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Class 2 Device Recall Bolton Medical

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  Class 2 Device Recall Bolton Medical see related information
Date Initiated by Firm December 20, 2022
Date Posted January 19, 2023
Recall Status1 Open3, Classified
Recall Number Z-0997-2023
Recall Event ID 91292
Product Classification System, endovascular graft, aortic aneurysm treatment - Product Code MIH
Code Information UDI/DI 00843576100268: REF 28-M4-22-190-22S, Lot Numbers: B210925203 UDI/DI 00843576149731, REF 28-M4-24-150-24U, Lot Numbers: 2204210015, 2208250004, 2208250003; UDI/DI 00843576149618, REF 28-M4-26-095-26U, Lot Numbers: 2112210189; UDI/DI 00843576149748, REF 28-M4-26-155-26U, Lot Numbers: 2208240053, 2208250164, 2208220204; UDI/DI 00843576100039, REF 28-M4-28-095-28S, Lot Numbers: B220211367, B220129307, B220211163; UDI/DI 00843576149625, REF 28-M4-28-095-28U, Lot Numbers: 2208220081; UDI/DI 00843576150119, REF 28-M4-28-155-24U, Lot Numbers: 2210110060, 2202150279, 2202150279; UDI/DI 00843576100169, REF 28-M4-28-155-28S, Lot Numbers: B220209262; UDI/DI 00843576149755, REF 28-M4-28-155-28U, Lot Numbers: 2208240183; UDI/DI 00843576150218, REF 28-M4-28-195-24U, Lot Numbers: 2202030119; UDI/DI 00843576149885, REF 28-M4-28-195-28U, Lot Numbers: 2109150299; UDI/DI 00843576150317, REF 28-M4-28-250-24U, Lot Numbers: 2202100029; UDI/DI 00843576150010, REF 28-M4-28-250-28U, Lot Numbers: 2202010127; UDI/DI 00843576100046, REF 28-M4-30-095-30S, Lot Numbers: B220228338; UDI/DI 00843576149632, REF 28-M4-30-095-30U, Lot Numbers: 2208240127, 2112140029, 2202070140; UDI/DI 00843576150126, REF 28-M4-30-155-26U, Lot Numbers: 2203080218; UDI/DI 00843576100176, REF 28-M4-30-155-30S, Lot Numbers: B220825157, B211229047, B220211164, B211228037; UDI/DI 00843576149762, REF 28-M4-30-155-30U, Lot Numbers: 2202100215, 2208240129; UDI/DI 00843576100633, REF 28-M4-30-200-26S, Lot Numbers: B220207438; UDI/DI 00843576100305, REF 28-M4-30-200-30S, Lot Numbers: B220118082; UDI/DI 00843576100732, REF 28-M4-30-250-26S, Lot Numbers: B220202152; UDI/DI 00843576150027, REF 28-M4-30-250-30U, Lot Numbers: 2202030116; UDI/DI 00843576100053, REF 28-M4-32-095-32S, Lot Numbers: B210910015; UDI/DI 00843576100541, REF 28-M4-32-155-28S, Lot Numbers: B220301231; UDI/DI 00843576100183, REF 28-M4-32-155-32S, Lot Numbers: B220216239; UDI/DI 00843576149779, REF 28-M4-32-155-32U, Lot Numbers: 2202100265, 2202110370; UDI/DI 00843576100640, REF 28-M4-32-200-28S, Lot Numbers: B210626308, B210626307; UDI/DI 00843576100749, REF 28-M4-32-250-28S, Lot Numbers: B211222146; UDI/DI 00843576150331, REF 28-M4-32-250-28U, Lot Numbers: 2110120002; UDI/DI 00843576150034, REF 28-M4-32-250-32U, Lot Numbers: 2112180035; UDI/DI 00843576149656, REF 28-M4-34-100-34U, Lot Numbers: 2112110191, 2202120100, 2208230097; UDI/DI 00843576100558, REF 28-M4-34-145-30S, Lot Numbers: B210609033; UDI/DI 00843576150140, REF 28-M4-34-145-30U, Lot Numbers: 2210110037; UDI/DI 00843576100190, REF 28-M4-34-145-34S, Lot Numbers: B220210184, B211012027, B220210028, B220216053, B220216053, B220209191; UDI/DI 00843576149786, REF 28-M4-34-145-34U, Lot Numbers: 2110120028, 2109150326, 2109140012, 2110120025, 2208240141, 2208240140, 2208240126, 2208240029, 2208240030, 2208250006, 2208250005, 2112280069, 2201280546, 2202080066; UDI/DI 00843576100657, REF 28-M4-34-200-30S, Lot Numbers: B210430260, B220217323, B220216055, B220217319, B211222145, B220216055, B210430262, B220216054; UDI/DI 00843576150249, REF 28-M4-34-200-30U, Lot Numbers: 2202260090; UDI/DI 00843576100329, REF 28-M4-34-200-34S, Lot