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Class 1 Device Recall Medtronic HeartWare

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  Class 1 Device Recall Medtronic HeartWare see related information
Date Initiated by Firm May 05, 2022
Create Date June 21, 2022
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-1266-2022
Recall Event ID 90228
PMA Number P100047 
Product Classification Ventricular (assist) bypass - Product Code DSQ
Product HeartWare Battery, Model #1650DE, a component of the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) System.
Code Information GTIN 00888707008778. Serial numbers BAT935012, BAT935059, BAT935008, BAT935009, BAT935018, BAT935020, BAT935022, BAT935023, BAT935047, BAT934999, BAT935003, BAT935010, BAT935329, BAT934928, BAT934934, BAT935160, BAT935078, BAT934997, BAT935027, BAT935048, BAT934953, BAT934933, BAT934948, BAT934853, BAT934854, BAT934858, BAT934895, BAT934899, BAT934901, BAT934903, BAT934904, BAT934905, BAT934927, BAT934932, BAT934935, BAT934940, BAT934979, BAT934981, BAT935109, BAT935112, BAT935116, BAT935117, BAT935120, BAT935122, BAT935124, BAT935127, BAT935132, BAT935133, BAT935134, BAT935136, BAT934846, BAT934848, BAT934849, BAT934850, BAT935137, BAT935142, BAT935143, BAT935145, BAT935146, BAT935148, BAT935150, BAT935151, BAT935152, BAT935154, BAT935155, BAT935156, BAT935157, BAT935158, BAT935161, BAT935162, BAT935163, BAT935164, BAT935260, BAT935301, BAT935302, BAT935303, BAT935201, BAT935202, BAT935203, BAT935172, BAT935173, BAT935174, BAT935175, BAT935176, BAT935177, BAT935178, BAT935179, BAT935180, BAT935181, BAT935182, BAT935183, BAT935184, BAT935185, BAT935186, BAT935187, BAT934910, BAT934912, BAT934914, BAT934915, BAT934916, BAT934919, BAT935317, BAT935318, BAT935319, BAT935320, BAT935322, BAT935324, BAT935217, BAT935264, BAT935269, BAT935276, BAT935277, BAT935282, BAT935283, BAT935285, BAT935286, BAT935287, BAT935312, BAT935313, BAT935314, BAT935188, BAT935189, BAT935190, BAT935191, BAT935192, BAT935193, BAT935194, BAT935195, BAT935196, BAT935197, BAT935198, BAT935199, BAT934851, BAT934852, BAT934855, BAT934857, BAT934859, BAT934861, BAT934862, BAT934863, BAT934865, BAT934866, BAT935207, BAT935210, BAT935222, BAT935256, BAT935257, BAT935230, BAT935231, BAT935233, BAT935234, BAT935236, BAT935237, BAT935238, BAT935268, BAT935270, BAT935271, BAT935272, BAT935273, BAT935275, BAT935279, BAT935280, BAT935288, BAT935290, BAT935291, BAT935292, BAT935284, BAT934844, BAT935229, BAT934917, BAT934918, BAT934920, BAT934924, BAT935232, BAT935235, BAT935247, BAT935261, BAT934867, BAT934868, BAT935265, BAT935266, BAT935204, BAT935205, BAT935206, BAT935212, BAT935213, BAT935216, BAT935250, BAT935251, BAT935252, BAT935253, BAT935254, BAT935267, BAT934869, BAT935200, BAT935262, BAT935218, BAT935219, BAT935227, BAT935228, BAT934871, BAT934873, BAT934874, BAT934875, BAT934876, BAT934877, BAT934878, BAT934880, BAT934881, BAT934882, BAT934883, BAT934884, BAT934886, BAT934909, BAT935138, BAT935140, BAT935293, BAT935294, BAT935296, BAT935259, BAT935297, BAT935298, BAT935299, BAT935300, BAT934894, BAT935326, BAT935331, BAT934982, BAT934987, BAT934988, BAT934989, BAT935032, BAT935038, BAT935039, BAT935040, BAT935042, BAT935043, BAT935051, BAT935068, BAT935074, BAT935085, BAT935089, BAT935093, BAT935094, BAT935095, BAT935098, BAT935099, BAT935100, BAT935101, BAT935102, BAT935103, BAT935104, BAT935105, BAT935106, BAT935107, BAT935108, BAT935141, BAT935144, BAT935147, BAT935149, BAT935159, BAT935165, BAT935166, BAT935167, BAT935168, BAT935169, BAT935170, BAT935171, BAT935258, BAT934887, BAT934889, BAT934891, BAT934893, BAT934870, BAT935239, BAT935240, BAT935241, BAT935242, BAT935243, BAT935244, BAT935245, BAT935246, BAT935248, BAT935249, BAT934906, BAT934908, BAT935033, BAT935036, BAT935044, BAT935017, BAT935045, BAT935001, BAT935026, BAT935114, BAT935118, BAT935121, BAT935123, BAT935263, BAT935274, BAT935278, BAT935281, BAT935315, BAT935084, BAT935086, BAT934896, BAT934897, BAT934898, BAT934949, BAT934950, BAT935323, BAT935325, BAT935327, BAT935328, BAT935330, BAT935332, BAT935005, BAT935006, BAT935025, BAT935062, BAT935064, BAT935065, BAT935208, BAT934922, BAT934926, BAT934929, BAT934930, BAT934942, BAT934943, BAT934944, BAT934945, BAT934955, BAT934959, BAT934961, BAT934964, BAT934967, BAT934968, BAT934969, BAT934970, BAT934976, BAT934977, BAT934978, BAT935002, BAT935014, BAT935049, BAT934973, BAT934974, BAT935087, BAT935091, BAT935097, BAT934962, BAT935041, BAT935046, BAT935050, BAT935053, BAT935057, BAT935058, BAT935061, BAT935063, BAT935067, BAT935071, BAT935077, BAT935080, BAT935081, BAT935088, BAT935090, BAT935092, BAT934952, BAT934954, BAT934958, BAT934921, BAT934923, BAT934925, BAT934931, BAT934941, BAT934951, BAT935015, BAT935016, BAT935019, BAT935021, BAT935096, BAT935111, BAT934998, BAT934956, BAT935024, BAT935028, BAT935034, BAT935037, BAT935069, BAT935070, BAT935215, BAT935321, BAT935135, BAT935029, BAT935030, BAT935031, BAT934946, BAT934983, BAT934984, BAT934986, BAT934992, BAT934971, BAT934972, BAT934975, BAT934980, BAT934995, BAT935000, BAT935007, BAT935013, BAT934947, BAT934996, BAT935011, BAT935052, BAT935054, BAT935056, BAT935082, BAT935072, BAT935073, BAT935075, BAT935076, BAT935004, BAT934990, BAT934991, BAT934993, BAT934994, BAT935079, BAT934985, BAT934963, BAT934965, and BAT934966. Expiration date 30-APR-22.
Recalling Firm/
Medtronic Inc
710 Medtronic Pkwy Mailstop Ls245
Minneapolis MN 55432-5603
For Additional Information Contact MCS Customer Service
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
Batteries for the HVAD system have a weld defect affecting internal components within the HVAD battery, resulting in the battery to malfunction and no longer provide power or prevent the battery from holding a complete charge or properly recharging.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Process control
Action In the United States, on 5/5/2022, a written Medical Device Retrieval letter dated May 2022 was mailed via 2-day UPS delivery to consignees who have received potentially affected product according to Medtronic records. Outside of the US (OUS), beginning 5/5/2022, an Urgent Medical Device Retrieval letter was being delivered via regionally approved methods to consignees who have received potentially affected product according to Medtronic records. The letter notified customers of the issue description and were provided patient management recommendations. This included reminding their patients to always keep two sources of power connected to their controller and have fully charged spare batteries available at all times. If a [Power Disconnect] alarm occurs while a battery is physically connected, that battery should be taken out of service. The letter references instructions from the patient manual. The consignee actions included immediately identifying and quarantining all affected batteries listed in the attachment; immediately notify patients with affected batteries that Medtronic is conducting this retrieval and have them remove these batteries from service; informed the consignee that the Medtronic Field Representative can assist them in the return of the affected product; complete and return the enclosed Customer Confirmation Form and follow the instructions to initiate an exchange; and share the letter with all those who need to be aware within their organization or to any organization where the affected batteries have been transferred.
Quantity in Commerce 429 batteries
Distribution Worldwide Distribution. US nationwide, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.
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