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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall Optima XR220amx, Optima XR200amx, and Brivo XR285amx

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  Class 2 Device Recall Optima XR220amx, Optima XR200amx, and Brivo XR285amx see related information
Date Initiated by Firm August 07, 2012
Date Posted August 09, 2013
Recall Status1 Terminated 3 on February 04, 2014
Recall Number Z-1942-2013
Recall Event ID 64992
510(K)Number K103476  
Product Classification System, x-ray, mobile - Product Code IZL
Product GE Healthcare, Optima XR220amx, Optima XR200amx, and Brivo XR285amx.

The series are indicated for use on adult and pediatric patients for general-purpose diagnostic radiographic examinations and procedures. The systems are indicated for taking radiographic exposures of the skull, spinal column, chest, abdomen, extremities, and other body pants with the patient sitting, standing, or lying in the prone or supine position. These devices are not intended for mammographic applications.
Code Information Serial # 1028082 00000102856WK4 00001027044WK5 00001027046WK0 00001027160WK9 00001027162WK5 00001027164WK1 00001027174WK0 00001027446WK2 00001027449WK6 00001027526WK1 00001027570WK9 00001027739WK0 00001027881WK0 00001027897WK6 00001027900WK8 00001027901WK6 00001027902WK4 00001027903WK2 00001027904WK0 00001027942WK0 00001028045WK1 00001028046WK9 00001028047WK7 00001028048WK5 00001028063WK4 00001028082WK4 00001028219WK2 00001028300WK0 00001028301WK8 00001028304WK2 00001028454WK5 00001028460WK2 00001028461WK0 00001028564WK1 00001028590WK6 00001028591WK4 00001028592WK2 00001028593WK0 00001028594WK8 00001028616WK9 00001028648WK2 00001028649WK0 00001028650WK8 00001028651WK6 00001028653WK2 00001028655WK7 00001028656WK5 00001028657WK3 00001028861WK1 00001028867WK8 00001028931WK2 00001028102WK0 00000102866WK4 00001028918WK9 00001027502WK2 00001027935WK4 00001028206WK9 00001028079WK0 00001028230WK9 00001028277WK0 00001028913WK0 00001027984WK2 00001027349WK8 00001027217WK7 00001027292WK0 00001028037WK8 00001027352WK2 00001027382WK9 00001027345WK6 00001027879WK4 00001028044WK4 00001028075WK8 00001027768WK9 00001027152WK6 00001028025WK3 00001027820WK8 00001027262WK3 00001027774WK7 00001028080WK8 00001028078WK2 00001027501WK4 00001027505WK5 00001028294WK5 00001027361WK3 00001028041WK0 00001028065WK9 00001027322WK5 00001027387WK8 00001027362WK1 00001027344WK9 00001027359WK7 00001028401WK6 00001028491WK7 00001027371WK2 00001028279WK6 00001028276WK2 00001028231WK7 00001028267WK1 00001028076WK6 00001027824WK0 00001027450WK4 00001027992WK5 00001027895WK0 00001027775WK4 00001027421WK5 00001027894WK3 00001027503WK0 00001027693WK9 00001028235WK8 00001028040WK2 00001028039WK4 00001028337WK2 00001027169WK0 00001027207WK8 00001027376WK1 00001027214WK4 00001027356WK3 00001027383WK7 00001027490WK0 00001027773WK9 00001027369WK6 00001027380WK3 00001027583WK2 00001028292WK9 00001028341WK4 00001028291WK1 00001028213WK5 00001027317WK5 00001028284WK6 00001028278WK8 00001027296WK1 00001028115WK2 00001028021WK2 00001027466WK0 00001027996WK6 00001027994WK1 00001028035WK2 00001028034WK5 00001028365WK3 00001028094WK9 00001027390WK2 00001027167WK4 00001027294WK6 00001027822WK4 00001027544WK4 00001028092WK3 00001027354WK8 00001027825WK7 00001027271WK4 00001027541WK0 00001027506WK3 00001028465WK1 00001027385WK2 00001027052WK8 00001028273WK9 00001027355WK5 00001027299WK5 00001027892WK7 00001027407WK4 00001027422WK3 00001027406WK6 00001027353WK0 00001029030WK2 00001027350WK6 00001027939WK6 00001028288WK7 00001027416WK5 00001027737WK4 00001027991WK7 00001027279WK7 00001027327WK4 00001027989WK1 00001028033WK7 00001027389WK4 00001027465WK2 00001028210WK1 00001028061WK8 00001027736WK6 00001027272WK2 00001028237WK4 00001028363WK8 00001027303WK5 00001028114WK5 00001027988WK3 00001027987WK5 00001028478WK4 00001027748WK1 00001028077WK4 00001028050WK1 00001027278WK9 00001028064WK2 00001027582WK4 00001027891WK9 00001028003WK0 00001027765WK5 00001027326WK6 00001027153WK4 00001027444WK7 00001027934WK7 00001028113WK7 00001027203WK7 00001027295WK3 00001027451WK2 00001028482WK6 00001027779WK6 00001027700WK2 00001027386WK0 00001027438WK9 00001028227WK5 00001027887WK7 00001027888WK5 00001027280WK5 00001028398WK4 00001028339WK8 00001028352WK1 00001028354WK7 00001028207WK7 00001028282WK0 00001028332WK3 00001028281WK2 00001027318WK3 00001027301WK9 00001028038WK6 00001027384WK5 00001027417WK3 00001027699WK6 00001027553WK5 00001027508WK9 00001027766WK3 00001028042WK8 00001027540WK2 00001027584WK0 00001028053WK5 