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Microfluid Nanofluidics 2016 Jul;20(7):99

Comparative performance evaluation of carbon dot-based paper immunoassay on Whatman filter paper and nitrocellulose paper in the detection of HIV infection.

Kurdekar A, Chunduri LAA, Bulagonda EP, Haleyurgirisetty MK, Kamisetti V, Hewlett IK


Carbon dots synthesized from citric acid and ethylene diamine by a one-step hydrothermal technique were used to develop a carbon dot-based paper immunoassay (CDPIA) for rapid detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen. In the present study, the 96-well template was hand patterned using a wax pencil, as a prototype method, on two types of paper, (1) Whatman filter paper and (2) nitrocellulose paper. The sandwich immunoassay was performed on both paper microplates for detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen which is an early marker of HIV infection. The detection range was from 10 mu g/mL to 1 ng/mL for the Whatman filter paper while the nitrocellulose paper exhibited a higher range from 10 mu g/mL to 250 pg/mL. CDPIA on the nitrocellulose paper (CDNIA) exhibited a fourfold increase in sensitivity and reduced the assay time by threefold compared with CDPIA on Whatman paper (CDWIA). HIV-negative and HIV-positive plasma samples were tested using CDNIA for the presence of HIV-1 p24 antigen. This immunoassay exhibited no false-positive and false-negative results with the clinical samples tested. This simple and sensitive paper-based HIV-1 p24 antigen assay may be useful in preventing HIV transmission by blood transfusion in resource-limited settings by reducing the antibody negative, infectious window period in blood donors and for early diagnosis of HIV infected individuals where nucleic acid-based testing is not practical or feasible.

Category: Journal Article
DOI: 10.1007/s10404-016-1763-9
Includes FDA Authors from Scientific Area(s): Biologics
Entry Created: 2016-02-29 Entry Last Modified: 2016-08-08