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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

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The Poisonous Plant database provides access to references in the scientific literature (primarily print literature through about 2007) describing studies and reports of the toxic properties and effects of plants and plant parts.

The information in this database is intended only for scientific exchange. It has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for publication nor does it have any official status. The information is continually increasing and being modified; it is neither error-free not comprehensive. Information herein is in the public domain. Any copyrighted or privately owned material inadvertently included will be removed as soon as possible.

For information or concerns about the toxicity of plants, contact the local Poison Control Center in your area. A directory of these is available from The American Association of Poison Control Centers (http://www.aapcc.org/)

For poisoning emergency call 1-800-222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.

Search the FDA Poisonous Plant Database (Data updated May 2008)

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about 80 records meeting your search criteria returned for "Chenopodium album "
AUTHOR(S): Anonymous
TITLE:  Oxalate poisoning in cows.
YEAR: 1954 CITATION: N Z Dep Agric Annu Rep, 1950-51 53-54 [English]
FDA #: F18481     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Buck, W. B.; Preston, K. S.; Abel, M.; Marshall, V. L.
TITLE:  Common weeds associated with perirenal edema in swine.
YEAR: 1965-1966 CITATION: Proc Am Coll Vet Toxicol, 1965 24-28 [English]
FDA #: F13373     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Buck, W. B.; Preston, K. S.; Abel, M.; Marshall, V. L.
TITLE:  Perirenal edema in swine: A disease caused by common weeds.
YEAR: 1966 CITATION: J Am Vet Med Assoc, 148(12), 1525-1531 [English]
FDA #: F04994
ABSTRACT: A seasonal disease of swine called perirenal edema was attributed to ingestion of excessive amounts of 2 common weeds: Amaranthus spp., commonly called pigweed or redroot, and Chenopodium album, commonly called lamb's quarters. Characteristically, f ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Cheeke, P. R.; Shull, L. R.
TITLE:  Metal-binding substances and inorganic toxicants.
YEAR: 1985 CITATION: Cheeke PR, Shull LR (eds.) Natural toxicants in feeds and poisonous plants. AVI Publ. Westport, Conn, -(Chap 9), 314-331 [English]
FDA #: FB0007
ABSTRACT: NO ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Herweijer, C. H.; DenHouter, L. F.
TITLE:  Vergiftiging bij schapen door Witte Ganzenvoet (Chenopodium album).
YEAR: 1970 CITATION: Tijdschr Diergeneeskd, 95(22), 1134-1136 [Dutch]
FDA #: F04444
ABSTRACT: A case of poisoning in sheep caused by White Goosefoot (Chenopodium album) is posted. The animals were put, after shearing, into a resown pasture where Goosefoot was predominating. ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Herweijer, C. H.; DenHouter, L. F.
TITLE:  Poisoning due to fat hen (Chenopodium album) in sheep.
YEAR: 1971 CITATION: Netherlands J Vet Sci, 4(1), 52-54 [English]
FDA #: F08668
ABSTRACT: A case of poisoning by fat hen (Chenopodium album) in sheep is reported. After shearing, the animals were transferred to a seeded pasture in which the grass had failed to spring up, on which Fat Hen predominated. Of forty ewes, one died and two were ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Lopez, T.; Odriozola, E. R.; Cseh, S.
TITLE:  [Toxicological aspects of Chenopodium album.]
YEAR: 1988 CITATION: Veterinaria Argentina, 5(43), 230, 231-236 [Spanish]
FDA #: F05045
ABSTRACT: C. album is a widespread weed in Argentina. It contains a maximum concentration of 11.1% of total oxalates and 6.9% of soluble oxalates when flowering. It has caused poisoning of sheep and cattle in other countries, but there are no recorded reports ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Osweiler, G. D.; Buck, W. B.; Bicknell, E. J.
TITLE:  Production of perirenal edema in swine with Amaranthus retroflexus.
YEAR: 1969 CITATION: Am J Vet Res, 30(4), 557-566 [English]
FDA #: F04369
ABSTRACT: Summary: A total of 41 pigs were fed various weeds, including Amaranthus retroflexus (pigweed), Kochia scoparia, and Chenopodium album (lamb¿s quarters). Fifteen of 18 pigs fed A. retroflexus developed clinical signs of perirenal edema, and all ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Ozmen, O.; Mor, F.; Unsal, A.
TITLE:  Nitrate poisoning in cattle fed Chenopodium album hay.
YEAR: 2003 CITATION: Vet Hum Toxicol, 45(2), 83-84 [English]
FDA #: F25797     See Details

AUTHOR(S): Çalka, Ö.; Akdeniz, N.; Metin, A.; Behçet, L.
TITLE:  Phototoxic dermatitis due to Chenopodium album in a mother and son.
YEAR: 2005 CITATION: Contact Dermatitis, 53(1), 58-60 [English]
PubMED ID #: 15982237 Exit Disclaimer     See Details

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