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  Class 2 Device Recall MEDLINE NONSTERILE PVP SOLUTION see related information
Date Initiated by Firm May 18, 2023
Date Posted July 12, 2023
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-2137-2023
Recall Event ID 92486
Product Classification General surgery tray - Product Code LRO
Product MEDLINE NON-STERILE PVP SOLUTION, packaged in kits as follows: a) TOTAL JOINT, Model Number CDS985555S; b) TOTAL KNEE, Model Number CDS985566Q; c) MAJOR ORTHO-LF, Model Number DYNJ0949139I; d) BSHR TOTAL KNEE-LF, Model Number DYNJ24525K; e) BSHR TOTAL HIP-LF, Model Number DYNJ24526P; f) TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY PACK, Model Number DYNJ26425L; g) TOTAL KNEE PACK 319735, Model Number DYNJ44635I; h) HIP ARTHROPLASTY PACK, Model Number DYNJ50072F; i) LEXINGTON TOTAL JOINT PACK, Model Number DYNJ55655L; j) TOTAL JOINT, Model Number DYNJ57827D; k) ANTERIOR HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ59126B; l) TOTAL HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ60918A; m) MAIN TOTAL JOINT, Model Number DYNJ61376C; n) TOTAL HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ63383; o) ANTERIOR PACK, Model Number DYNJ64814A; p) TOTAL JOINT PACK, Model Number DYNJ64951; q) TOTAL KNEE PACK-EOSC, Model Number DYNJ65093B; r) TOTAL KNEE PACK-CSC, Model Number DYNJ65108F; s) MERCY ANTERIOR HIP, Model Number DYNJ66913A; t) TOTAL PACK, Model Number DYNJ68468C; u) TOTAL KNEE-LF, Model Number DYNJ69153F; v) TOTAL JOINT PACK, Model Number DYNJ80372B; w) ANTERIOR HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ82038; x) HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ82345A; y) TOTAL HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ82627A; z) TOTAL KNEE PACK LEXINGTON CLIN, Model Number DYNJ83553; aa) TOTAL JOINT PACK, Model Number DYNJ83567A; bb) TOTAL KNEE ACCESSORY PACK, Model Number DYNJ83885; cc) HIP PACK, Model Number DYNJ84051; dd) TOTAL KNEE PACK, Model Number DYNJ84054; ee) OISC HAND KORCEK, Model Number DYNJ902351F; ff) TOTAL HIP, Model Number DYNJ903149D; gg) OISC TOTAL HIP BOTTROS, Model Number DYNJ904154O; hh) TOTAL HIP, Model Number DYNJ904331I; ii) TOTAL KNEE, Model Number DYNJ904332J; jj) CRANIOTOMY, Model Number DYNJ905330B; kk) TRAUMA-RAMA, Model Number DYNJ905886G; ll) ANTERIOR HIP, Model Number DYNJ907831D; mm) TOTAL HIP-LF, Model Number DYNJ908127B; nn) TOTAL KNEE-LF, Model Number DYNJ908128B; oo) TOTAL HIP CDS, Model Number DYNJ908331A; pp) TOTAL KNEE THEDA, Model Number DYNJ908683A; qq) TOTAL HIP-LF, Model Number DYNJ909000; rr) TOTAL KNEE-LF, Model Number DYNJ909002; ss) TOTAL HIP, Model Number DYNJ909198A; tt) HIP MOFFIT PPS-LF, Model Number DYNJ9428703Q; uu) LOWER EXTREMITY PPS-LF, Model Number DYNJ9428745R; vv) UPPER EXTREMITY SHOULDER PPS, Model Number DYNJ9428787O
Code Information a) Model Number CDS985555S, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327343798, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327343799; Lot Numbers: 23EBK088; b) Model Number CDS985566Q, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327074418, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327074419; Lot Numbers: 23EBT802; c) Model Number DYNJ0949139I, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327195366, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327195367; Lot Numbers: 23DBP964, 23CBU228; d) Model Number DYNJ24525K, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327135751, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327135752; Lot Numbers: 23EBT909, 23EBG098, 23DBB838; e) Model Number DYNJ24526P, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327135744, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327135745; Lot Numbers: 23EBU894; f) Model Number DYNJ26425L, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327156985, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327156986; Lot Numbers: 23EDC133; g) Model Number DYNJ44635I, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489958553, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489958554; Lot Numbers: 23EBX487; h) Model Number DYNJ50072F, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489340921, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489340922; Lot Numbers: 23EMB984; i) Model Number DYNJ55655L, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327102029, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327102020; Lot Numbers: 23EBU158, 23DBF885; j) Model Number DYNJ57827D, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489910636, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489920637; Lot Numbers: 23EBG175, 23DBH412; k) Model Number DYNJ59126B, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489395983, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489395984; Lot Numbers: 23EME586, 23DME845; l) Model Number DYNJ60918A, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489257946, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489257947; Lot Numbers: 23EBR893; m) Model Number DYNJ61376C, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327295066, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327295067; Lot Numbers: 23DMF789, 23CMD239; n) Model Number DYNJ63383, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489735109, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489735100; Lot Numbers: 23EBM476; o) Model Number DYNJ64814A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327112806, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327112807; Lot Numbers: 23EBU903; p) Model Number DYNJ64951, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489236224, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489236225; Lot Numbers: 23EBV507, 23DBO770; q) Model Number DYNJ65093B, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327177508, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327177509; Lot Numbers: 23DBR961; r) Model Number DYNJ65108F, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327256241, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327256242; Lot Numbers: 23DBR962; s) Model Number DYNJ66913A, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489996234, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489996235; Lot Numbers: 23CBH897; t) Model Number