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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Device Recalls

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Related Medical Device Recalls Date Classified to: 06/10/2014
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Z-0556-2009 - External Fixation Device Model #'s: ORT99-36501 SYN390.005 SYN390.008 SYN394.84 SYN394.85 and SYN394.86 Intended for use in the construction of an external fixation frame for treatment of a v... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0557-2009 - Femoral Compression Device Model #'s: RAD11163 Intended for use in the compression of the femoral artery or vein after cauterization. 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0558-2009 - Guidewires - Endoscopic (Jag Wires) Model #'s: MIC5658 and MIC630-100 Intended to be used for selective cannulization of the billary ducts, including but not limited to, the common bile, cystic... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0559-2009 - Harmonic Scalpel Model #'s: ETHACE14S ETHACE23P ETHACE36P ETHCS14C ETHFCS9 ETHHDH05 ETHLCS-C5 and ETHLCSC5HA Intended for use in soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal th... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0560-2009 - Lap Instruments/Graspers/Forceps - HOT Model #'s: AUT173016 AUT174301 AUT176643 AUT176643 ETH5DCD ETH5DCS ETHEBF01 ETHPOUCH GYR3000PK GYR3005PK GYR3640 and GYR920005PK Laparoscopic ... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0561-2009 - Lap Instruments/Graspers/Forceps - COLD Model #'s: AUT173030 AUT174233 AUT174317 AUT176613 AUT176647 AUTECATCH10G and ETH5DSG A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, h... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0562-2009 - Laser Probe Model #': SYN55.26.25 Reprocessed laser probes are part of a laser delivery system and are used in opthalmic procedures where laser energy is the mode of treatment. 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0563-2009 - Masks - Laryngeal Model #'s: AMB321-300-000 AMB321-400-000 AMB321-500-000 LMA12015 LMA12020 LMA12030 LMA12040 LMA12050 LMA12120 LMA12125 LMA12130 LMA12140 and LMA21140 An oropharyngeal... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0564-2009 - Multi-Clip Applier Model #'s: APPCA080 AUT134031 AUT134046 AUT134051 AUT134053 AUT176625 AUT176657 AUTPTACK30 ETHEL5ML ETHER320 ETHMCL20 ETHMCM20 ETHMCM30 ETHMCS20 ETHMSM20 and WEC5... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0565-2009 - Phaco Tips Model #'s: ALC30RTS ALC8065740806 ALC8065740809 ALC8065740837 ALC8065740839 ALC8065750852 ALC8065790020 ALC8065790022 and ALLOPOR3020L Intended use of this device is to assist ... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc