Medical Physicist Initial Training



900.12(a)(3)(i)(B)(2): Have 20 contact hours of documented specialized training in conducting surveys of mammography facilities.




Copies of certificates earned or other documentation from the training provider will suffice for the initial training qualification. If documentation is not available, proper attestation will be acceptable for records dated up to October 1, 1994. FDA will continue to accept attestation for CME received after October 1, 1994, in a limited number of cases.

  1. All medical physicists must have specialized training in conducting surveys of mammography facilities. What type of training can be used to meet this requirement? Can continuing medical education (CME) be counted to meet this requirement or does it have to be formal, academic training? Can CME be used to meet both the "15 CME in 36-month" requirement and also to meet this "specialized training in conducting surveys" requirement?

  2. What is the conversion factor used to convert quarter hours to semester hours?

  3. What are the minimum qualifications for an individual providing the required initial contact hours of training in conducting surveys of mammography facilities to physicists?

  4. Can the performance of facility and unit surveys count toward the survey training contact hours requirement? Must the surveys be done under the direct supervision of a qualified medical physicist?


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