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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 1 Device Recall medtronic

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  Class 1 Device Recall medtronic see related information
Date Initiated by Firm May 10, 2023
Date Posted June 16, 2023
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-1818-2023
Recall Event ID 92328
PMA Number P980016S713 
Product Classification Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (non-CRT) - Product Code LWS
Product ICD COBALT XT VR MRI IS1 DF1, Model Number DVPA2D1; Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Code Information GTIN 00763000178451, Lot Serial Numbers: RSC601940S, RSC601072S, RSC601241S, RSC600327S, RSC601396S, RSC602028S, RSC602030S, RSC602031S, RSC602036S, RSC600018S, RSC602529S, RSC602530S, RSC602531S, RSC602532S, RSC600347S, RSC600391S, RSC600419S, RSC601490S, RSC602703S, RSC600337S, RSC600420S, RSC600421S, RSC600422S, RSC600423S, RSC600501S, RSC601410S, RSC601433S, RSC602269S, RSC601444S, RSC601446S, RSC602764S, RSC602765S, RSC600131S, RSC600281S, RSC600298S, RSC601388S, RSC602497S, RSC600174S, RSC602387S, RSC601415S, RSC602106S, RSC600225S, RSC600240S, RSC601647S, RSC602710S, RSC601960S, RSC601961S, RSC602209S, RSC602257S, RSC602306S, RSC602379S, RSC602473S, RSC600293S, RSC600299S, RSC600328S, RSC601071S, RSC601345S, RSC601443S, RSC601450S, RSC601632S, RSC601887S, RSC602213S, RSC602144S, RSC602234S, RSC601419S, RSC602168S, RSC600147S, RSC600417S, RSC601631S, RSC600275S, RSC601999S, RSC602394S, RSC602701S, RSC602752S, RSC602620S, RSC600443S, RSC602061S, RSC602064S, RSC602068S, RSC602072S, RSC602073S, RSC602075S, RSC602076S, RSC602433S, RSC601216S, RSC601221S, RSC601222S, RSC601223S, RSC601227S, RSC601228S, RSC601229S, RSC601230S, RSC601231S, RSC601532S, RSC601534S, RSC601537S, RSC601538S, RSC601541S, RSC601543S, RSC601545S, RSC601547S, RSC601551S, RSC601552S, RSC601553S, RSC601554S, RSC601577S, RSC601578S, RSC601579S, RSC601581S, RSC601848S, RSC601849S, RSC601850S, RSC601851S, RSC601852S, RSC602062S, RSC602335S, RSC602430S, RSC602431S, RSC602432S, RSC602434S, RSC601022S, RSC601106S, RSC601107S, RSC601183S, RSC601366S, RSC601368S, RSC602107S, RSC600224S, RSC602459S, RSC600283S, RSC601978S, RSC601643S, RSC600137S, RSC600233S, RSC601024S, RSC601112S, RSC601198S, RSC601347S, RSC601350S, RSC601369S, RSC601374S, RSC601426S, RSC601504S, RSC601654S, RSC601834S, RSC601904S, RSC601909S, RSC601693S, RSC601200S, RSC601184S, RSC601453S, RSC601467S, RSC601484S, RSC601193S, RSC601137S, RSC601139S, RSC601160S, RSC601641S, RSC602169S, RSC601177S, RSC601181S, RSC601907S, RSC602134S, RSC601195S, RSC601636S, RSC601831S, RSC602528S, RSC602008S, RSC602009S, RSC602754S, RSC601436S, RSC601877S, RSC600429S, RSC601202S, RSC602495S, RSC600519S, RSC600205S, RSC600437S, RSC600484S, RSC601901S, RSC602147S, RSC600450S, RSC601187S, RSC602496S, RSC600361S, RSC601251S, RSC602208S, RSC601644S, RSC601662S, RSC601663S, RSC601664S, RSC601666S, RSC601667S, RSC601668S, RSC601669S, RSC601671S, RSC601672S, RSC601673S, RSC601675S, RSC601861S, RSC601862S, RSC601863S, RSC601864S, RSC601865S, RSC601866S, RSC601867S, RSC601868S, RSC602397S, RSC602323S, RSC600141S, RSC600173S, RSC600179S, RSC600183S, RSC600194S, RSC600201S, RSC600203S, RSC600209S, RSC600218S, RSC600219S, RSC600221S, RSC600226S, RSC600239S, RSC600242S, RSC600252S, RSC600262S, RSC600325S, RSC600351S, RSC600390S, RSC600408S, RSC600416S, RSC600427S, RSC600431S, RSC600438S, RSC600441S, RSC600492