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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall TANDEM Bipolar Hip System

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  Class 2 Device Recall TANDEM Bipolar Hip System see related information
Date Initiated by Firm August 29, 2016
Create Date November 03, 2016
Recall Status1 Terminated 3 on August 16, 2019
Recall Number Z-0351-2017
Recall Event ID 75283
510(K)Number K023743  
Product Classification Prosthesis, hip, hemi-, femoral, metal/polymer, cemented or uncemented - Product Code KWY
71324038, 71324039, 71324040, 71324041, 71324042, 71324043, 71324044, 71324045, 71324046, 71324047, 71324048, 71324049, 71324050, 71324051, 71324052, 71324053, 71324054, 71324055, 71324057, 71324059, 71325039, 71325040, 71325041,71325042, 71325043, 71325044, 71325045, 71325046, 71325047, 71325048, 71325049, 71325050, 71325051, 71325052, 71325053, 71325054, 71325055, 71325057, 71372047
Code Information REF NUMBER 71324038 Serial Numbers:  13LM19426, 13LM19431, 14BM10263, 14BM10264  REF NUMBER 71324039 Serial Numbers:  13LM16207, 14AM08786, 14AM08786A  REF NUMBER 71324040 Serial Numbers:  13LM12963, 13LM17120, 13MM18005, 14BM00728, 14BM10265A, 14BM16804, 13LM12964, 13MM18000, 14AM02711, 14BM00729, 14BM10266, 14BM16815, 13LM16210,  13MM18001, 14AM12034, 14BM01149, 14BM10266A, 13LM17118, 13MM18003, 14BM00727, 14BM10265, 14BM10268   REF NUMBER 71324041 Serial Numbers:  13LM12870, 13LM12880, 13MM18006, 14AM02713, 14AM12043, 14BM20733, 13LM12874, 13LM17121, 14AM02712, 14AM02714, 14BM00730   REF NUMBER 71324042 Serial Numbers:  13LM14881, 13MM02907, 13MM09996, 14BM00737, 14BM06960, 14BM16819A, 13LM14881A, 13MM02907A, 13MM09998, 14BM01141, 14BM06961, 14BM16820,  13LM14883, 13MM02908, 13MM09998A, 14BM01144, 14BM14307, 14BM16822, 13LM14883A, 13MM02909, 14AM12035, 14BM03060, 14BM14318, 14BM16825,  13LM14885, 13MM02910, 14AM12042, 14BM03110, 14BM16819   REF NUMBER 71324043 Serial Numbers:  13LM17122, 13LM19387, 13MM04114, 13MM04124, 13MM08123, 14AM12038, 13LM17123, 13LM19387A, 13MM04116, 13MM04126, 13MM08124, 14AM12038A, 13LM17123A, 13LM19389, 13MM04117, 13MM04126A, 13MM08124A, 14BM00775, 13LM17124, 13MM04108, 13MM04118, 13MM08116, 13MM08126, 14BM00775A, 13LM17125, 13MM04108A, 13MM04120, 13MM08116A, 13MM09999, 14BM01146,  13LM17126, 13MM04111, 13MM04123, 13MM08118, 13MM10001, 13LM19386, 13MM04112, 13MM04123A, 13MM08121, 14AM07555   REF NUMBER 71324044 Serial Numbers:  13KM22764, 13LM00822, 13LM00828, 13LM00831, 13LM00899, 13LM00900, 13LM06362, 13LM06363, 13LM06364, 13LM17127, 13LM17128, 13LM17128A, 13LM17129, 13LM17132, 13LM17133, 13LM17134, 13LM17136, 13LM17157, 13LM17160, 13MM04130, 13MM04130A, 13MM04132, 13MM04132A, 13MM04134, 13MM04135, 13MM04136, 13MM04139, 13MM04139A, 13MM04141, 13MM10009, 14AM15528, 14AM15529, 14AM21699, 14AM21701, 14AM21704, 14AM21707, 14AM24082, 14AM24083, 14AM24084, 14AM24084A, 14AM24085, 14AM24086, 14AM24087, 14AM24088, 14AM24091, 14AM24098, 14BM04004, 