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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall

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  Class 2 Device Recall see related information
Date Initiated by Firm July 12, 2023
Date Posted August 17, 2023
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-2414-2023
Recall Event ID 92708
510(K)Number K193371  
Product Classification Integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, Factory Calibrated, Not For Use With Automated Insulin Delivery Systems - Product Code QLG
Product FreeStyle Libre 2 Readers, REF: 71951-01 and 71953-01, used with FreeStyle Libre 2 System
Code Information REF/UDI-DI/Lots: 71951-01/357599805005/02A289D, 03B082D, 02B082D, 02B109D, 03B251D, 04B251D, 01C073D, 01C084D, 02C087D, 01C143D, 03C152D, 03C166D, 01C174D, 03C222D, 01C256D, 02C313D, 01D018D, 02D093D, 02D129D; 71953-01/357599803001/01A198D, 02A198D, 03A198D, 04A198D, 05A198D, 01A202D, 04A202D, 01A204D, 02A203D, 02A205D, 03A205D, 01A211D, 02A211D, 03A210D, 02A212D, 04A218D, 05A218D, 06A218D, 01A219D, 04A225D, 05A225D, 01A231D, 03A231D, 02A232D, 06A232D, 02A240D, 02A248D, 01A259D, 01A260D, 04A262D, 03A266D, 01A267D, 02A268D, 03A268D, 02A280D, 01A281D, 01A283D, 02A283D, 01A290D, 02A297D, 02A298D, 03A296D, 02A303D, 02A304D, 04A325D, 01A328D, 03A325D, 02A340D, 03A344D, 02A351D, 03A350D, 01A352D, 03A352D, 02A358D, 01A364D, 02A363D, 01B007F, 02B007F, 01B008F, 01B011F, 03B012F, 01B012F, 01B014F, 05B013F, 01B015F, 04B013F, 02B013F, 11B021F, 02B034F, 02B035F, 04B034F, 04B035F, 06B034F, 07B034F, 02B036F, 05B035F, 01B036F, 01B039F, 03B039F, 03B036F, 03B041F, 05B041F, 02B042F, 03B043F, 02B046F, 05B043F, 06B046F, 09B046F, 01B071F, 05B071F, 06B074F, 04B074F, 02B076F, 05B075F, 01B077F, 05B076F, 02B078F, 05B078F, 02B081F, 02B082F, 04B082F, 02B083D, 05B082D, 03B109D, 02B203D, 03B203D, 01B205D, 01B207D, 01B208D, 02B208D, 02B211D, 02B216D, 02B229D, 01B288D, 02B289D, 01B289D, 02B305D, 01B306F, 02B306F, 01B306D, 02B308F, 03B306F, 01B308F, 01B309F, 01B309D, 01B310D, 02B312D, 01B313D, 03B312D, 03B313D, 05B322F, 07B322F, 01B323F, 01B326F, 06B322F, 01B305D, 01B327F, 03B326F, 04B326F, 02B328F, 01B308D, 01B333D, 01B334D, 01B335F, 03B335F, 02B333D, 01B336F, 02B336F, 01B337F, 02B337F, 01B302F, 01B340F, 02B340F, 03B302F, 04B301F, 01B337D, 01B341F, 02B341F, 01B341D, 02B341D, 01B342F, 02B342F, 02B343F, 01B343F, 04B302F, 02B344F, 06B349F, 03B351D, 04B352D, 04B354D, 02B356D, 01B356D, 04B356D, 05B356D, 01B362D, 02B362D, 02B363D, 01C006D, 03C005D, 02C005D, 02C010D, 01C011D, 01C012D, 03C013D, 02C013D, 02C025F, 03C028F, 01C028F, 02C031F, 03C031F, 01C034F, 02C032F, 01C074D, 03C074D, 02C073D, 02C074D, 03C075D, 01C075D, 02C080D, 02C112D, 03C117D, 03C123D, 03C126D, 02C130D, 03C129D, 02C133D, 03C133D, 01C133D, 01C136D, 02C136D, 01C137D, 01C138D, 04C138D, 01C140D, 02C140D, 03C140D, 02C143D, 01C144D, 02C145D, 05C146D, 01C146D, 01C159D, 03C159D, 01C161D, 03C165D, 05C165D, 02C172D, 01C181D, 02C181D, 01C182D, 01C186D, 01C188D, 02C188D, 01C194D, 02C193D, 03C196D, 03C199D, 05C199D, 01C201D, 02C199D, 03C207D, 01C207D, 01C209D, 02C208D, 03C213D, 02C223D, 01C223D, 01C224D, 02C224D, 01C227D, 01C228D, 02C229D, 03C224D, 02C236D, 01C237D, 03C236D, 02C237D, 03C238D, 04C241D, 01C242D, 01C243D, 03C242D, 02C242D, 02C243D, 04C243D, 01C245D, 02C245D, 01C249D, 02C250D, 03C251D, 02C255D, 03C256D, 01C257D, 02C256D, 02C257D, 03C257D, 02C262D, 02C265D, 01C266D, 03C270D, 08C271D, 01C272D, 01C276D, 01C273D, 04C276D, 02C278D, 03C279D, 01C283D, 02C287D, 04C292D, 02C294D, 03C294D, 06C292D, 01C298D, 01C299D, 02C298D, 01C305D, 02C305D, 03C305D, 01C307D, 01C308D, 01C313D, 02C312D, 01C317D, 01C318D, 03C320D, 02C321D, 01C322D, 01C325D, 02C325D, 