S, RSC600498S, RSC601182S, RSC601908S, RSC602227S, RSC602324S, RSC602109S, RSC600292S, RSC600495S, RSC600496S, RSC600497S, RSC601655S, RSC601656S, RSC601659S, RSC601389S, RSC602371S, RSC601089S, RSC601379S, RSC600346S, RSC601161S, RSC600187S, RSC601442S, RSC602222S, RSC602491S, RSC601977S, RSC602099S, RSC602210S, RSC602224S, RSC602226S, RSC600134S, RSC601118S, RSC601140S, RSC601392S, RSC601440S, RSC601916S, RSC602116S, RSC602119S, RSC602124S, RSC602125S, RSC602126S, RSC601528S, RSC601609S, RSC601610S, RSC601895S, RSC601896S, RSC601897S, RSC601898S, RSC601899S, RSC602117S, RSC602120S, RSC602121S, RSC602122S, RSC602123S, RSC601165S, RSC601403S, RSC600504S, RSC601030S, RSC601091S, RSC601122S, RSC601432S, RSC601620S, RSC600480S, RSC602326S, RSC600323S, RSC602014S, RSC600353S, RSC601109S, RSC601517S, RSC601625S, RSC602142S, RSC602767S, RSC601076S, RSC601086S, RSC601090S, RSC601151S, RSC602026S, RSC602129S, RSC602633S, RSC602694S, RSC601622S, RSC601377S, RSC601378S, RSC601381S, RSC601382S, RSC601912S, RSC601514S, RSC601036S, RSC601881S, RSC601145S, RSC602413S, RSC602414S, RSC602418S, RSC602423S, RSC602422S, RSC602682S, RSC602813S, RSC602086S, RSC602088S, RSC602089S, RSC602823S, RSC600249S, RSC601522S, RSC601642S, RSC602265S, RSC602702S, RSC601174S, RSC600206S, RSC600402S, RSC600418S, RSC601469S, RSC601470S, RSC602100S, RSC601893S, RSC600348S, RSC600475S, RSC601697S, RSC601424S, RSC602246S, RSC602461S, RSC601712S, RSC601890S, RSC602730S, RSC601951S, RSC601953S, RSC602376S, RSC601358S, RSC600264S, RSC600279S, RSC601120S, RSC601974S, RSC602297S, RSC602298S, RSC602475S, RSC602712S, RSC600306S, RSC600395S, RSC600412S, RSC601888S, RSC602328S, RSC600514S, RSC600320S, RSC600517S, RSC601085S, RSC602574S, RSC601110S, RSC602319S, RSC600143S, RSC602160S, RSC602290S, RSC600129S, RSC600300S, RSC601404S, RSC602437S, RSC602579S, RSC602766S, RSC600156S, RSC602464S, RSC602284S, RSC602161S, RSC602266S, RSC602307S, RSC602763S, RSC601092S, RSC601154S, RSC602215S, RSC602401S, RSC602686S, RSC602687S, RSC602216S, RSC600172S, RSC600214S, RSC600370S, RSC602346S, RSC602347S, RSC602372S, RSC602293S, RSC601395S, RSC601166S, RSC601343S, RSC601838S, RSC600178S, RSC601096S, RSC600148S, RSC600199S, RSC600269S, RSC601513S, RSC601431S, RSC601982S, RSC601095S, RSC601143S, RSC601483S, RSC602446S, RSC601401S, RSC602015S, RSC600485S, RSC601542S, RSC601882S, RSC602695S, RSC602808S, RSC602011S, RSC602012S, RSC602148S, RSC602309S, RSC601950S, RSC602492S, RSC602641S, RSC600493S, RSC601476S, RSC601482S, RSC601906S, RSC602576S, RSC602617S, RSC600398S, RSC601277S, RSC601288S, RSC601464S, RSC601652S, RSC602738S, RSC601844S, RSC601845S, RSC601847S, RSC601201S, RSC601399S, RSC602060S, RSC600445S, RSC602606S, RSC601114S, RSC601313S, RSC601317S, RSC601339S, RSC601356S, RSC601911S, RSC601637S, RSC601495S, RSC601354S, RSC601491S, RSC601674S, RSC600404S, RSC601178S, RSC602451S, RSC602448S, RSC602688S, RSC602749S, RSC602748S, RSC601209S, RSC601348S, RSC602781S, RSC602782S, RSC601191S, RSC601077S, RSC601138S, RSC601204S, RSC601633S, RSC601634S, RSC600516S, RSC602113S, RSC601902S, RSC601136S, RSC601211S, RSC601312S, RSC602207S, RSC602354S, RSC602353S, RSC601523S, RSC600192S, RSC601094S, RSC600161S, RSC601981S, RSC602623S, RSC602575S, RSC601390S, RSC601645S, RSC602436S, RSC601190S, RSC602115S, RSC602814S, RSC602151S, RSC602152S, RSC601020S, RSC601088S, RSC601093S, RSC601220S, RSC601224S, RSC601319S, RSC601394S, RSC602141S, RSC600132S, RSC600157S, RSC600230S, RSC601069S, RSC601148S, RSC601189S, RSC601340S, RSC601477S, RSC602241S, RSC601856S, RSC602039S, RSC601185S, RSC601487S, RSC601499S, RSC601512S, RSC601526S, RSC601531S, RSC601613S, RSC601688S, RSC601713S, RSC601857S, RSC601858S, RSC601860S, RSC601915S, RSC601941S, RSC601262S, RSC601275S, RSC601918S, RSC600330S, RSC600146S, RSC601034S, RSC601454S, RSC601481S, RSC600145S, RSC601098S, RSC601102S, RSC601104S, RSC601411S, RSC601412S, RSC601488S, RSC601875S, RSC602238S, RSC601725S, RSC601255S, RSC601507S, RSC601087S, RSC602405S, RSC602408S, RSC601233S, RSC601234S, RSC601235S, RSC601236S, RSC601237S, RSC601238S, RSC601583S, RSC601585S, RSC601586S, RSC601587S, RSC601698S, RSC601701S, RSC601709S, RSC602403S, RSC602404S, RSC602406S, RSC602407S, RSC602409S, RSC601150S, RSC601917S, RSC601919S, RSC601920S, RSC601922S, RSC601925S, RSC601926S, RSC601939S, RSC602631S, RSC602336S, RSC602536S, RSC602753S, RSC601257S, RSC602211S, RSC602357S, RSC602204S, RSC600182S, RSC600204S, RSC600210S, RSC600295S, RSC600356S, RSC600393S, RSC600415S, RSC600435S, RSC600481S, RSC601031S, RSC601441S, RSC602385S, RSC601970S, RSC602380S, RSC602381S, RSC602478S, RSC601067S, RSC601074S, RSC601167S, RSC601405S, RSC601618S, RSC601689S, RSC601695S, RSC601128S, RSC602081S, RSC601029S, RSC601619S, RSC602003S, RSC601614S, RSC600165S, RSC601039S, RSC600277S, RSC600375S, RSC600377S, RSC600388S, RSC600466S, RSC600473S, RSC600478S, RSC601123S, RSC601125S, RSC601496S, RSC602318S, RSC602325S, RSC602602S, RSC602622S, RSC602315S, RSC602167S, RSC601075S, RSC601078S, RSC601346S, RSC601243S, RSC601957S, RSC600288S, RSC600329S, RSC602761S, RSC602472S, RSC602303S, RSC600235S, RSC601889S, RSC600387S, RSC600455S, RSC600464S, RSC601365S, RSC600332S, RSC600336S, RSC602320S, RSC600258S, RSC600503S, RSC601116S, RSC601142S, RSC601250S, RSC602630S, RSC602150S, RSC601699S, RSC601914S, RSC601859S, RSC601952S, RSC602302S, RSC602382S, RSC600127S, RSC600138S, RSC600349S, RSC600369S, RSC600451S, RSC601171S, RSC601180S, RSC601261S, RSC601391S, RSC601616S, RSC601617S, RSC602170S, RSC602237S, RSC601886S, RSC601323S, RSC601337S, RSC601627S, RSC601628S, RSC601651S, RSC601680S, RSC601681S, RSC601715S, RSC601719S, RSC601732S, RSC601756S, RSC600280S, RSC601113S, RSC601219S, RSC601429S, RSC601063S, RSC602639S, RSC602402S, RSC602493S, RSC602494S, RSC602304S, RSC600334S, RSC600384S, RSC601459S, RSC601460S, RSC602242S, RSC601361S, RSC601494S, RSC600268S, RSC602454S, RSC601247S, RSC602713S, RSC601068S, RSC601073S, RSC601199S, RSC602618S, RSC600499S, RSC602236S, RSC600428S, RSC601021S, RSC601505S, RSC600474S, RSC601511S, RSC602450S, RSC602166S, RSC601726S, RSC600231S, RSC602299S, RSC602159S, RSC601100S, RSC601103S, RSC601696S, RSC602580S, RSC601685S, RSC601035S, RSC601510S, RSC601188S, RSC600285S, RSC601027S, RSC601108S, RSC602395S, RSC602396S, RSC601988S, RSC601159S, RSC601131S, RSC601979S, RSC601083S, RSC600296S, RSC601079S, RSC601518S, RSC602489S, RSC602239S, RSC602240S, RSC600924S, RSC601196S, RSC601207S, RSC600471S, RSC601621S, RSC601905S, RSC602374S, RSC600303S, RSC600444S, RSC602112S, RSC600494S, RSC601176S, RSC601885S, RSC602560S, RSC602691S, RSC602692S, RSC602689S, RSC602690S, RSC602820S, RSC601254S, RSC601536S, RSC602212S, RSC601135S, RSC601475S, RSC601530S, RSC601891S, RSC602658S, RSC602158S, RSC601032S, RSC602498S, RSC602822S, RSC600414S, RSC602163S, RSC601105S, RSC600355S, RSC600477S, RSC601435S, RSC601519S, RSC601694S, RSC601945S, RSC601245S, RSC601479S, RSC600150S, RSC601437S, RSC601653S, RSC600467S, RSC602321S, RSC602674S, RSC601192S, RSC601497S, RSC601498S, RSC601