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Recognized Consensus Standards

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Part B: Supplementary Information Sheet (SIS)
FR Recognition List Number 043 Date of Entry 06/27/2016 
FR Recognition Number 8-423
ASTM F2565-13
Standard Guide for Extensively Irradiation-Crosslinked Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fabricated Forms for Surgical Implant Applications
1.1 This guide covers extensively crosslinked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) materials (fabricated forms) that are produced starting with virgin resin powders and consolidated forms meeting all the requirements of Test Method F648.

1.2 This guide does not cover fabricated forms of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which have received only gas plasma, ethylene oxide, or less than 40 kGy ionizing radiation treatments, that is, materials treated only by historical sterilization methods.

1.3 This guide pertains only to UHMWPE materials extensively crosslinked by gamma and electron beam sources of ionizing radiation.

1.4 The specific relationships between these mechanical properties and the in vivo performance of a fabricated form have not been determined. While trends are apparent, specific property-polymer structure and polymer-design relationships are not well understood. These mechanical tests are frequently used to evaluate the reproducibility of a fabrication procedure and are applicable for comparative studies of different materials.

1.5 The following precautionary caveat pertains only to the test method portion, Section 5, of this guide. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.
Extent of Recognition
Complete standard
Rationale for Recognition
This standard is relevant to medical devices and is recognized on its scientific and technical merit and/or because it supports existing regulatory policies.
Transition Period
FDA recognition of ASTM F2565-13 [Rec# 8-423] will be superseded by recognition of ASTM F2565-21 [Rec# 8-572]. FDA will accept declarations of conformity, in support of premarket submissions, to [Rec# 8-423] until December 18th, 2022. After this transition period, declarations of conformity to [Rec# 8-423] will not be accepted.
Public Law, CFR Citation(s) and Procode(s)*
Regulation Number Device Name Device Class Product Code
§888.3040 Accessory, System, External Fixator, Containing Antimicrobial Agent Class 2 NJA
§888.3040 Appliances And Accessories, Fixation, Bone, Absorbable Single/Multiple Component Class 2 MRY
§888.3040 Component, Traction, Invasive Class 2 JEC
§888.3040 Fastener, Fixation, Nondegradable, Soft Tissue Class 2 MBI
§888.3040 Laparoscopic Bone Anchor Urethropexy Instrument Kit Class 2 NWN
§888.3040 Pin, Fixation, Resorbable, Hard Tissue Class 2 OVZ
§888.3040 Pin, Fixation, Smooth Class 2 HTY
§888.3040 Pin, Fixation, Smooth, Metallic Class 2 NDL
§888.3040 Pin, Fixation, Threaded Class 2 JDW
§888.3040 Pin, Fixation, Threaded, Metallic Class 2 NDM
§888.3040 Sacroiliac Joint Fixation Class 2 OUR
§888.3040 Screw, Fixation, Bone Class 2 HWC
§888.3040 Screw, Fixation, Bone, Non-Spinal, Metallic Class 2 NDJ
§888.3040 System, External Fixator (With Metallic Invasive Components) Class 2 NDK
§888.3110 Ankle Arthroplasty Implantation System Class 2 OYK
§888.3110 Prosthesis, Ankle, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 HSN
§888.3150 Prosthesis, Elbow, Constrained, Cemented Class 2 JDC
§888.3310 Prosthesis, Hip, Constrained, Cemented Or Uncemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 KWZ
§888.3310 Prosthesis, Hip, Constrained, Cemented Or Uncemented, Metal/Polymer, + Additive Class 2 PBI
§888.3340 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Composite/Metal Class 2 KMC
§888.3350 Acetabular Cup Orientation System Class 2 PLW
§888.3350 Hip, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer + Additive, Cemented Class 2 OQH
§888.3350 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Polymer, Cemented Class 2 JDI
§888.3353 Hip, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Ceramic/Polymer + Additive, Porous Uncemented Class 2 OQI
§888.3353 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Ceramic/Polymer, Cemented Or Non-Porous Cemented, Osteophilic Finish Class 2 MAY
§888.3353 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Ceramic/Polymer, Cemented Or Non-Porous, Uncemented Class 2 LZO
§888.3353 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Uncemented, Metal / Polymer, Non-Porous, Calcium Phosphate Class 2 MEH
§888.3358 Prosthesis, Hip, Semi-Constrained, Uncemented, Metal/Polymer, Porous Class 2 MBL
§888.3390 Prosthesis, Hip, Hemi-, Femoral, Metal/Polymer, Cemented Or Uncemented Class 2 KWY
§888.3490 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Non-Constrained, Metal/Composite Cemented Class 2 KTX
§888.3490 Prosthesis, Knee, Non-Constrained (Metal-Carbon Reinforced Polyethylene) Cemented Class 2 KMB
§888.3500 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Composite Class 2 KYK
§888.3510 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 KRO
§888.3520 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Non-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 HSX
§888.3530 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 HRY
§888.3530 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Trunnion-Bearing Class 2 LGE
§888.3535 Prosthesis, Knee, Femorotibial, Unicompartmental/Unicondylar, Uncemented, Porous-Coated, Metal/Polymer Class 2 NJD
§888.3540 Prosthesis, Knee, Patello/Femoral, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Metal/Polymer Class 2 KRR
§888.3560 Knee Arthroplasty Implantation System Class 2 OOG
§888.3560 Prosthesis, Knee Patellofemorotibial, Partial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Polymer/Metal/Polymer Class 2 NPJ
§888.3560 Prosthesis, Knee, Patello/Femorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Uhmwpe, Pegged, Cemented, Polymer/Metal/Polymer Class 2 MBV
§888.3560 Prosthesis, Knee, Patellofemorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Polymer + Additive/Metal/Polymer + Additive Class 2 OIY
§888.3560 Prosthesis, Knee, Patellofemorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Polymer/Metal/Polymer Class 2 JWH
§888.3650 Prosthesis, Shoulder, Non-Constrained, Metal/Polymer Cemented Class 2 KWT
§888.3660 Prosthesis, Shoulder, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Polymer + Additive, Cemented Class 2 PAO
§888.3660 Prosthesis, Shoulder, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Polymer Cemented Class 2 KWS
§888.3660 Prosthesis, Total Anatomic Shoulder, Uncemented Metaphyseal Humeral Stem With No Diaphyseal Incursion, Semi-Constrained Class 2 PKC
§888.3660 Shoulder Prosthesis, Reverse Configuration Class 2 PHX
§888.3670 Prosthesis, Shoulder, Semi-Constrained, Metal/Polymer, Uncemented Class 2 MBF
§888.3800 Prosthesis, Wrist, 2 Part Metal-Plastic Articulation, Semi-Constrained Class 2 JWI
§888.3800 Prosthesis, Wrist, 3 Part Metal-Plastic-Metal Articulation, Semi-Constrained Class 2 JWJ
§888.3800 Prosthesis, Wrist, Semi-Constrained Class 2 KWM
§888.3810 Prosthesis, Wrist, Hemi-, Ulnar Class 2 KXE
Relevant FDA Guidance and/or Supportive Publications*
Appropriate Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards in Premarket Submissions for Medical Devices - Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff, issued September 2018.
FDA Technical Contact
 Jinrong (Jinny) Liu
Standards Development Organization
ASTM ASTM International http://www.astm.org/
FDA Specialty Task Group (STG)
*These are provided as examples and others may be applicable.