MedWatch Voluntary Report

To enable Javascript in Internet Explorer:

1. Go to Tools and choose Internet Options

2. Choose the Security tab and make sure Internet is highlighted

3. Click on Custom Level and scroll down to Scripting

4. Ensure that the choices: "Active Scripting", "Allow paste operations via script" and "Scripting of java applets" are all set to enabled.

5. Click OK twice

To enable Javascript in Netscape 8:

1. Go to Tools and choose Options

2. Choose Site Control and then Site List

3. Highlight "I trust this site"

4. Check the boxes "Enable Javascript" and "Enable Java" [see image above]

5. Click OK

To enable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to Tools and choose options.

2. Choose Content and make sure that "Enable Java" and "Enable Javascript" are checked.

3. Click Ok.