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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 1 Device Recall HVAD Pump Implant Kit

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  Class 1 Device Recall HVAD Pump Implant Kit see related information
Date Initiated by Firm April 03, 2020
Create Date May 22, 2020
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-2056-2020
Recall Event ID 85397
PMA Number P100047 
Product Classification Ventricular (assist) bypass - Product Code DSQ
Product Heartware HVAD Pump Implant Kit, Product (REF) Number 1104
Code Information GTIN 00888707002028, Serial Numbers: HW28848, hw29011, HW29154, HW29211, HW29248, HW29249, HW29273, HW29329, HW29426, HW29465, HW29472, HW29522, HW29534, HW29548, HW29549, HW29567, HW29588, HW29593, HW29602, HW29612, HW29667, HW29700, HW29786, HW29815, HW29915, HW29928, HW29949, HW30039, HW30082, HW30083, HW30150, HW30153, HW30208, HW30211, HW30226, HW30320, HW30342, HW30358, HW30360, HW30363, HW30378, HW30380, HW30382, HW30390, HW30398, HW30400, HW30402, HW30406, HW30410, HW30430, HW30475, HW30484, HW30494, HW30498, HW30595, HW30596, HW30597, HW30601, HW30604, HW30651, HW30768, HW30769, HW30770, HW30771, HW30814, HW30821, HW30829, HW30863, HW30865, HW30867, HW30871, HW30953, HW30961, HW30962, HW30966, HW30971, HW30972, HW30974, HW31020, HW31076, HW31101, HW31103, HW31104, HW31107, HW31113, HW31115, HW31117, HW31119, HW31128, HW31132, HW31134, HW31192, HW31219, HW31223, HW31232, HW31235, HW31242, HW31244, HW31249, HW31254, HW31255, HW31260, HW31261, HW31262, HW31267, HW31383, HW31387, HW31388, HW31399, HW31409, HW31410, HW31411, HW31412, HW31414, hw31445, HW31446, hw31447, hw31448, hw31449, hw31451, HW31452, hw31453, hw31454, HW31455, HW31456, HW31457, HW31458, HW31541, HW31543, HW31544, HW31545, HW31547, HW31548, HW31549, HW31550, HW31552, HW31559, HW31564, HW31571, HW31573, HW31578, HW31579, HW31686, HW31694, HW31697, HW31731, HW31749, HW31750, HW31777, HW31778, HW31810, HW31819, HW31830, HW31831, HW31832, HW31834, HW31835, HW31836, HW31838, HW31839, HW31840, HW31842, HW31843, HW31844, HW31845, HW31846, HW31847, HW31849, HW31855, HW31858, HW31876, HW31883, HW31944, HW31947, HW31979, HW31981, HW31986, HW31987, HW31988, HW31989, HW31991, HW32068, HW32116, HW32121, HW32141, HW32143, HW32156, HW32159, HW32161, HW32162, HW32164, HW32167, HW32172, HW32179, HW32189, HW32190, HW32192, HW32193, HW32194, HW32197, HW32199, HW32201, HW32204, HW32206, HW32209, HW32210, HW32214, HW32215, HW32216, HW32218, HW32220, HW32222, HW32223, HW32224, HW32228, HW32229, HW32230, HW32231, HW32248, HW32258, HW32259, HW32260, HW32261, HW32273, HW32279, HW32281, HW32285, HW32286, HW32290, HW32292, HW32315, HW32335, HW32357, HW32386, HW32393, HW32400, HW32419, HW32423, HW32426, HW32427, HW32457, HW32458, HW32459, HW32464, HW32465, HW32468, HW32470, HW32471, HW32472, HW32474, HW32479, HW32499, HW32504, HW32508, HW32509, HW32510, HW32511, HW32516, HW32534, HW34001, HW34002, HW34025, HW34034, HW34035, HW34036, HW34037, HW34038, HW34040, HW34041, HW34042, HW34043, HW34044, HW34045, HW34046, HW34047, HW34048, HW34