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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Total number of registered outsourcing facilities

Dictionary: FDA is continuing surveillance and for-cause inspections of compounders, including compounders registered under section 503B of the Act, and FDA plans to take action, including enforcement actions, as appropriate to protect the public health. Since the fungal meningitis outbreak began, FDA has been conducting inspections of compounders for cause (in response to serious adverse event reports and reports of quality problems), and surveillance, to proactively identify pharmacies with deficient sterile compounding practices. Numerous recalls of sterile products have been conducted, and numerous compounders chose to stop sterile operations after FDA identified problems with their sterile compounding processes.

Information is current as of December 31, 2017.

Fiscal Year - 2018

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Oct 2017N/A77
Nov 2017N/A77
Dec 2017N/A76
Jan 2018N/ATBD
Feb 2018N/ATBD
Mar 2018N/ATBD
Apr 2018N/ATBD
May 2018N/ATBD
Jun 2018N/ATBD
Jul 2018N/ATBD
Aug 2018N/ATBD
Sep 2018N/ATBD

FY 2018 Cumulative YTD: 76


  • CDER began reporting on this measure in January 2014.

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