589S, RSC601639S, RSC601708S, RSC601837S, RSC602384S, RSC600130S, RSC601210S, RSC602310S, RSC602383S, RSC602230S, RSC602744S, RSC602693S, RSC602282S, RSC601203S, RSC601218S, RSC601623S, RSC600333S, RSC601434S, RSC600345S, RSC600358S, RSC601099S, RSC600159S, RSC601508S, RSC600468S, RSC601418S, RSC602801S, RSC602342S, RSC600273S, RSC601213S, RSC602772S, RSC601611S, RSC602535S, RSC600365S, RSC600360S, RSC601344S, RSC602410S, RSC602110S, RSC602172S, RSC602251S, RSC602261S, RSC600181S, RSC600251S, RSC600447S, RSC600491S, RSC601115S, RSC601117S, RSC601439S, RSC601626S, RSC601879S, RSC601903S, RSC601913S, RSC601129S, RSC601130S, RSC601132S, RSC601133S, RSC602214S, RSC602337S, RSC602338S, RSC602339S, RSC602340S, RSC602352S, RSC601387S, RSC601398S, RSC601878S, RSC602103S, RSC602218S, RSC600340S, RSC600341S, RSC600350S, RSC600385S, RSC601169S, RSC601194S, RSC601253S, RSC601380S, RSC601384S, RSC601385S, RSC601386S, RSC601406S, RSC601409S, RSC601478S, RSC602221S, RSC602228S, RSC600326S, RSC601527S, RSC602165S, RSC600248S, RSC600335S, RSC600359S, RSC601124S, RSC601355S, RSC601421S, RSC601635S, RSC601894S, RSC600019S, RSC600260S, RSC602327S, RSC601097S, RSC601592S, RSC601876S, RSC601648S, RSC602245S, RSC602854S, RSC602316S, RSC600263S, RSC601375S, RSC602146S, RSC601359S, RSC602345S, RSC601119S, RSC601144S, RSC600139S, RSC600142S, RSC600274S, RSC600343S, RSC600366S, RSC600374S, RSC600376S, RSC601080S, RSC601521S, RSC601539S, RSC601892S, RSC601023S, RSC602322S, RSC600246S, RSC602488S, RSC602722S, RSC602723S, RSC600168S, RSC600180S, RSC601329S, RSC601383S, RSC601989S, RSC601993S, RSC602217S, RSC601126S, RSC602206S, RSC601252S, RSC601121S, RSC602080S, RSC602092S, RSC602093S, RSC602095S, RSC602096S, RSC602361S, RSC602362S, RSC602363S, RSC602364S, RSC602365S, RSC602366S, RSC602367S, RSC602368S, RSC602369S, RSC602370S, RSC602537S, RSC602538S, RSC602541S, RSC602542S, RSC602545S, RSC602546S, RSC602552S, RSC602696S, RSC602697S, RSC602698S, RSC602699S, RSC602700S, RSC602428S, RSC602429S, RSC602685S, RSC602114S, RSC602683S, RSC602684S, RSC601503S, RSC602305S, RSC602398S, RSC602399S, RSC602400S, RSC602419S, RSC602420S, RSC602424S, RSC602425S, RSC602373S, RSC601480S, RSC601880S, RSC602577S, RSC600396S, RSC601629S, RSC601630S, RSC602005S, RSC602007S, RSC602077S, RSC602078S, RSC602135S, RSC602136S, RSC602137S, RSC602388S, RSC602389S, RSC602390S, RSC602279S, RSC601318S, RSC602308S, RSC600256S, RSC601157S, RSC601975S, RSC601212S, RSC601692S, RSC602445S, RSC600442S, RSC602157S, RSC600392S, RSC600453S, RSC601393S, RSC600190S, RSC600373S, RSC600378S, RSC601082S, RSC601084S, RSC602377S, RSC601646S, RSC601186S, RSC600149S, RSC601985S, RSC600291S, RSC602624S, RSC601413S, RSC601509S, RSC600406S, RSC601162S, RSC602311S, RSC602470S, RSC602636S, RSC602314S, RSC602483S, RSC600213S, RSC601360S, RSC601525S, RSC601930S, RSC601028S, RSC602231S, RSC602232S, RSC601064S, RSC601516S, RSC600490S, RSC601400S, RSC601515S, RSC600198S, RSC601640S, RSC601649S, RSC602283S, RSC600512S, RSC601070S, RSC601362S, RSC601658S, RSC601690S, RSC602156S, RSC601980S, RSC600229S, RSC600354S, RSC601026S, RSC601370S, RSC601208S, RSC602773S, RSC601638S, RSC602411S, RSC600342S, RSC601466S, RSC601471S, RSC601615S, RSC602253S, RSC602138S, RSC601873S, RSC602721S, RSC601168S, RSC601489S, RSC600271S, RSC600170S, RSC600267S, RSC600397S, RSC601155S, RSC601232S, RSC601351S, RSC601352S, RSC601353S, RSC601371S, RSC601414S, RSC601474S, RSC602097S, RSC602143S, RSC601308S, RSC600426S, RSC602760S, RSC602843S, RSC602572S, RSC602640