051, HW34066, HW34096, HW34100, HW34104, HW34106, HW34109, HW34110, HW34111, HW34113, HW34117, HW34121, HW34126, HW34151, HW34169, HW34179, HW34181, HW34186, HW34187, HW34192, HW34193, HW34196, HW34197, HW34202, HW34204, HW34205, HW34207, HW34209, HW34211, HW34226, HW34317, HW34319, HW34326, HW34328, HW34329, HW34330, HW34331, HW34336, HW34342, HW34344, HW34347, HW34368, HW34369, HW34371, HW34372, HW34373, HW34375, HW34376, HW34377, HW34378, HW34379, HW34425, HW34427, HW34428, HW34429, HW34432, HW34446, HW34495, HW34519, HW34520, HW34521, HW34522, HW34523, HW34546, HW34547, HW34550, HW34551, HW34555, HW34556, HW34588, HW34590, HW34596, HW34603, HW34605, HW34609, HW34610, HW34643, HW34673, HW34752, HW34768, HW34805, HW34806, HW34808, HW34810, HW34824, HW34840, HW34842, HW34845, HW34866, HW34868, HW34877, HW34902, HW34903, HW34904, HW34908, HW34910, HW34913, HW34914, HW34923, HW34924, HW34925, HW34928, HW34933, HW34934, HW34938, HW34939, HW34944, HW34946, HW34947, HW34948, HW34949, HW34957, HW34979, HW34990, HW34997, HW35012, HW35032, HW35099, HW35122, HW35123, HW35124, HW35125, HW35127, HW35128, HW35131, HW35133, HW35134, HW35136, HW35138, HW35141, HW35142, HW35143, HW35161, HW35189, HW35191, HW35204, HW35205, HW35209, HW35211, HW35212, HW35213, HW35214, HW35215, HW35220, HW35284, HW35305, HW35317, HW35319, HW35321, HW35324, HW35325, HW35326, HW35332, HW35334, HW35337, HW35339, HW35340, HW35341, HW35357, HW35360, HW35361, HW35367, HW35385, HW35464, HW35477, HW35478, HW35479, HW35480, HW35481, HW35482, HW35483, HW35487, HW35488, HW35489, HW35492, HW35493, HW35494, HW35495, HW35499, HW35500, HW35501, HW35502, HW35504, HW35506, HW35508, HW35534, HW35535, HW35539, HW35540, HW35541, HW35542, HW35543, HW35545, HW35548, HW35563, HW35577, HW35578, HW35580, HW35582, HW35583, HW35584, HW35586, HW35587, HW35588, HW35624, HW35625, HW35626, HW35627, HW35628, HW35629, HW35630, HW35631, HW35632, HW35633, HW35634, HW35635, HW35636, HW35637, HW35639, HW35641, HW35644, HW35646, HW35647, HW35668, HW35669, HW35670, HW35671, HW35673, HW35674, HW35676, HW35677, HW35678, HW35680, HW35681, HW35682, HW35683, HW35684, HW35686, HW35687, HW35688, HW35689, HW35690, HW35691, HW35692, HW35693, HW35695, HW35696, HW35697, HW35698, HW35701, HW35702, HW35703, HW35704, HW35705, HW35707, HW35708, HW35730, HW35731 GTIN 00888707002387, Serial Numbers: HW28851, HW29783, HW29793, HW29794, HW29827, HW29870, HW29918, HW30045, HW30046, HW30505, HW30765, HW30842, HW30844, HW30845, HW30846, hw30978, HW31075, HW31077, HW31080, hw31089, hw31091, HW31095, HW31161, HW31342, HW31348, HW31555, HW31556, HW31557, HW31683, HW31860, HW31903, HW31920, HW31924, HW31926, HW32026, HW32027, HW32028, HW32149, HW32153, HW32163, HW32282, HW32513, HW32514, HW32562, HW32563, HW34004, HW34006, HW34091, HW34092, HW34125, HW34272, HW34273, HW34274, HW34349, HW34350, HW34351, HW34352, HW34357, HW34358, HW34359, HW34366, HW34374, HW34436, HW34953, HW34968, HW35080, HW35144, HW35145, HW35148, HW35327, HW35342, HW35344, HW35537, HW35596, HW35603, HW35604, HW35605, HW35606, HW35607, HW35713, HW35714, HW35717, HW35718, HW35721, HW35723 