14BM04014, 14BM04015, 14BM04017, 14BM04019, 14BM04021, 14BM06965, 14BM06966, 14BM06967, 14BM06970, 14BM06971, 14BM06973, 14BM06975, 14BM06975A, 14BM06977, 14BM06977A, 14BM08966, 14BM08970, 14BM08971, 14BM12189, 14BM12192, 14BM12194, 14BM12195, 14BM14321, 14BM14805, 14DM11275  REF NUMBER 71324045 Serial Numbers:  13KM24095, 13KM24095A, 13KM24097, 13KM24099, 13LM04114, 13LM06366, 13LM17165, 13LM17169, 13LM17169A, 13MM04143, 14AM00467, 14AM00469, 14AM00474, 14AM00478, 14AM00485, 14AM00485A, 14AM00490, 14AM00490A, 14AM02715, 14AM02716, 14AM02717, 14AM02717A, 14AM02718, 14AM02718A,  14AM12041, 14AM16532, 14AM24089, 14AM24090, 14BM03989, 14BM13827, 14BM17706, 14BM17710, 14BM17712, 14BM17712A, 14BM17713   REF NUMBER 71324046 Serial Numbers:  13KM24091, 13LM15742, 13MM13862, 14AM02708A, 14AM24102A, 14BM04026, 13KM24092, 13LM15743, 13MM13863, 14AM02709, 14AM24103, 14BM14323, 13KM24093, 13LM15743A, 13MM13864, 14AM16514, 14AM24103A, 14BM14324, 13LM04070, 13LM15745, 13MM13865, 14AM16514A, 14AM24108, 14BM14324A, 13LM04072, 13LM15745A, 13MM13866, 14AM16515, 14AM24109, 14BM14327, 13LM04073, 13LM15746, 13MM13867, 14AM16520, 14BM00835, 14BM19649, 13LM11741, 13LM15747, 14AM02704, 14AM16521, 14BM01154, 14BM20553, 13LM11741A, 13MM13857, 14AM02705, 14AM16522, 14BM01157, 13LM15736, 13MM13858,  14AM02706, 14AM16524, 14BM04024, 13LM15741, 13MM13859, 14AM02707, 14AM24101, 14BM04024A, 13LM15741A, 13MM13860, 14AM02708, 14AM24102, 14BM04025   REF NUMBER 71324047 Serial Numbers:  13LM00813, 13LM14897, 13MM14128, 14AM00453, 14AM16528, 14BM14334, 13LM01891, 13LM14899, 13MM14134, 14AM16526, 14BM14332, 13LM01892, 13MM13677, 13MM18008, 14AM16526A, 14BM14333, 13LM14895, 13MM14126, 13MM18008A, 14AM16526B, 14BM14333A   REF NUMBER 71324048 Serial Numbers:  13LM01893, 13LM14908, 13MM13695A, 14AM00586B, 14AM16531, 14BM08987, 13LM01894, 13LM14909, 14AM00527, 14AM12010, 14BM03036, 14BM08988, 13LM01895, 13LM14910, 14AM00532, 14AM12012, 14BM03036A, 14BM08988A, 13LM14903, 13LM14910A, 14AM00541, 14AM12014, 14BM08979, 14BM14335, 13LM14905, 13MM13470, 14AM00562, 14AM12014A, 14BM08979A, 14BM14336, 13LM14905A, 13MM13691, 14AM00563, 14AM12015, 14BM08979B, 14BM14337, 13LM14906, 13MM13692, 14AM00567, 14AM16529, 14BM08980, 14BM14338, 13LM14906A, 13MM13695, 14AM00586, 14AM16530, 14BM08983, 14BM14339   REF NUMBER 71324049 Serial Numbers:  13MM10141, 13MM10147, 13MM10150, 13MM10160, 14BM15222, 13MM10143, 13MM10147A, 13MM10157, 13MM13712, 14BM15222A, 13MM10143A, 13MM10149, 13MM10159, 14BM15206  REF NUMBER 71324050 Serial Numbers:  13KM20614A, 13LM07412A, 14AM00595, 14AM12027A, 14BM03022A, 14BM15227, 13KM20615, 13LM07413A, 14AM00599, 14AM12029, 14BM03022B, 14BM15243, 13LM06367, 13LM07414, 14AM00603, 14AM12030, 14BM03023, 14BM15246, 13LM06370, 13LM07414B, 14AM06642, 14BM03018, 14BM03023A, 14BM15247, 13LM06371, 13LM07415, 14AM06643, 14BM03021, 14BM03025, 13LM06371A, 13LM07415A, 14AM06644, 14BM03021A, 14BM03025A, 13LM07412, 14AM00593, 14AM12027, 14BM03022, 14BM03026   REF