00001027995WK8 00001027489WK2 00001027168WK2 00001027298WK7 00001027360WK5 00001027370WK4 00001028238WK2 00001028490WK9 00001027896WK8 00001028036WK0 00001028043WK6 00001027267WK2 00001027878WK6 00001027464WK5 00001027762WK2 00001028283WK8 00001028334WK9 00001028333WK1 00001027372WK0 00001027551WK9 00001027488WK4 00001027374WK6 00001028051WK9 00001027877WK8 00001027302WK7 00000102789WK3 00001027269WK8 00001027325WK8 00001027507WK1 00001028353WK9 00001027297WK9 00001028665WK6 00001028927WK0 00001027175WK7 00001027256WK5 00001027277WK1 00001027314WK2 00001027377WK9 00001028215WK0 00001028217WK6 00001028214WK3 00000002797EN9 00000002799EN5 00000002798EN7 00000002796EN1 00001027193WK0 00001027276WK3 00001028119WK4 00001028476WK8 00001027324WK1 00001027375WK3 00001027273WK0 00001027365WK4 00001028049WK3 00001027293WK8 00001027373WK8 00001027351WK4 00001027323WK3 00001027347WK2 00001027151WK8 00001027880WK2 00001027581WK6 00001028280WK4 00001027058WK5 00001027827WK3 00001027453WK8 00001027348WK0 00001027388WK6 00001027487WK6 00001027199WK7 00001028002WK2 00001027368WK8 00001028120WK2 00001028289WK5 00001028232WK5 00001028287WK9 00001028218WK4 00001027819WK0 00001027542WK8 00001027543WK6 00001027504WK8 00001027932WK1 00001028295WK2 00001027163WK3 00001027219WK3 00001027379WK5 00001027448WK8 00001027925WK5 00001027926WK3 00001027929WK7 00001027930WK5 00001027931WK3 00001027941WK2 00001028458WK6 00001028462WK8 00001027986WK7 00001027885WK1 00001027884WK4 00001027528WK7 00001027886WK9 00001027671WK5 00001027061WK9 00001027263WK1 00001027568WK3 00001028225WK9 00001028270WK5 00001027672WK3 00001027968WK5 00001028001WK4 00001027195WK5 00001027826WK5 00001027893WK5 00001027970WK1 00001027985WK9 00001028000WK6 00001027527WK9 00001027999WK0 00001027997WK4 00001027321WK7 00001027346WK4 00001027300WK1 00001028024WK6 00001028116WK0 00001028344WK8 00001027363WK9 00001027159WK1 00001028568WK2 00001026555WK1 00001027161WK7 00001027198WK9 00001027220WK1 00001027261WK5 00001027266WK4 00001027282WK1 00001027378WK7 00001027586WK5 00001027943WK8 00001028652WK4 00001028865WK2 00001028587WK2 00001028224WK2 00001028234WK1 00001027539WK4 00001027265WK6 00001028469WK3 00001028052WK7 00001028111WK1 00001028299WK4 00001028455WK2 00001028658WK1 00001028397WK6 00001027763WK0 00001028298WK6 00001028456WK0 00001028459WK4 00001028798WK5 00001028866WK0 00001027268WK0 00001027937WK0 00001027525WK3 00001027983WK4 00001027882WK8 00001028236WK6 00001028274WK7 00001028062WK6 00001027270WK6 00001028369WK5 00001027204WK5 00001027176WK5 00001027691WK3 00001027200WK3 00000102726WK9 00001027154WK2 00001027260WK7 00001028222WK6 00001028223WK4 00001028302WK6 00001028457WK8 00001028463WK6 00001028566WK6 00000002800EN1 00000002801EN9 00001027692WK1 00001028221WK8 00001028220WK0 00001028297WK8 00001028974WK2 00001027778WK8 00001027772WK1 00001027890WK1 00001028022WK0 00001028091WK5 00001027823WK2 00001027993WK3 00001028296WK0 00001028023WK8 00001027149WK2 00001027259WK9 00001027915WK6 00001027828WK1 00001028208WK5 00001027150WK0 00001027452WK0 00001027769WK7 00001027194WK8 00001027146WK8 00001027281WK3 00001027418WK1 00001028066WK7 00001028275WK4 00001028345WK5 00001028347WK1 00001027821WK6 00001027781WK2 00001027423WK1 00001028346WK3 00001028595WK5 00001027998WK2 00001028205WK1 00001027764WK8 00001027445WK4 00001028216WK8 00001027749WK9 00001028112WK9                            
Recalling Firm/
GE Healthcare, LLC
3000 N Grandview Blvd
Waukesha WI 53188-1615
For Additional Information Contact
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
GE Healthcare conducted a recall on various mobile x-ray units (Optima XR220amx, Optima XR200amx, and Brivo XR285amx systems) because of an Erratic Drive Performance.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Software design
Action GE Healthcare recall strategy was to update all of the affected Optima XR220amx, Optima XR200amx, and Brivo XR285amx systems that were distributed. At this time ( 2/14/2013), deployment of this recall is considered complete. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Regulatory Affairs Leader by telephone at 262-548-2198 or email paulcorrigan@ge.com
Quantity in Commerce 458 (306 US; 152 OUS)
Distribution Worldwide distribution: USA (nationwide) including states of: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, GUAM, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NV, NH, NH, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, and WY; and countries of: Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55.
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