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J AOAC Int 2013 Sep-Oct;96(5):1017-8

Determination of Aflatoxins B-1, B-2, G(1), and G(2) in Olive Oil, Peanut Oil, and Sesame Oil Using Immunoaffinity Column Cleanup, Postcolumn Derivatization, and Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection: First Action 2013.05

Bao L, Liang CZ, Trucksess MW, Xu YL, Lv N, Wu ZX, Jing P, Fry FS


A collaborative study of a method for determination of aflatoxins (AFs) B-1, B-2, G(1), and G(2) in olive oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil using immunoaffinity column cleanup, postcolumn derivatization, and LC with fluorescence detection, previously published in J. AOAC int. 95, 1689-1700 (2012), was approved as First Action 2013.05 on March 29, 2013 by the Method-Centric Committee for Aflatoxins in Edible Oils. The method uses methanol for extraction followed by filtration. The extract is applied to an immunoaffinity column with antibodies specific for AFs, which are then eluted from the column with a methanol solution. Determination and quantification occur using RP-LC with fluorescence detection after postcolumn derivatization. The average recovery of AFs in olive, peanut, and sesame oils in spiked samples (levels between 2.0 and 20.0 mu g/kg) ranged from 84 to 92%. The recoveries for AFs B-1, B-2, G(1), and G(2) were 86-93, 89-95, 85-97, and 76-85%, respectively. Within-laboratory RSD (RSDr) values for AFs ranged from 3.4 to 10.2%. RSDr values for AF B-1, B-2, G(1), and G(2) were 3.5-10.9, 3.2-9.5, 6.5-14.9, and 4.8-14.2%, respectively. Between-laboratory RSD (RSDR) values for AFs were 6.1-14.5%. RSDR values for AFs B-1, B-2, G(1), and G(2) were 7.5-15.4, 7.1-14.6, 10.8-18.1, and 7.6-23.7%, respectively. Horwitz ratio values were <= 2 for the analytes in the three matrixes.

Category: Journal Article
DOI: 10.5740/jaoacint.13-129
Includes FDA Authors from Scientific Area(s): Food
Entry Created: 2013-12-05