NUMBER 71324051 Serial Numbers:  13LM07416, 13LM07418, 14AM02685, 14BM15248, 14BM15249A, 14BM17717, 13LM07417, 14AM02684, 14AM02685A, 14BM15249, 14BM15250,   REF NUMBER 71324052 Serial Numbers:  13LM07419, 13LM07425, 13MM13701A, 14BM03065, 14BM11515, 14BM19330, 13LM07419B, 13MM10273, 14AM02686, 14BM03066, 14BM11526, 14CM21388, 13LM07420B, 13MM13698, 14AM02687, 14BM03067, 14BM19328, 13LM07420D, 13MM13700, 14AM02688, 14BM03119, 14BM19328A, 13LM07422, 13MM13700A, 14AM02689, 14BM11513, 14BM19328B, 13LM07424, 13MM13701, 14AM21904, 14BM11514, 14BM19329   REF NUMBER 71324053 Serial Numbers:  13LM04205, 13LM04207, 13LM04207A, 13LM04213, 14AM21697, 14BM17728  REF NUMBER 71324054 Serial Numbers:  13LM04201, 13LM14911, 14AM06637, 14BM10269, 14BM10272, 14BM11528, 13LM04204, 13LM14911A, 14AM06638, 14BM10269A, 14BM11527, 14BM11530   REF NUMBER 71324055 Serial Numbers:  13KM22761A, 13KM22761C, 13LM04199A, 13MM13714, 14BM15251, 13KM22761B, 13KM22762, 13MM10153, 14BM03126   REF NUMBER 71324057 Serial Numbers:  13LM04196, 14AM12031, 14AM12032, 14BM19299  REF NUMBER 71324059 Serial Numbers:  14BM00731, 14BM00731A  REF NUMBER 71325039 Serial Numbers:  13LM14010, 13MM15827A, 14AM14596, 14AM18791, 13MM15827, 14AM03055, 14AM14596A, 14BM18438  REF NUMBER 71325040 Serial Numbers:  13LM11504, 13MM09291, 14AM05485, 14BM00723, 14BM05787, 13LM12921, 14AM03739, 14AM16892, 14BM00725, 14BM05787A  REF NUMBER 71325041 Serial Numbers:  13LM12928, 13LM14007A, 13MM01327, 14AM09899, 14AM16953, 13LM12930, 13MM01324, 14AM05489, 14AM15512, 14BM05789, 13LM14007, 13MM01324A, 14AM05492, 14AM15514   REF NUMBER 71325042 Serial Numbers:  13LM05334, 13LM05339, 13LM12934, 14AM05499, 14AM15509, 14BM05790, 13LM05335, 13LM05341, 13LM13889, 14AM05500, 14AM15510, 14BM05791, 13LM05337, 13LM12933, 13LM13891, 14AM09891, 14AM16954, 14BM05792, 13LM05338, 13LM12933A, 14AM05498, 14AM09895, 14AM23046, 14BM17724  REF NUMBER 71325043 Serial Numbers:  13LM10125, 13LM10151, 14AM05505A, 14AM15505A, 14AM23041, 14BM17626, 13LM10126, 13LM14912, 14AM09900, 14AM15506, 14AM23044, 13LM10127, 14AM03759, 14AM09902, 14AM15507, 14BM05794, 13LM10128, 14AM05501, 14AM15503, 14AM16955, 14BM10399, 13LM10129, 14AM05502, 14AM15503A, 14AM16955A, 14BM11540,  13LM10130, 14AM05505, 14AM15504, 14AM16957, 14BM11540A   REF NUMBER 71325044 Serial Numbers:  13KM09768, 13MM08132, 13MM08136A, 14AM13561A, 14AM16967, 14AM23022, 13LM03438, 13MM08133, 13MM08137, 14AM13561B, 14AM16968, 14BM05795, 13LM03439, 13MM08134, 14AM13557, 14AM16960, 14AM16969, 14BM10259, 13LM03443, 13MM08135, 14AM13560, 14AM16961, 14AM16971, 14BM10260, 13LM03444, 13MM08135A, 14AM13560A, 14AM16963, 14AM16971A, 13MM08130, 13MM08136, 14AM13561, 14AM16965, 14AM23010  REF NUMBER 71325045 Serial Numbers:  13LM05344, 13LM19404A, 13MM08035, 14AM13564, 14AM16972, 14BM03983, 13LM19400, 13LM19407, 14AM09995, 14AM16536, 14AM16973, 14BM03988, 13LM19402, 13MM08033, 14AM09996, 14AM16537, 14AM16973A, 14BM03988A, 13LM19403, 13MM08034, 14AM13563, 14AM16537A, 