GTIN 00888707001649, Serial Numbers: HW29132, HW29232, hw29653, HW29682, HW29684, HW29705, HW29864, HW29985, HW29991, HW30096, HW30100, HW30145, HW30146, HW30373, HW30374, HW30421, HW30525, HW30529, HW30726, HW30738, HW30836, HW30840, HW30862, HW30939, hw30949, hw30950, HW31048, HW31071, HW31082, HW31088, hw31133, hw31394, HW31415, HW31417, HW31420, HW31421, HW31423, hw31483, hw31505, hw31506, hw31507, hw31510, HW31511, hw31512, hw31513, hw31515, hw31516, hw31517, HW31546, HW31551, HW31554, HW31566, HW31587, HW31588, HW31589, HW31590, HW31592, HW31632, HW31639, HW31685, HW31795, HW31801, HW31806, HW31808, HW31809, HW31811, HW31812, HW31813, HW31815, HW31891, HW31892, HW31893, HW31919, HW31921, HW31973, HW31982, HW31985, HW32000, HW32001, HW32014, HW32015, HW32018, HW32021, HW32022, HW32024, HW32042, HW32050, HW32055, HW32056, HW32064, HW32081, HW32094, HW32112, HW32123, HW32138, HW32147, HW32186, HW32245, HW32255, HW32264, HW32265, HW32268, HW32270, HW32301, HW32394, HW32410, HW32420, HW32558, HW32559, HW32560, HW32561, HW34029, HW34031, HW34093, HW34094, HW34132, HW34148, HW34180, HW34266, HW34268, HW34269, HW34270, HW34271, HW34296, HW34301, HW34324, HW34327, HW34340, HW34341, HW34343, HW34345, HW34346, HW34348, HW34418, HW34420, HW34431, HW34507, HW34508, HW34641, HW34692, HW34745, HW34764, HW34836, HW34906, HW34932, HW34936, HW34940, HW34941, HW34963, HW34977, HW34992, HW34994, HW35019, HW35021, HW35033, HW35035, HW35038, HW35041, HW35065, HW35068, HW35085, HW35090, HW35094, HW35114, HW35147, HW35157, HW35196, HW35197, HW35210, HW35237, HW35250, HW35290, HW35308, HW35309, HW35310, HW35311, HW35312, HW35313, HW35314, HW35315, HW35318, HW35320, HW35328, HW35329, HW35330, HW35333, HW35338, HW35349, HW35365, HW35366, HW35368, HW35370, HW35371, HW35372, HW35373, HW35375, HW35378, HW35402, HW35404, HW35405, HW35408, HW35409, HW35411, HW35412, HW35418, HW35421, HW35423, HW35465, HW35470, HW35475, HW35476, HW35485, HW35486, HW35546, HW35547, HW35550, HW35551, HW35552, HW35553, HW35554, HW35555, HW35556, HW35557, HW35558, HW35559, HW35560, HW35564, HW35598, HW35599, HW35602, HW35640, HW35657, HW35658, HW35659, HW35662, HW35663, HW35664, HW35665, HW35666, HW35667, HW35672, HW35694, HW35719, HW35750, HW35753, HW36121, HW36154, HW36165, HW36168 GTIN 00888707000581, Serial Numbers: HW29203, HW29425, HW29427, HW29428.HW29430, HW29439, HW29517, HW29679, HW29680, HW30589, HW30638, HW30706, HW30876, HW31144, HW31187, hw31376, hw31380, HW31442, HW31727, HW31998, HW32023, HW32416, HW34017 GTIN 00888707002417, Serial Numbers: HW29478, HW30381, HW30831, HW34380, HW34421, HW35348, HW35613, HW35756, HW35761, HW35763  GTIN 00888707002493, Serial Numbers: HW29483, HW29697, HW29698, hw31178, HW31520, HW31821, HW31823, HW31827, HW32086, HW32242, HW32246, HW32518, HW32519, HW34021, HW34365, HW34367, HW34792, HW34915, HW35155, HW35158, HW35252, HW35343, HW35345, HW35346, HW35350, HW35400, HW35401, HW35529, HW35530, HW35574, HW35591, HW35660, HW35661, HW35785 GTIN 00888707002400, Serial Numbers: HW29518, HW29693, HW30092, HW32257, HW34012, HW34210, HW35034, HW35154, HW35573, HW35653 