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Vaccines 2020 Mar 5;8(1):pii. E120

Multiplex PCR-based neutralization (MPBN) assay for titers determination of the three types of anti-poliovirus neutralizing-antibodies.

Manukyan H, Petrovskaya S, Chumakov K, Laassri M


Determination of poliovirus-neutralizing antibodies is an important part of clinical studies of poliovirus vaccines, epidemiological surveillance and seroprevalence studies that are crucial for global polio eradication campaigns. The conventional neutralization test is based on inhibition of cytopathic effect caused by poliovirus by serial dilutions of test serum. It is laborious, time-consuming and not suitable for large scale analysis. To overcome these limitations, a multiplex PCR-based neutralization (MPBN) assay was developed to measure the neutralizing antibody titers of anti-poliovirus sera against three serotypes of the virus in the same reaction and in shorter time. All three anti-poliovirus sera types were analyzed in a single assay. The MPBN assay was reproducible, robust, and sensitive. Its lower limits of titration for the three anti-poliovirus sera types were within range of 0.76-1.64 per ml. Different anti-poliovirus sera were tested with conventional and MPBN assays, the results obtained by both methods correlated well and generated similar results.

Category: Journal Article
PubMed ID: #32150852 DOI: 0.3390/vaccines8010120
Includes FDA Authors from Scientific Area(s): Biologics
Entry Created: 2020-02-16 Entry Last Modified: 2020-05-24