14AM16974, 14BM05796, 13LM19404, 13MM08034A, 14AM13563A, 14AM16539, 14BM03981  REF NUMBER 71325046 Serial Numbers:  13LM05346, 13LM19451, 13MM09247, 14AM16534, 14AM23073, 14BM11534, 13LM14918, 13MM01341, 14AM09997, 14AM16975, 14AM23073A, 14BM11536, 13LM14922, 13MM09245, 14AM09998, 14AM16976, 14AM23076, 13LM19449, 13MM09245A, 14AM09999, 14AM16976A, 14AM23076A  REF NUMBER 71325047 Serial Numbers:  13LM13911, 14AM03760, 14AM12055, 14AM13566A, 14AM23079, 13LM13912, 14AM12045, 14AM12062, 14AM15499, 14BM11537, 13LM13912A, 14AM12050, 14AM13566, 14AM15501   REF NUMBER 71325048 Serial Numbers:  13LM13988, 13MM09279, 14AM05514A, 14AM16982, 14BM11532, 13LM13988A, 13MM09279A, 14AM16979, 14AM23081, 14BM11533, 13LM14006, 14AM05512, 14AM16979A, 14AM23084, 14BM11533A, 13LM19458, 14AM05514, 14AM16980, 14AM23084A, 14CM06925  REF NUMBER 71325049 Serial Numbers:  13LM05330, 13LM05332A, 13MM09289, 14AM08792, 14AM16986, 13LM05330A, 13LM13904, 13MM09290, 14AM16984, 14AM23086, 13LM05332, 13LM13904A, 14AM08791, 14AM16985, 14AM23089  REF NUMBER 71325050 Serial Numbers:  13LM03426, 13LM03431, 13LM13897A, 14AM16990, 14BM10261, 13LM03426A, 13LM05329, 13LM13897B, 14AM16990A, 14BM10262, 13LM03430, 13LM08816, 14AM03765, 14AM16991, 14BM10262A, 13LM03430A, 13LM13897, 14AM12052, 14AM17003  REF NUMBER 71325051 Serial Numbers:  13LM10120, 13LM10122, 14AM03766, 14AM15473, 14AM16993A, 14AM23129, 13LM10121, 13LM17626, 14AM05511, 14AM16993, 14AM23128, 14BM03984   REF NUMBER 71325052 Serial Numbers:  13LM03432, 13LM10117, 14AM16995, 14AM23119, 14BM10278, 13LM03434A, 14AM05537, 14AM17000, 14AM23124   REF NUMBER 71325053 Serial Numbers:  13LM12937, 14AM05474A, 14AM15517, 14BM11539A, 14BM11539D, 13MM00436, 14AM05476, 14AM15517A, 14BM11539B, 14AM05474, 14AM15516, 14BM11539, 14BM11539C  REF NUMBER 71325054 Serial Numbers:  13LM03435, 14AM03757, 14AM16997, 14BM15265  REF NUMBER 71325055 Serial Numbers:  13LM12939, 13MM01365A, 14AM15441, 14BM10280, 13MM01365, 14AM15440, 14AM23118   REF NUMBER 71325057 Serial Numbers:  14BM00722, 14BM00722A  REF NUMBER 71372047 Serial Numbers:  13LM05789 
Recalling Firm/
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
1450 E Brooks Rd
Memphis TN 38116-1804
For Additional Information Contact Joe Metzger
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
Some Bipolar shells were manufactured with an out of specification retainer groove.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Process control
Action The firm initiated their recall by FedEx and Email on 08/29/2016 to hospitals and distributors and requested the return of any in stock product. International consignees were notified by Email on 08/29/2016. Additionally, the firm notified the US physician of the issue by overnight letter on 09/08/2016.
Quantity in Commerce 5806 units
Distribution Nationwide and Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55.
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = KWY and Original Applicant = SMITH & NEPHEW, INC.