01C326D, 01C332D, 01C327D, 01C334D, 02C334D, 04C334D, 01C340D, 02C340D, 01C341D, 03C340D, 01C346D, 02C355D, 01D010D, 01D011D, 02D011D, 01D012D, 02D018D, 02D017D, 02D023D, 02D028D, 02D019D, 03D024D, 01D025D, 02D025D, 01D027D, 03D027D, 01D033D, 03D034D, 04D034D, 05D033D, 01D040D, 02D040D, 02D038D, 06D055D, 03D041D, 02D045D, 02D053D, 03D058D, 02D056D, 02D060D, 03D067D, 04D068D, 03D065D, 02D065D, 02D066D, 02D069D, 01D072D, 03D069D, 02D072D, 01D076D, 02D075D, 03D075D, 01D095D, 03D083D, 01D081D, 02D095D, 02D081D, 02D082D, 03D080D, 02D087D, 06D103D, 01D102D, 02D107D, 01D107D, 01D104D, 03D107D, 02D104D, 01D111D, 01D115D, 02D115D, 02D116D, 03D115D, 01D128D, 01D129D, 05D130D, 04D125D, 02D128D, 03D136D, 02D136D, 03D142D, 01D139D, 03D144D, 02D125D, 01D150D, 03D151D, 02D151D, 03D152D, 01D156D, 02D157D, 02D160D, 02D156D, 01D159D, 01D177D, 02D177D
Recalling Firm/
Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
1360 S Loop Rd
Alameda CA 94502-7000
For Additional Information Contact Lindsy Delco
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
If blood glucose monitoring system users attempt to start a new sensor, when the old sensor wasn't used for the full 14-day wear time, then the reader may display "Incompatible Sensor" message. If users don't have the previous sensor, or FreeStyle Libre 2 app, or the sensor's full wear time hasn't ended, users may be unable to start a new sensor, which could result in no or delayed glucose results
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Software Design Change
Action On 7/12/23, correction notices were e-mailed or mailed to customers and distributors who were asked to do the following: If the "Incompatible Sensor" message is received when applying a new sensor and attempting it to start it with the Reader, follow these steps below. If previous Sensor retained: a) Wait 3 hours before scanning the previous sensor. While waiting, please use a blood glucose meter to check glucose. b) "Replace Sensor" should appear. c) Scan the new Sensor and "New Sensor Starting Up" screen should appear. If previous Sensor not retained: a) Users can use the free FreeStyle Libre 2 app to activate the new Sensor and get glucose data on the user's compatible smartphone. -The new Sensor that generated the "Incompatible Sensor" error message on the Reader can still be used with the app. -App can be download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. -To check smartphone compatibility, visit: https://www.freestyle.abbott/usen//products/freestyle-libre-app/compatibility.html b) Open the FreeStyle Libre 2 app c) Follow the instructions on the app to start the new Sensor. -Users can start the next Sensor with the Reader once a "Sensor Ended" is received. -Users can wait until the 14-day wear time for the previous Sensor has ended to activate the new Sensor with the Reader. The Reader Home Screen will indicate sensor wear days remaining. The Reader can be used as a blood glucose meter; this functionality isn't impacted by the Incompatible Sensor message. If not able to scan the previous Sensor and a compatible smartphone is not available, contact Customer Service at 1-855-632-8658 to receive further assistance. Additionally, contact Customer Service to report any adverse reactions or quality problems. Distributors should acknowledge receipt of the notice and provide the customer notice to all customers who were supplied Sensors since April 20, 2023.
Quantity in Commerce 1,722,645
Distribution US Nationwide distribution in the states of CA, FL, MI, NY, OH, TX, UT, VA.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = QLG and Original Applicant = Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.