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J Pharm Sci 1977 Aug;66(8):1198-200

Factors affecting serum oxytetracycline levels in beef calves.

Mercer HD, Rollins LD, Carter GG, Gural RP, Bourne DW, Dittert LW


Fifteen Aberdeen Angus steers, 295-364 kg, were dosed with either 4.4 or 11 mg of oxytetracycline hydrochloride/kg im. The antimicrobial activity of the serum was determined periodically, and the resulting data were treated statistically to determine the sources of variation. Variance in serum levels of oxytetracycline activity was attributed to dose, time of bleeding, order of dosing, animal, and assay. The total variance component was proportionately greater for the 11-mg/kg dose than for the 4.4-mg/kg dose. Animal variance increased with the higher dose level of oxytetracycline. The influence of dose on serum level was tested by applying a t test to the mean serum levels and their standard deviations at each bleeding time. The 4.4- and 11-mg/kg serum levels were significantly different (p less than 0.01) at all bleeding times. The 4.4-mg/kg serum levels mutliplied by 2.5 were not significantly different (p less than 0.05) from the 11-mg/kg serum levels at all bleeding times.

Category: Journal Article
PubMed ID: #894509 DOI: 10.1002/jps.2600660838
Includes FDA Authors from Scientific Area(s): Animal and Veterinary
Entry Created: 2012-11-30