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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Consultations on Food from New Plant Varieties

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The inventory below lists all completed consultations on foods from new plant varieties evaluated under FDA’s 1992 Statement of Policy: Foods Derived from New Plant Varieties. The page "Final Biotechnology Consultations" describes the information categories available in this inventory. We intend to update this inventory within one month after completing a consultation.

Consultations listed on this page are the subjects of a voluntary premarket engagement between FDA and the developer of the new plant variety. The goal of the consultation is to ensure that any food safety or other regulatory questions about food from the new variety are resolved prior to market entry. As part of the consultation process, a developer who intends to commercialize a new plant variety meets with the agency to identify and discuss relevant safety, nutritional, or other regulatory issues regarding food from the new variety and then submits to FDA a summary of its scientific and regulatory assessment of the food; FDA evaluates the submission and responds to the developer by letter. Manufacturers or purveyors of food have a legal obligation to produce safe, lawful food, regardless of whether a developer of a new plant variety chooses to consult with FDA prior to marketing.

This inventory is not intended to capture all new plant varieties that may have been introduced; however, foods produced using newer development techniques, such as genetic engineering, have historically been the subject of consultations with FDA prior to marketing.

Documents more than two years old are stored on an archive server outside FDA and may take longer to load; however, the information within those documents remains valid.

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  • Select the BNF No. below to view the record details, including the FDA memos (note to file), added proteins or DNA, intended effects, and developer.
  • Select the FDA Letter Date to view the text of the agency's response to the scientific and regulatory assessment submitted by the developer during the consultation (also available on the record details page).
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BNF No. Traits Food Event Designation
Unique Identifier
FDA Letter Date
(sorted Z-A)
163 Change in composition (other) Cotton TAM66274
Sep 20, 2019
(PDF, 96 kB)
154 Change in composition (other) Fuji apple NF872
Apr 25, 2019
(PDF, 69 kB)
164 Change in composition (oil) Soybean FAD2KO Feb 26, 2019
(PDF, 65 kB)
161 Herbicide tolerance Cotton GHB811
Nov 19, 2018
(PDF, 103 kB)
160 Insect resistance cotton MON88702
Sep 21, 2018
(PDF, 66 kB)
159 Insect resistance Sugar from Sugarcane CTC175-A Aug 6, 2018
(PDF, 67 kB)
158 Change in composition (Production of provitamin A carotenoids) Rice GR2E
May 24, 2018
(PDF, 66 kB)
156 Insect Resistance Rice Huahui No.1
Jan 9, 2018
(PDF, 37 kB)
157 Male Sterility and Herbicide Tolerance Canola MS11
Oct 20, 2017
(PDF, 39 kB)
155 Altered growth properties Soybean HB4
Aug 2, 2017
(PDF, 45 kB)
153 Change in composition (other) and pest resistance Potato X17
Feb 21, 2017
153 Change in composition (other) and pest resistance Potato Y9
Feb 21, 2017
149 Change in Composition (other) resulting in Altered Color Pineapple Event EF2-114
Dec 14, 2016
152 Change in Composition (other) Potato V11
Aug 19, 2016
151 Insect resistance and herbicide tolerance Corn MZIR098
Apr 29, 2016
148 Herbicide tolerance Corn MON 87419
Mar 11, 2016
150 Herbicide tolerance Corn MZHGOJG
Feb 23, 2016
146 Altered composition (other) and Blight Resistance Potato W8
Jan 12, 2016
147 Altered Growth Properties Corn MON 87403
Jun 19, 2015
144 Insect Resistance Soybean MON 87751
May 27, 2015
132 Change in Composition (other) Apple GD743
Mar 20, 2015
132 Change in Composition (other) Apple GS784
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato F10
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato E12
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato J3
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato J55
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato G11
Mar 20, 2015
141 Change in Composition (other) Potato H50
Mar 20, 2015
142 Herbicide tolerance Cotton DAS-81910-7
Nov 14, 2014
145 Insect Resistance and Herbicide Tolerance Corn MON 87411
Oct 17, 2014
130 Change in Composition (other) Starch Potato AM04-1020
Jul 2, 2014
139 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean SYHT0H2
Mar 28, 2014
140 Insect Resistance Soybean DAS-81419-2
Feb 7, 2014
138 Change in Composition (other) Alfalfa KK179
Dec 27, 2013
131 Altered Growth Properties Soybean MON 87712
Dec 24, 2013
133 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean DAS-444Ø6-6
Dec 16, 2013
137 Herbicide Tolerance Corn VCO-Ø1981-5
May 7, 2013
135 Herbicide Tolerance Cotton MON 88701
Apr 24, 2013
136 Insect Resistance and Herbicide Tolerance Corn Event 4114
Mar 25, 2013
122 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean FG72
Aug 7, 2012
106 Herbicide Tolerance Corn HCEM485 Jul 31, 2012
117 Change in Composition (oil) Soybean MON 87769
Jul 30, 2012
129 Herbicide Tolerance Canola 73496
May 1, 2012
127 Herbicide Tolerance Canola MON 88302
Apr 23, 2012
126 Herbicide Tolerance Corn MON 87427
Apr 13, 2012
128 Insect Resistance Corn Event 5307
Feb 29, 2012
114 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean BPS-CV127-9
Feb 1, 2012
124 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean DAS-68416-4
Nov 14, 2011
125 Herbicide Tolerance Soybean MON 87708
Oct 11, 2011
118 Insect Resistance Cotton T304-40
Aug 19, 2011

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BNF No. Traits Food Event Designation
Unique Identifier
FDA Letter Date
(sorted Z-A)