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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Product Classification

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Device automated pipetting, diluting and specimen processing workstations for flow cytometric analysis
Regulation Description Pipetting and diluting system for clinical use.
Definition Flow cytometer specimen processors are automated or semi-automated workstations designed to be used alone or in combination with manual methods to pipette, dilute and process human specimens in preparation for flow cytometric analysis.
Physical State May include automated processing devices, pipetting devices, diluting devices.
Technical Method Workstations prepare human specimens for flow cytometric analysis using an automated process to aspirate and dispense whole blood, lysing, stabilizing and fixative reagents, along with monoclonal antibodies and florescent molecules.
Target Area May include peripheral whole blood specimens, isolated mononuclear cells, bone marrow, body fluids and cells dispersed from tissues.
Regulation Medical Specialty Clinical Chemistry
Review Panel Clinical Chemistry
Product CodePER
Premarket Review Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health (OIR)
Submission Type 510(K) Exempt
Regulation Number 862.2750
Device Class 1
Total Product Life Cycle (TPLC) TPLC Product Code Report
GMP Exempt? No
    Note: FDA has exempted almost all class I devices (with the exception of reserved devices) from the premarket notification requirement, including those devices that were exempted by final regulation published in the Federal Registers of December 7, 1994, and January 16, 1996. It is important to confirm the exempt status and any limitations that apply with 21 CFR Parts 862-892. Limitations of device exemptions are covered under 21 CFR XXX.9, where XXX refers to Parts 862-892.
If a manufacturer's device falls into a generic category of exempted class I devices as defined in 21 CFR Parts 862-892, a premarket notification application and fda clearance is not required before marketing the device in the U.S. however, these manufacturers are required to register their establishment. Please see the Device Registration and Listing website for additional information.
Implanted Device? No
Life-Sustain/Support Device? No
Third Party Review Not Third Party Eligible