Current List of FDA-Recognized 510(k) Third Party Review Organizations
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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Current List of FDA-Recognized 510(k) Third Party Review Organizations

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Database updated May 29, 2023

This page provides information on organizations recognized by FDA to review submissions under the 510(k) Third Party Review Program (formally, the Accredited Persons Program) and the devices they may review. Product codes eligible to review by a specific 3P510k Review Organization are listed under the following regulations. Devices eligible for review by 3P510k Review Organizations are limited to the product codes shown on the list of eligible devices. You can look up a given product code in the product code database, browse by 3P510k review organization in the list below or browse by device area to confirm eligibility of your device.

As of August 13, 2021, Accelerated Device Approval Services, LLC (ADAS) is no longer recognized to conduct 510(k) Third Party Reviews. For details, see the Accreditation Status section on the 510(k) Third Party Performance Metrics and Accreditation Status page.
BeanStock Ventures
COLA, Inc.
Global Quality and Regulatory Services
New York State Department of Health
SGS North America
New York State Department of Health
Wadsworth Center, Empire State Plaza
P.O. Box 509
Albany NY 12237    
contact: Derek Symula
phone: 518 4024372
PanelSection Number       Regulation Name / Device Name      Class
Clinical Chemistry
  862.1025 Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) test system. II
  862.1035 Albumin test system. II
  862.1045 Aldosterone test system. II
  862.1050 Alkaline phosphatase or isoenzymes test system. II
  862.1065 Ammonia test system. I
  862.1070 Amylase test system. II
  862.1085 Angiotensin I and renin test system. II
  862.1110 Bilirubin (total or direct) test system. II
  862.1113 Bilirubin (total and unbound) in the neonate test system. I
  862.1118 Biotinidase test system. II
  862.1120 Blood gases (PCO2, PO2) and blood pH test system. II
  862.1140 Calcitonin test system. II
  862.1145 Calcium test system. II
  862.1155 Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) test system. II
  862.1160 Bicarbonate/carbon dioxide test system. II
  862.1170 Chloride test system. II
  862.1177 Cholylglycine test system. II
  862.1187 Conjugated sulfolithocholic acid (SLCG) test system. II
  862.1205 Cortisol (hydrocortisone and hydroxycorticosterone) test system. II
  862.1215 Creatine phosphokinase/creatine kinase or isoenzymes test system. II
  862.1225 Creatinine test system. II
  862.1230 Cyclic AMP test system. II
  862.1295 Folic acid test system. II
  862.1310 Galactose test system. I
  862.1315 Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase test system. II
  862.1340 Urinary glucose (nonquantitative) test system. II
  862.1345 Glucose test system. II
  862.1377 Urinary homocystine (nonquantitative) test system. II
  862.1455 Lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid test system. II
  862.1495 Magnesium test system. I
  862.1545 Parathyroid hormone test system. II
  862.1555 Phenylalanine test system. II
  862.1585 Human placental lactogen test system. II
  862.1600 Potassium test system. II
  862.1665 Sodium test system. II
  862.1675 Blood specimen collection device. II
  862.1680 Testosterone test system. I
  862.1690 Thyroid stimulating hormone test system. II
  862.1695 Free thyroxine test system. II
  862.1730 Free tyrosine test system. I
  862.1770 Urea nitrogen test system. II
  862.1775 Uric acid test system. I
  862.1810 Vitamin B[bdi1][bdi2] test system. II
  862.1825 Vitamin D test system. II
PanelSection Number       Regulation Name / Device Name      Class
  866.5080 Alpha-1-antichymotrypsin immunological test system. II
  866.5090 Antimitochondrial antibody immunological test system. II
  866.5100 Antinuclear antibody immunological test system. II
  866.5120 Antismooth muscle antibody immunological test system. II
