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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

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The Poisonous Plant database provides access to references in the scientific literature (primarily print literature through about 2007) describing studies and reports of the toxic properties and effects of plants and plant parts.

The information in this database is intended only for scientific exchange. It has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for publication nor does it have any official status. The information is continually increasing and being modified; it is neither error-free not comprehensive. Information herein is in the public domain. Any copyrighted or privately owned material inadvertently included will be removed as soon as possible.

For information or concerns about the toxicity of plants, contact the local Poison Control Center in your area. A directory of these is available from The American Association of Poison Control Centers (http://www.aapcc.org/)

For poisoning emergency call 1-800-222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.

Search the FDA Poisonous Plant Database (Data updated May 2008)

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  • Searching on plant names will probably generate the most useful search results.
  • The details link provides a listing of all other plants cited in that particular reference, as well as the full text for abstracts.
  • Contact Fred Fry at frederick.fry@fda.hhs.gov to report problems or errors.

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about 23 records meeting your search criteria returned for "Persea americana "
AUTHOR(S): Appleman, D.
TITLE:  Preliminary report on toxicity of avocado leaves.
YEAR: 1944 CITATION: Calif Avocado Soc Yearb, 1944 37 [English]
FDA #: F06482     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Bee, J. G.
TITLE:  Suspected avocado poisoning of a horse.
YEAR: 1968 CITATION: Mod Vet Pract, 49(11), 52-53 [English]
FDA #: F07394     See Details

AUTHOR(S): Buoro, I. B. J.; Nyamwange, S. B.; Chai, D.; Munyua, S. M.
TITLE:  Putative avocado toxicity in two dogs.
YEAR: 1994 CITATION: Onderstepoort J Vet Res, 61(1), 107-109 [English]
PubMED ID #: 7898892 Exit Disclaimer     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Burger, W. P.; Naude, T. W.; VanRensburg, I. B. J.; Botha, C. J.; Pienaar, A. C. E.
TITLE:  Avocado (Persea americana) poisoning in ostriches.
YEAR: 1994 CITATION: Colegate SM, Dorling PR (eds.) Plant-associated toxins. Agricultural, phytochemical and ecological a, -(Chap 98), 546-551 [English]
FDA #: F12679     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Burger, W. P.; Naude, T. W.; VanRensburg, I. B.; Botha, C. J.; Pienaar, A. C.
TITLE:  Cardiomyopathy in ostriches (Struthio camelus) due to avocado (Persea americana var. guatemalensis) intoxication.
YEAR: 1994 CITATION: J S Afr Vet Assoc, 65(3), 113-118 [English]
FDA #: F23249     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Craigmill, A. L.; Eide, R. N.; Shultz, T. A.; Hedrick, K.
TITLE:  Toxicity of avocado (Persea americana (Guatamalan var)) leaves: Review and preliminary report.
YEAR: 1984 CITATION: Vet Hum Toxicol, 26(5), 381-383 [English]
FDA #: F06917
ABSTRACT: NO ...     See Details

AUTHOR(S): Craigmill, A. L.; Seawright, A. A.; Mattila, T.; Frost, A. J.
TITLE:  Pathological changes in the mammary gland and biochemical changes in milk of the goat following oral dosing with leaf of the avocado (Persea americana).
YEAR: 1989 CITATION: Aust Vet J, 66(7), 206-211 [English]
FDA #: F21210
ABSTRACT: Two varieties of avocado leaves (Persea americana var. Guatemalan and var. Mexican) were administered to lactating goats. The Mexican variety was without effect. The Guatemalan variety in doses exceeding 20 g fresh leaf per kg bodyweight produced dam ...
PubMED ID #: 2775063 Exit Disclaimer     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Craigmill, A. L.; Seawright, A. A.; Mattila, T.; Frost, A. J.
TITLE:  The toxicity of avocado (Persea americana) leaves for the lactating mammary gland of the goat.
YEAR: 1992 CITATION: James LF; Keeler RF; Bailey EM Jr et al. (eds.) Poisonous plants. Iowa State University Press. Ames,, - 623-625 [English]
FDA #: F19221     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Galey, F. O.; Read, D.; Hebbert, B.; Blumenshine, K. M.
TITLE:  Facial edema with myopathy in horses exposed to avocado (Persea americana) plants.
YEAR: 1993 CITATION: Annu Meet Am Assoc Vet Lab Diagn, 37 33 FDA #: NA     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Grant, R.; Booker, H. H.; Basson, P. A.; Hofherr, J. B.; Anthonnisen, M.
TITLE:  Cardiomyopathies caused by januariebos (Gnidia polycephala) and avocado (Persea americana) leaves.
YEAR: 1988 CITATION: J S Afr Vet Assoc, 59(2), 101 [English]
FDA #: F24961
ABSTRACT: 4 sheep were drenched with dried or freshly ground Gnidia polycephala at different dosages. The main clinical findings were rumen stasis, colic, anorexia and diarrhoea. At PM examination rumen stasis and ulceration of the forestomach were found in al ...     See Details

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