Numbers: B210428257, B211014252; UDI/DI 00843576149915, REF 28-M4-34-200-34U, Lot Numbers: 2202170286, 2202170286, 2202170219, 2202170278, 2202160200, 2202160200; UDI/DI 00843576100756, REF 28-M4-34-250-30S, Lot Numbers: B211221199; UDI/DI 00843576100077, REF 28-M4-36-100-36S, Lot Numbers: B220217276, B220217276; UDI/DI 00843576100206, REF 28-M4-36-145-36S, Lot Numbers: B221025248; UDI/DI 00843576100664, REF 28-M4-36-190-32S, Lot Numbers: B210622126, B221025300; UDI/DI 00843576100763, REF 28-M4-36-250-32S, Lot Numbers: B221007313; UDI/DI 00843576150058, REF 28-M4-36-250-36U, Lot Numbers: 2210110276, 2210100191; UDI/DI 00843576100084, REF 28-M4-38-100-38S, Lot Numbers: B220824128; UDI/DI 00843576150164, REF 28-M4-38-145-34U, Lot Numbers: 2202170235; UDI/DI 00843576100213, REF 28-M4-38-145-38S, Lot Numbers: B221026208; UDI/DI 00843576100671, REF 28-M4-38-190-34S, Lot Numbers: B220121067, B220317294; UDI/DI 00843576150263, REF 28-M4-38-190-34U, Lot Numbers: 2204140072; UDI/DI 00843576100473, REF 28-M4-38-250-38S, Lot Numbers: B220825007; UDI/DI 00843576100091, REF 28-M4-40-105-40S, Lot Numbers: B220216195, B220216195, B220125193; UDI/DI 00843576149687, REF 28-M4-40-105-40U, Lot Numbers: 2202160194; UDI/DI 00843576100589, REF 28-M4-40-145-36S, Lot Numbers: B220825008; UDI/DI 00843576100350, REF 28-M4-40-195-40S, Lot Numbers: B220222125, B220222125, B220216224, B220223318, B220223318, B220216224; UDI/DI 00843576100787, REF 28-M4-40-250-36S, Lot Numbers: B221025298; UDI/DI 00843576150379, REF 28-M4-40-250-36U, Lot Numbers: 2203010243; UDI/DI 00843576149694, REF 28-M4-42-105-42U, Lot Numbers: 2109100260; UDI/DI 00843576100596, REF 28-M4-42-150-38S, Lot Numbers: B220115098; UDI/DI 00843576100695, REF 28-M4-42-195-38S, Lot Numbers: B220420138; UDI/DI 00843576149700, REF 28-M4-44-105-44U, Lot Numbers: 2201170430; UDI/DI 00843576100602, REF 28-M4-44-155-40S, Lot Numbers: B220117359; UDI/DI 00843576100701, REF 28-M4-44-200-40S, Lot Numbers: B220121070; UDI/DI 00843576100374, REF 28-M4-44-200-44S, Lot Numbers: B220824149, B211229052, B220115095; UDI/DI 00843576150393, REF 28-M4-44-250-40U, Lot Numbers: 2201170418; UDI/DI 00843576150096, REF 28-M4-44-250-44U, Lot Numbers: 2112130139; UDI/DI 00843576100121, REF 28-M4-46-105-46S, Lot Numbers: B211203109; UDI/DI 00843576149717, REF 28-M4-46-105-46U, Lot Numbers: 2203030290; UDI/DI 00843576100718, REF 28-M4-46-200-42S, Lot Numbers: B220825037; UDI/DI 00843576100381, REF 28-M4-46-200-46S, Lot Numbers: B220825038; UDI/DI 00843576149977, REF 28-M4-46-200-46U, Lot Numbers: 2204200130; UDI/DI 00843576100510, REF 28-M4-46-250-46S, Lot Numbers: B210525287.
Recalling Firm/
Bolton Medical Inc.
799 International Pkwy
Sunrise FL 33325-6220
For Additional Information Contact Megan Indeglia
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
The product may be shorter than packaging indicates
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Labeling Change Control
Action On 12/15/2022, Terumo Aortic/Bolton Medical, Inc. issued an URGENT: MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL notice to its consignees by mail. The notice explained the problem and the risk, and requested the return of the device to a Terumo Sales Representative.
Quantity in Commerce 129 units
Distribution Worldwide distribution - US Nationwide and the countries of UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Chile, Japan, and China.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 The manufacturer has initiated the recall and not all products have been corrected or removed. This record will be updated as the status changes.