  866.5130 Alpha-1-antitrypsin immunological test system. II
  866.5150 Bence-Jones proteins immunological test system. II
  866.5240 Complement components immunological test system. II
  866.5250 Complement C[bdi2] inhibitor (inactivator) immunological test system. II
  866.5260 Complement C3b inactivator immunological test system. II
  866.5270 C-reactive protein immunological test system. II
  866.5340 Ferritin immunological test system. II
  866.5350 Fibrinopeptide A immunological test system. II
  866.5510 Immunoglobulins A, G, M, D, and E immunological test system. II
  866.5550 Immunoglobulin (light chain specific) immunological test system. II
  866.5580 Alpha-1-lipoprotein immunological test system. II
  866.5600 Low-density lipoprotein immunological test system. II
  866.5640 Infectious mononucleosis immunological test system. II
  866.5680 Myoglobin immunological test system. II
  866.5775 Rheumatoid factor immunological test system. II
  866.5820 Systemic lupus erythematosus immunological test system. II
  866.5870 Thyroid autoantibody immunological test system. II
  866.5880 Transferrin immunological test system. II
PanelSection Number       Regulation Name / Device Name      Class
  866.1620 Antimicrobial susceptibility test disc. II
  866.1640 Antimicrobial susceptibility test powder. II
  866.1700 Culture medium for antimicrobial susceptibility tests. II
  866.2390 Transport culture medium. I
  866.2560 Microbial growth monitor. I
  866.2850 Automated zone reader. I
  866.2900 Microbiological specimen collection and transport device. I
  866.3110 Campylobacter fetus serological reagents. I
  866.3120 Chlamydia serological reagents. I
  866.3175 Cytomegalovirus serological reagents. II
  866.3235 Epstein-Barr virus serological reagents. I
  866.3370 Mycobacterium tuberculosis immunofluorescent reagents. I
  866.3390 Neisseria spp. direct serological test reagents. II
  866.3510 Rubella virus serological reagents. II
  866.3780 Toxoplasma gondii serological reagents. II
  866.3820 Treponema pallidum nontreponemal test reagents. II
  866.3830 Treponema pallidum treponemal test reagents. II
  866.3870 Trypanosoma spp. serological reagents. I
  866.3900 Varicella-zoster virus serological reagents. II
PanelSection Number       Regulation Name / Device Name      Class
  866.6080 Next generation sequencing based tumor profiling test. II
PanelSection Number       Regulation Name / Device Name      Class
  862.3030 Acetaminophen test system. II
  862.3035 Amikacin test system. II
  862.3040 Alcohol test system. II
  862.3100 Amphetamine test system. II
  862.3110 Antimony test system. I
  862.3120 Arsenic test system. I
  862.3150 Barbiturate test system. II
  862.3170 Benzodiazepine test system. II
  862.3250 Cocaine and cocaine metabolite test system. II
  862.3270 Codeine test system. II
  862.3300 Digitoxin test system. II
  862.3320 Digoxin test system. II
  862.3350 Diphenylhydantoin test system. II
  862.3380 Ethosuximide test system. II
  862.3450 Gentamicin test system. II
  862.3520 Kanamycin test system. II
  862.3555 Lidocaine test system. II
  862.3560 Lithium test system. II
  862.3580 Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) test system. II
  862.3600 Mercury test system. I
  862.3610 Methamphetamine test system. II
  862.3620 Methadone test system. II
  862.3630 Methaqualone test system. II
  862.3640 Morphine test system. II
  862.3645 Neuroleptic drugs radioreceptor assay test system. II
  862.3650 Opiate test system. II
  862.3660 Phenobarbital test system. II
  862.3670 Phenothiazine test system. II
  862.3680 Primidone test system. II
  862.3700 Propoxyphene test system. II
  862.3750 Quinine test system. I
  862.3830 Salicylate test system. II
  862.3850 Sulfonamide test system. I
  862.3870 Cannabinoid test system. II
  862.3880 Theophylline test system. II
  862.3900 Tobramycin test system. II
  862.3910 Tricyclic antidepressant drugs test system. II
  862.3950 Vancomycin test system. II
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