DYNJ68468C, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327097370, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327097371; Lot Numbers: 23EDA972, 23EDA325; u) Model Number DYNJ69153F, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327332679, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327332670; Lot Numbers: 23EBJ155, 23DBK433; v) Model Number DYNJ80372B, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327244156, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327244157; Lot Numbers: 23CBW640; w) Model Number DYNJ82038, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327163372, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327163373; Lot Numbers: 23EME192, 23DMA865; x) Model Number DYNJ82345A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327216556, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327316557; Lot Numbers: 23CBV824; y) Model Number DYNJ82627A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327333331, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327333332; Lot Numbers: 23EBO198; z) Model Number DYNJ83553, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327279356, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327279357; Lot Numbers: 23BBD673; aa) Model Number DYNJ83567A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327343033, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327343034; Lot Numbers: 23EBT837, 23DBS196; bb) Model Number DYNJ83885, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327312237, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327312238; Lot Numbers: 23EBV315, 23CBR138; cc) Model Number DYNJ84051, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327330316, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327330317; Lot Numbers: 23DBF769; dd) Model Number DYNJ84054, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327330347, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327330348; Lot Numbers: 23DBF770; ee) Model Number DYNJ902351F, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327318420, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327318421; Lot Numbers: 23EDA478; ff) Model Number DYNJ903149D, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327271139, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327261130; Lot Numbers: 23EMF499; gg) Model Number DYNJ904154O, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327318604, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327318605; Lot Numbers: 23EDB706, 23EDB571, 23EDA974; hh) Model Number DYNJ904331I, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327025700, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327025701; Lot Numbers: 23EBG661, 23DBM833; ii) Model Number DYNJ904332J, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327025694, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327025695; Lot Numbers: 23DBE789, 23DBD483; jj) Model Number DYNJ905330B, UDI/DI (EA) 10193489781502, UDI/DI (CS) 40193489781503; Lot Numbers: 23DBO191; kk) Model Number DYNJ905886G, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327329167, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327329168; Lot Numbers: 23EMI010, 23EMB432, 23CMH862; ll) Model Number DYNJ907831D, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327239701, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327239702; Lot Numbers: 23EBP718, 23EBL801, 23EBD901, 23DBK483; mm) Model Number DYNJ908127B, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327349929, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327349920; Lot Numbers: 23EBG158, 23DBP414; nn) Model Number DYNJ908128B, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327349912, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327349913; Lot Numbers: 23DBN415; oo) Model Number DYNJ908331A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327190156, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327190157; Lot Numbers: 23EBP436, 23EBD808, 23DBK651; pp) Model Number DYNJ908683A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327251772, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327251773; Lot Numbers: 23DDC201; qq) Model Number DYNJ909000, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327238100, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327238101; Lot Numbers: 23EBU113, 23EBE042, 23CBM408, 23BBR583; rr) Model Number DYNJ909002, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327238148, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327238149; Lot Numbers: 23EBT351, 23EBI750; ss) Model Number DYNJ909198A, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327414788, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327414789; Lot Numbers: 23FLA027; tt) Model Number DYNJ9428703Q, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327329174, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327329175; Lot Numbers: 23CMF816; uu) Model Number DYNJ9428745R, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327258368, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327258369; Lot Numbers: 23DMG164; vv) Model Number DYNJ9428787O, UDI/DI (EA) 10195327328795, UDI/DI (CS) 40195327328795; Lot Numbers: 23DME833, 23CMG975
Recalling Firm/
3 Lakes Dr
Northfield IL 60093-2753
For Additional Information Contact Karin Johnson
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
Affected product lots were mislabeled as "STERILE PVP SLN" when they should have been titled "NON-STERILE PVP SOLUTION, STERILE PACKAGING".
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Process control
Action Medline issued a recall notice on 06/02/2023 to its consignees via USPS first class mail. The notice explained the problem with the product and requested the destruction of the product. Medline identified additional products, lots, and consignees and notified their consignees by email on 06/09/2023. Upon receipt of the submitted response form each account will receive over-labels to affix to the affected kits via FedEx overnight, if applicable. distributors were directed to notify their customers and collect the returned product and return it to Medline.
Quantity in Commerce 4500 units
Distribution Worldwide distribution - US Nationwide and the country of Panama.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.