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J Virol Methods 2005 Jun;126(1-2):45-52

Determination of poliovirus-specific IgA in saliva by ELISA tests.

Ivanov A, Dragunsky E, Ivanova O, Rezapkin G, Potapova S, Chumakov K

Ivanov A, US FDA, Ctr Biol Evaluat & Res, HFM-470,NLRC-B-121,1401 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 USA US FDA, Ctr Biol Evaluat & Res, Rockville, MD 20852 USA Russian Acad Med Sci, MP Chumakov Inst Poliomyelitis & Viral Encephalit, Moscow 142782, Russia


This study describes three ELISA methods for detection of immunoglobulin A (IgA) specific to three types of Sabin strains of poliovirus in saliva taken from 70 children aged 6-7 years vaccinated with a full course of oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). Of the three ELISA methods (conventional IgA ELISA and two new methods described in this communication, the alpha-capture ELISA and Inhibition ELISA), alpha-capture ELISA demonstrated the highest sensitivity, with all saliva samples testing positive for Sabin poliovirus strains specific IgA antibodies of 1-3 types. Of 62 available alpha-capture ELISA positive saliva samples, all were also positive by the inhibition ELISA, and a significant correlation was found between the results. Fifty-two available saliva samples were screened by the three ELISA tests with positive results, and a significant correlation was found between the alpha-capture ELISA and the IgA ELISA; the correlation between the IgA ELISA and inhibition ELISA was not significant. The results of this study suggest that determination of Sabin poliovirus-specific IgA in human saliva by the ELISA techniques (especially by the novel alpha-capture ELISA) can be used reliably for evaluation of mucosal immunity in large groups of people immunized with poliovirus vaccines and for epidemiological studies.

Category: Journal Article, Peer
PubMed ID: #15847918
Includes FDA Authors from Scientific Area(s): Biologics
Entry Created: 2011-10-04 Entry Last Modified: 2012-08-29