiac Imaging Catheter Model #'s: ACU08267996 and ACU55790 Intended for intravascular or intracardiac ultrasound imaging in order to provide visualization of vascular anatomy, cardiac and great... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0552-2009 - Colorado Electrodes Model #'s: COLN104A COLN112A and STRN103A Intended for precision cutting or dissecting and cauterizing soft tissue. 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0553-2009 - Compression Sleeves Model #'s: HUNDVT10-1 and KEN5329 The SterilMed Intermittent Compression Sleeve, 400 series used in conjunction with the Talley DVT-275 pump is indicated for any person that ... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0554-2009 - EP Cables Model #'s: BAR560004P BIOC10MR10MSTKS BIOC5-MH/NAVMH-S CORC6-MR10/EPTR-S DAI401972 DAI401976 DAI401977 DAI401981 DAI401983 EPT5454S EPT613 and EPT651 An electrode cable is a ... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0555-2009 - EP Catheter Model #'s: BIOD6-DR-005-RT BIOD6-DR-010-RT DAI401381 DAI401449 DAI401904 DAI401915 and EPT7003D Intended for temporary use during electrophysiology studies for intracardiac sen... 2 01/13/2009 Sterilmed Inc