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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Device Recalls

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Related Medical Device Recalls Date Classified to: 06/10/2014
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Z-0566-2009 - Rasps Model #'s: KOMKM5100-37-113 KOMKM-82 STR1675-115 STR5100-37-113 and STR5100-37-115 A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated devic... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0567-2009 - Retractors Model #'s: ADE3204 BOS820-175 LON3304 and LON3334-4G A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either resusable or disposa... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0568-2009 - RF Arthroscopy Probe Model #'s: ARTA1325-01 ARTA1335-01 ARTA1345-01 ARTA1730-01 ARTA2630-01 ARTA3625-01 ARTA4330-01 ARTAS1335-01 ARTAS4630-01 ARTASC1335-01 ARTASC2530-01 ARTASC4250-01 ... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0569-2009 - Saw Blade Model #'s: BIO506112 BIO506113 DEP2555-91-000 DEP5627-11-500 HAL5023-118 HAL5059-32 HAL5071-133 HAL5071-145 HAL5071-163 HAL5071-181 HAL5071-572 HOWHB-NST-6828-7-791 HOWHB-NST-... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0570-2009 - Scissor Tips Model #'s: AESPO888 AESPO889 ENCES0102 MIC3112 MIC3122 MIC3142 MIC3152 SNO89-5100 and SNO89-5300 Intended to be used with a resusable hand piece and are designed to use in mi... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0571-2009 - Stone Retrieval Basket Model #': BOS390-105 Used to entrap and remove renal stones and calculi via a rig id or flexible endoscope during transurethral or fluoroscopic percutaneous urologic procedures... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0572-2009 - Tourniquet Cuffs Model #'s: INSDT-7024-02 INSDT-7218-01 SMI553322 SMI7010-7002 SMI7010-7006 SMI7010-7007 SMI7010-7008 SMI7010-7010 SMI7010-7011 SMI7010-7012 SMI7010-7015 STR5921-018-136 ... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0573-2009 - TURP Electrodes Model #'s: CIRMLE-24-012 CIRMLE-24-015 OLYA22205C STO27050F STO27050G and STO27050NK Reprocessed endoscopic electrodes are intended to be used for vaporization, ablation, coag... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0574-2009 - Open & Unused Items - This refers to a sterilization service provided by by SterilMed, Inc. (devices were not reprocessed) for Class 1 and Class 2 devices that were opened, most likely in O. R. suite... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc
Z-0575-2009 - Biopsy Forceps, Cold Model #'s: BAR000386 BAR000388 MIC1012 MIC1331 MIC1333 MIC1337 MIC1536 MIC1589 MIC1597 MIC1598 and MIC1599 The Reprocessed Cold Biopsy Forceps are intended to be use... 2 Jan-13-2009 Sterilmed Inc