GTIN 00888707002547, Serial Numbers: HW29561, HW29601, HW29931, HW30502, HW30593, HW30619, HW30632, HW30783, HW30796, HW30819, HW30826, HW31136, HW31140, HW31141, HW31156, HW31157, HW31158, HW31382, HW31393, HW31406, HW31408, HW31413, HW31416, HW31426, HW31429, HW31553, HW31791, HW31937, HW31994, HW32118, HW32269, HW32309, HW32336, HW32347, HW32373, HW32385, HW32522, HW32523, HW32524, HW32554, HW32557, HW34003, HW34007, HW34008, HW34049, HW34050, HW34053, HW34054, HW34382, HW34383, HW34513, HW34514, HW34516, HW34517, HW34518, HW35251, HW35275 GTIN 00888707000680, Serial Numbers: HW29571, HW29578, HW29845, HW30635, HW30639, HW30711, HW31150 GTIN 00888707002394, Serial Numbers: HW30469, HW30506, HW30508, HW30509, HW30510, HW30511, HW30512, HW30655, HW31580, HW31582, HW31583, HW31584, HW31992, HW31993, HW32200, HW32207, HW32217, HW32238, HW32239, HW32240, HW32515, HW32517, HW34022, HW34023, HW34395, HW34461, HW34557, HW34561, HW34582, HW34751, HW34950, HW34955, HW34991, HW34996, HW35016, HW35149, HW35150, HW35186, HW35336, HW35386, HW35397, HW35484, HW35509, HW35510, HW35538, HW35566, HW35609, HW35610, HW35611, HW35648, HW35649, HW35651, HW35679, HW35699, HW35700, HW35706, HW35776, HW35779 GTIN 00888707000239, Serial Numbers: HW30634, HW30645, HW30877, HW34737 GTIN 00888707002530, Serial Numbers: HW30797, HW31108, HW31440, HW31828, HW31928, HW32182, HW32253, HW32263, HW34559, HW35000, HW35162, HW35532, HW35533, HW35590  GTIN 00888707002523, Serial Numbers: HW30859, HW31703, HW31704, HW31859, HW32030, HW32036, HW32040, HW32102, HW32520, HW32521, HW34018, HW34020, HW34027, HW34028, HW34986, HW35040, HW35043, HW35049, HW35216, HW35217, HW35218, HW35490, HW35531, HW35619, HW35786 GTIN 00888707002431, Serial Numbers: hw30979, hw31123, HW32029, HW32180, HW34024, HW34381, HW34615, HW35119, HW35733 GTIN 00888707002585, Serial Numbers: hw31079, hw31081, hw31168, hw31170, HW35095, HW35164, HW35351, HW35353, HW35355, HW35496, HW35497, HW35575, HW35576  GTIN 00888707002516, Serial Numbers: hw31147, hw31162, HW32507, HW34524, HW35474 GTIN 00888707006330, Serial Numbers: HW31419, HW31699, HW31733, HW32505, HW35393, HW35396, HW35726, HW35749, HW35766, HW35769, HW35784, HW35829, HW35872, HW36005, HW36007, HW36008, HW36009, HW36010, HW36013, HW36014, HW36015, HW36018, HW36019, HW36020, HW36021, HW36067, HW36068, HW36069, HW36070, HW36071, HW36131, HW36132, HW36138, HW36174, HW36175, HW36176, HW36177, HW36178, HW36179, HW36180, HW36182, HW36184, HW36185, HW36186, HW36192, HW36193, HW36194, HW36195, HW36196, HW36197, HW36198, HW36199, HW36200, HW36201, HW36224, HW36225, HW36226, HW36227, HW36228, HW36229, HW36230, HW36231, HW36232, HW36233, HW36248, HW36249, HW36251, HW36252, HW36253, HW36254, HW36255, HW36256, HW36258, HW36259, HW36260, HW36276, HW36298, HW36299, HW36300, HW36303, HW36305, HW36306, HW36307, HW36309, HW36310, HW36313, HW36314, HW36316, HW36317, HW36318, HW36319, HW36320, HW36321, HW36323, HW36324, HW36325, HW36326, HW36328, HW36332, HW36333, HW36334, HW36335, HW36337, HW36354, HW36355, HW36356, HW36357, HW36358, HW36359, HW36360, HW36361, HW36362, HW36363, HW36396, HW36397, HW36398, HW36399, HW36400, HW36401, HW36403, HW36404, HW36405, HW36406, HW36407, HW36408, HW36409, HW36410, HW36411, HW36412, HW36419, HW36420, HW36428, HW36429, HW36430, HW36432, HW36433, HW36434, HW36435, HW36436, HW36437, HW36438, HW36500, HW36501, HW36502, HW36503, HW36504, HW36505, HW36506, HW36507, HW36508, HW36509, HW36510, HW36511, HW36513, HW36514, HW36515, HW36530, HW36553, HW36554, HW36555, HW36556, HW36557, HW36558, HW36559, HW36560, HW36561, HW36562, HW36563, HW36564, HW36595, HW36596, HW36597, HW36598, HW36599, HW36600, HW36601, HW36602, HW36603, HW36624, HW36625, HW36626, HW36628, HW36630, HW36631, HW36632, HW36633, HW36636, HW36637, HW36655, HW36659, HW36660, HW36662, HW36663, HW36664, HW36669, HW36670, HW36671, HW36672, HW36703, HW36704, HW36705, HW36708, HW36709, HW36710, HW36711, HW36712, HW36713, HW36853, HW36854, HW36855, HW36898, HW36899, HW36900, HW36903, HW36919, HW36921 GTIN 00888707002486, Serial Numbers: HW31444, HW31569, HW31673, HW31814, HW31817, HW31818, HW31820, HW31824, HW31825, HW31826, HW31872, HW31873, HW31875, HW31877, HW31927, HW31932, HW31934, HW31939, HW31940, HW31941, HW31995, HW31996, HW31997, HW31999, HW32002, HW32008, HW32009, HW32010, HW32011, HW32013, HW32032, HW32034, HW32038, HW32046, HW32053, HW32057, HW32062, HW32065, HW32071, HW32085, HW32109, HW32165, HW32166, HW32195, HW32205, HW32211, HW32221, HW32236, HW32243, HW32250, HW32506, HW34015, HW34122, HW34123, HW34124, HW34251, HW34252, HW34275, HW34277, HW34280, HW34354, HW34355, HW34356, HW34361, HW34364, HW34433, HW34434, HW34437, HW34439, HW34440, HW34442, HW34443, HW34444, HW34452, HW34454, HW34619, HW34620, HW34621, HW34622, HW34623, HW34624, HW34629, HW34630, HW34631, HW34636, HW34656, HW34719, HW34738, HW34739, HW34742, HW34748, HW34749, HW34750, HW34753, HW34757, HW34758, HW34761, HW34762, HW34767, HW34769, HW34779, HW34818, HW34853, HW34867, HW34873, HW34879, HW34880, HW34882, HW34885, HW34888, HW34890, HW34897, HW34898, HW34900, HW34905, HW34909, HW34911, HW34912, HW34945, HW34954, HW34960, HW35171, HW35228, HW35230, HW35278, HW35282, HW35283, HW35297, HW35298, HW35300, HW35303, HW35304, HW35306, HW35307, HW35512, HW35513, HW35514, HW35516, HW35517, HW35518, HW35519, HW35520, HW35521, HW35522, HW35523, HW35525, HW35526, HW35527, HW35528, HW35565, HW35567, HW35568, HW35569, HW35570, HW35593, HW35600, HW35612, HW35614, HW35615, HW35616, HW35617, HW35618, HW35645, HW35650, HW35652, HW35685, HW35725, HW35734, HW35737, HW35738, HW35740, HW35742, HW35743, HW35744, HW35745, HW35746, HW35747, HW35748, HW35751, HW35752, HW35760, HW35762, HW35765 GTIN 00888707002462, Serial Numbers: HW31586, HW31700, HW32035 GTIN 00888707002424, Serial Numbers: HW31698, HW31851 GTIN 00888707002448, Serial Numbers: HW31779, HW31780, HW32546, HW34095, HW34617, HW35398, HW35511, HW35589, HW35597  GTIN 00888707002455, Serial Numbers: HW31852, HW31856, HW32025, HW32198, HW34026, HW34637, HW35544 GTIN 00888707006019, Serial Numbers: