Import Alerts for a Country/Area


DWPE = Detain without physical examination
Import Alert Number Import Alert Type Publish Date Import Alert Name
12-10 DWPE 07/21/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Cheese Due to Microbiological Contamination"
16-02 DWPE 06/07/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of All Dried Shark Fins and Dried Fish Maws Due to Filth"
16-125 DWPE 06/12/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Refrigerated (Not Frozen) Raw Fish and Fishery Products that are Vacuum Packaged or Modified Atmosphere Packaged or Packaged in a Material that is not Oxygen-Permeable Due to the Potential for Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Production"
16-20 DWPE 05/15/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Puffer Fish"
16-74 DWPE 07/25/2017 "Detention without physical Examination of Uneviscerated Fish Or Partially Eviscerated Fish that are Either Salt-Cured, Dried, Smoked, Pickled, Fermented or Brined *** (i.e., excluding LACF and Acidified Products Filed Under 21 CFR 108/113 or 114)***"
20-06 DWPE 06/02/2014 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Apple Juice Products Due to Patulin"
21-01 DWPE with Surveillance 03/18/2011 "Incresed Surveillance of Green and Black Olives"
21-07 DWPE 05/26/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Tamarind Products (Fresh and/or Processed) from All Shippers from All Countries Due to Filth"
21-11 DWPE 03/06/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Ackees"
26-03 DWPE with Surveillance 03/18/2011 "Perchloroethylene (PCE) and Trichloroethylene (TCE) Residue in Olive Oil"
26-04 DWPE with Surveillance 11/18/2016 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Expressed Mustard Oil"
33-04 DWPE 12/05/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Candy Pacifiers"
33-15 DWPE 10/11/2011 "Detention Without Physical Eaxmination of Gel Candies Containing Konjac"
36-01 DWPE with Surveillance 09/20/2016 "Adulteration of Honey"
45-02 DWPE 07/26/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination and Guidance of Foods Containing Illegal and/or Undeclared Colors."
52-10 DWPE 10/12/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Leaded Crystal Baby Bottles"
53-03 DWPE 10/12/2011 "Oral Tanning Tablets"
53-10 DWPE 10/12/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Cosmetic Products Containing Methylene Chloride as an Ingredient"
54-07 DWPE 06/12/2017 "Germanium Products"
54-11 DWPE 09/15/2015 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Bulk Dietary Ingredients And Dietary Supplements Containing Androstenedione"
54-13 DWPE 04/06/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Dietary Supplements And Bulk Dietary Ingredients Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids From All Countries"
55-02 DWPE with Surveillance 11/21/2013 "Increased Surveillance Of Bulk Ingredients Susceptible To Contamination With Diethylene Glycol"
56-02 DWPE 03/18/2011 Detention Without Physical Examination Of Enrofloxacin (Baytril) Labeled For Use In Poultry
57-21 DWPE 03/11/2016 Detention without Physical Examination Of Whipworms and Hookworms Including Eggs and Larvae
60-02 DWPE with Surveillance 12/14/2012 "Detention of Anabolic Steroid Prescription Drugs"
61-01 DWPE 07/26/2013 "Gerovital (KH3 - GH3, Etc.)"
61-05 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Methapyrilene and Drug Products Containing Methapyrilene"
61-07 DWPE 03/12/2012 Detention Without Physical Examination of Domperidone"
62-01 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Laetrile (Amygdalin, other Names)"
62-05 DWPE 04/04/2014 "Sterile Dosage Form Drugs"
62-07 DWPE 12/14/2012 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Shipments of Sygen Injectable (Bovine-Extracted GMI Monosialoganglioside)"
66-05 DWPE 12/14/2012 "Foreign Labeled Finished Dosage Parenterals"
66-08 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Drug Products Containing Adrenal Cortex Extract or Adrenal Cortex Injection"
66-11 DWPE 12/07/2012 "Tatex Tattoo Remover"
66-30 DWPE 10/03/2013 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Illegal Shipments Of Dial Soap Manufactured In Foreign Countries"
66-36 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Human Drugs Containing Danthron"
66-37 DWPE with Surveillance 04/13/2016 "Oxygen Units"
66-43 DWPE 11/29/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of THA" (Investigational New Drug)"
66-44 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Foreign Manufactured Unapproved Versions Of Clozapine (Clozaril)"
66-49 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination Of All Polidocanol Finished Dosage Form Products And Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) From All Sources Under All Brand Names Including Aetoxisclerol, Aethoxysklerol, And Sclerovein"
66-60 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Detention Without Physical Eamaintion of Certain Steroid Alternatives"
66-71 DWPE 04/18/2017 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Also Known As Somatropin"
66-72 DWPE 12/14/2012 "Detention Without Physical Examination Of Misbranded Drugs And Marketed New Drugs Without Approved Applications"
68-01 DWPE 07/27/2011 "Detention Without Physical Examination Of Chloramphenicol"
68-08 DWPE 03/18/2011 "Animal Drug Imported For Use By Racetrack Veterinarians"
68-09 DWPE with Surveillance 04/01/2017 "New Bulk Animal Drug Substances"
85-02 DWPE 04/18/2016 "Detention Without Physical Examination of Condoms"
86-04 DWPE 04/10/2012 "Lax-Optics Lensless Spectacles (Pin-Hole Glasses)"
89-08 DWPE 07/24/2017 ***"Detention Without Physical Examination of Devices without Approved PMA's or IDE's and Other Devices Not Substantially Equivalent or Without a 510(k)"***
99-40 DWPE with Surveillance 07/20/2017 GENETICALLY ENGINEERED (GE) SALMON