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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Threshold of Regulation (TOR) Exemptions

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TOR No. 1999-010

Threshold of Regulation Exemptions are generally applicable and are effective for the food contact substance (FCS) for the listed intended use regardless of manufacturer or supplier.
Food Contact Substance: Manganese(2+), bis(octahydro-1,4,7-trimethyl-1H-1,4,7-triazonine-N1,N4,N7), tri-μ-oxodi-, bis[hexafluorophosphate(1-)] (CAS Reg. No. 116633-52-4)
Use Limitations*: As a catalyst in the treatment of starch intended for use in the manufacture of paper and paperboard for food-contact applications at a maximum use level of 0.05 µg/in2 in the finished paper.
Requestor: National Starch and Chemical Company

*For references to food types and conditions of use, see Food Types & Conditions of Use for Food Contact Substances.