HW31983, HW34720, HW34974, HW35376, HW35377, HW35849, HW35866, HW35869, HW35871, HW35873, HW35877, HW35878, HW35879, HW35880, HW35998, HW36000, HW36056, HW36057, HW36058, HW36059, HW36060, HW36061, HW36062, HW36063, HW36113, HW36114, HW36115, HW36116, HW36117, HW36118, HW36119, HW36120, HW36145, HW36146, HW36155, HW36156, HW36157, HW36158, HW36159, HW36167, HW36221, HW36222, HW36223, HW36350, HW36351, HW36352 GTIN 00888707006408, Serial Numbers: HW34292, HW35932, HW36083, HW36084, HW36087, HW36129, HW36130, HW36171, HW36172, HW36173, HW36212, HW36247, HW36250, HW36261, HW36263, HW36264, HW36265, HW36266, HW36348, HW36349, HW36413, HW36414, HW36415, HW36416, HW36594, HW36638 GTIN 00888707002554, Serial Numbers: HW34337, HW34362, HW34484, HW34591, HW34594, HW34625, HW34682, HW34693, HW34732, HW34833, HW34838, HW34846, HW34876, HW34884, HW34889, HW35052, HW35057, HW35061, HW35067, HW35316, HW35323, HW35359, HW35362, HW35363, HW35364, HW35458, HW35536, HW35585, HW35620, HW35622, HW35623, HW35709, HW35710, HW35728, HW35732, HW35758, HW35759, HW35764, HW35767, HW35771, HW35772, HW35775, HW35777, HW35780, HW35782 GTIN 00888707004558, Serial Numbers: HW34759, HW34785, HW35655, HW35656 GTIN 00888707002141, Serial Numbers: HW34848, HW34849, HW35711 GTIN 00888707006323, Serial Numbers: HW34982, HW35031, HW35379, HW35380, HW35381, HW35382, HW35383, HW35384, HW35388, HW35389, HW35390, HW35391, HW35392, HW35621, HW35642, HW35654, HW35712, HW35722, HW35727, HW35729, HW35736, HW35755, HW35770, HW35781, HW35783, HW35977, HW36024, HW36025, HW36027, HW36028, HW36029, HW36030, HW36032, HW36033, HW36034, HW36042, HW36043, HW36044, HW36045, HW36046, HW36064, HW36065, HW36072, HW36073, HW36074, HW36075, HW36076, HW36077, HW36078, HW36079, HW36080, HW36081, HW36082, HW36123, HW36124, HW36125, HW36126, HW36127, HW36128, HW36133, HW36134, HW36135, HW36136, HW36137, HW36139, HW36140, HW36141, HW36142, HW36143, HW36144, HW36147, HW36148, HW36149, HW36150, HW36151, HW36152, HW36153, HW36187, HW36188, HW36189, HW36190, HW36191, HW36202, HW36203, HW36204, HW36206, HW36207, HW36208, HW36209, HW36210, HW36234, 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Recalling Firm/
Heartware, Inc.
14400 Nw 60th Ave
Miami Lakes FL 33014-2807
For Additional Information Contact MCS Customer Service
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
The Outflow Graft may be subject to tears and the Strain Relief screw may break during the pre-implant pump assembly and attachment to the HVAD Pump.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Device Design
Action The firm disseminated a Medical Device Safety Alert by letter beginning on 04/03/2020. The notice explained he potential for damage that can occur during the procedure. Specifically, the Outflow Graft may be subject to tears and the Strain Relief screw may break during the pre-implant pump assembly and attachment to the HVAD Pump. The letter also provided additional steps for assembly and attachment to reduce the risk of damage and tearing during the assembly procedure which was provided in Appendix A.
Quantity in Commerce 2225 Units
Distribution Worldwide Distribution
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.
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