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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

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AUTHOR(S): Raj, V. B. S.; Ganapathy, M. S.
TITLE: Studies on the toxicity of Lochnera pusila K. Schum.
YEAR: 1967 CITATION: Indian Vet J, 44(10), 871-876 [English]
FDA #: F10478
ABSTRACT: 1. The plant Lochnera pusila locally known as "Milagai Poondu" was found to be toxic when the powdered plant material was administered to two buffalo-calves. 2. The symptoms were manifested as early as the second day after the administration of the powdered material. 3. The symptoms observed in experimental calves and post-mortem findings including the histopathology suggested the damage to the endothelial lining of the capillary wall and the C.N.S. by the active principle of the plant. 4. Conventional therapy of poisoning in general brought about a cure in one of the experimental calves.
GRIN #: 418426 Exit Disclaimer
LATIN NAMELochnera pusilla K. Schum.
STANDARD PLANT NAMECatharanthus pusillus (Murray) G. Don