S, RSC600202S, RSC601215S, RSC601702S, RSC602452S, RSC602300S, RSC600314S, RSC601240S, RSC601949S, RSC601205S, RSC600155S, RSC601430S, RSC601624S, RSC601248S, RSC602793S, RSC602794S, RSC602016S, RSC602017S, RSC602421S, RSC600339S, RSC602130S, RSC602132S, RSC602131S, RSC602133S, RSC602154S, RSC602155S, RSC602145S, RSC601923S, RSC602102S, RSC601883S, RSC602022S, RSC602042S, RSC602048S, RSC602053S, RSC602059S, RSC602330S, RSC602332S, RSC602356S, RSC602358S, RSC602359S, RSC602386S, RSC602595S, RSC602596S, RSC601025S, RSC601033S, RSC601038S, 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RSC600527S, RSC600582S, RSC600107S, RSC601793S, RSC600570S, RSC600877S, RSC602033S, RSC600596S, RSC600900S, RSC600928S, RSC600935S, RSC600950S, RSC602020S, RSC600090S, RSC600439S, RSC600574S, RSC600088S, RSC600567S, RSC601000S, RSC601657S
Recalling Firm/
Medtronic Inc., Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure (CRHF)
8200 Coral Sea St Ne
Mounds View MN 55112-4391
For Additional Information Contact Technical Services
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
There is a rare potential for reduced- or no-energy output during high voltage (HV) therapy (typically 0-12J) in implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds) manufactured with a specific (glassed) feedthrough, including currently available ICDs and CRT-Ds.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Under Investigation by firm
Action Medtronic issued an URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE CORRECTION NOTICE to its consignees on 05/10/2023 by UPS 2-day delivery or email. Consignees are asked to forward this notification to those who need to be aware within the organization and to any location which the devices have been distributed. The notice explained the problem and the risk and requested the following patient management recommendations: - Prophylactic device replacement is NOT recommended. - Program all HV therapy pathways B>AX in all therapy zones to minimize the risk for this issue. - Prioritize reprogramming patients who have both a history of HV therapy and Rx1 programmed AX>B. - For remaining patients with AX>B programming in any HV therapy sequence, schedule (with appropriate discretion) the next follow-up for in-clinic reprogramming to minimize potential for reduced- or no-energy HV therapies to occur. - Contact Medtronic Technical Services (1-800-929-4043) or your local representative if one of the following is observed as these may be an indication of either a device or lead-related issue: o Reduced- or no-energy HV therapy is displayed in Episode Text (regardless of programmed pathway) o A persistent drop of approximately 50% in RA, RV and LV pacing lead impedance measurements as this may be an indication of increased potential for a future reduced- or no-energy therapy. Update 10/10/2023: Beginning 09/27/2023, Medtronic issued communication via letter to consignees regarding the availability of the revised IFU and SmartSync Software. Consignees are asked to forward this notification to those who need to be aware within the organization and to any location which the devices have been distributed. Consignees are asked to complete and return a confirmation certificate (or equivalent record) confirming they have received the notification.
Quantity in Commerce 2000 units
Distribution US Nationwide - Worldwide Distribution
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.
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