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Class 2 Device Recall

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  Class 2 Device Recall see related information
Date Initiated by Firm January 04, 2006
Date Posted January 26, 2006
Recall Status1 Terminated 3 on September 28, 2006
Recall Number Z-0449-06
Recall Event ID 34279
510(K)Number K031925  
Product Classification Mesh, Surgical, Polymeric - Product Code FTL
Product PROCEED Surgical Mesh is a sterile, thin, flexible laminate mesh designed for the repair of hernias and other fascial deficiencies. The mesh product is comprised of an oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) fabric, and PROLENE Soft Mesh, a nonabsorbable polypropylene mesh, which is encapsulated by a polydioxanone polymer. The polypropylene mesh side of the product allows for tissue ingrowth while the ORC side provides a bioresorbable layer that physically separates the polypropylene mesh from underlying tissue and organ surfaces during the wound-healing period to minimize tissue attachment to the mesh. The polydioxanone provides a bond to the ORC layer.
Code Information Product Code -- Lot: PCDD1---- UHG068; UJG096; UJG110; UJG131; UJG149; UKG264; ULG335; ULG316; ULG313; ULG342; ULG374; ULG385; ULG409; UMG490; UMG492; UMG004; UHG038; UHG025; UHG021;   PCDM1 ---- UJG078; UJG082; UJG085; UJG087; UJG109; ULG103; ULG101; ULG095; ULG125; UJG128; ULG139; UJG142; UKG184; UKG183; UKG181; UKG175; UKG161; UKG187; UKG203; UKG201; UEG883; UKG231; UKG239; UKG241; UKG279; UKG253;  UKG250; UKG243; UKG267; UKG266; UKG256; ULG309; ULG287; ULG328; ULG311; ULG370; ULG369; ULG340; ULG337; ULG393; ULG399; ULG400; ULG373; ULG401; ULG405; UMG424; UMG425; UMG426; UMG448; UMG449; UMG479; UMG478; UMG477; UMG473; UMG450; UMG504; UMG486; UGG001; UGG999; UHG014; UHG040; UHG031; UHG026;   PCDN1 ----- UHG056; UHG059; UHG072; UHG054; UJG075; UJG077; UJG088; UJG092; UJG099; UJG107; UJG134; UJG129; UJG122; UJG144; UJG154; UJG156; UJG160; UKG176; UKG170; UKG169; UKG166; UKG177; UKG190; UKG198; UKG215; UKG213; UKG220; UKG222; UKG225; UKG233; UKG248; UKG260; ULG308; ULG305; ULG289; ULG285; ULG281; ULG278; ULG272; ULG271; ULG269; ULG331; ULG321; ULG317; ULG315; ULG344; ULG343; ULG346; ULG352; ULG371; ULG368; ULG365; ULG361; ULG359; ULG341; ULG390; ULG392; ULG394; ULG396; UMG432; UMG427; ULG413; UMG438; UMG445; UMG472; UMG471; UMG459; UMG456; UMG455; UMG476; UMG493; UMG505; UMG509; UHG005; UHG019; UHG022; UHG034; UHG043; UHG044;    PCDL1 ----- UMG489; UMG483; UMG468; UMG451; UMG431; ULG408; UMG429; UMG430; ULG398; ULG397; ULG381; ULG339; ULG354; ULG355; ULG306; ULG319; ULG332; ULG193; ULG298; ULG279; ULG275; UKG255; UKG229; UKG227; UKG226; UKG168; UKG173; UKG178; UJG117; UJG094; UHG053; UHG069; UJG080; UHG060; UJG073; UHG048;   PCDH1 ----- UMG475; UMG481; UMG494; UMG436; UMG437; UMG454; UMG458; UMG457; UMG423; UMG433; UMG414; UMG415; ULG375; ULG376; ULG377; ULG391; ULG406; ULG372; ULG349; ULG348; ULG336; ULG327; ULG310; ULG304; ULG300; ULG288; ULG276; UKG265; UKG252; UKG218; UKG219; UKG230; UKG217; UKG205; UKG204; UKG186; UKG174; UKG167; UKG163; UJG157; UJG145; UJG143; UJG141; UJG127; UJG100; UJG098; UJG115; UJG114; UJG108; UJG084; UGG997; UGG998; UHG013; UHG030; UHG039;    PCDB1 ------ ULG323; ULG296; UEG886; UEG884; UJG116; UJG108; UJG104; UJG089; UJG079; UHG065; UJG076; UHG067; ULG296; UEG884; UEG886; UJG116; UJG104; UJG106; UJG089; UJG079; UHG065; UJG076; UHG067; ULG296; UEG884; UEG886; UJG116; UJG104; UJG106; UJG089; UJG079; UHG065; UJG076; UHG067; ULG323; ULG296; UEG884; UEG886; UJG116; UJG104; UJG106; UJG079; UJG089; UHG065; UJG076; UHG067;  PCDG1 ----- UMG482; UMG498; UMG499; UMG500; UMG441; UMG469; UMG470; UMG442; UMG447; UMG446; ULG402; UMG416; UMG419; UMG420; UMG421; UMG422; ULG384; ULG386; ULG387; ULG395; ULG356; ULG366; ULG367; ULG338; ULG329; ULG326; ULG325; ULG274; ULG334; ULG307; ULG299; ULG294; ULG288; ULG284; ULG283; UKG258; UKG259; UKG263; ULG277; UEG885; UKG234; UKG244; UKG245; UKG254; UKG196; UKG210; UKG197; UKG191; UKG193; UKG162; UKG179; UKG180; UJG146; UJG148; UJG153; UJG159; UJG132; UJG130; UJG124; UJG121; UJG105; UJG113; UJG091; UJG086; UJG083; UHG012; UHG063; UHG061; UHG047; UHG071; UHG064; UHG058; UHG055; UHG002; UHG003; UHG011; UHG017; UHG027; UHG036; UHG037; UHG041; UHG042; UHG045;   PCDT1 ----- UMG488; UMG485; UMG491; UMG452; UMG453; UMG435; ULG407; ULG410; UMG417; UMG428; UMG434; ULG363; ULG364; ULG389; ULG345; ULG357; ULG358; ULG291; ULG273; UKG257; UKG236; UKG221; UKG208; UKG209; UKG192; UKG171; UJG137; UJG111; UJG074; UHG057; UHG051; UHG020; UHG032; UHG033; UHG049;   PCDR1 ----- UMG487; UMG502; UMG474; UMG480; ULG333; ULG347; ULG301; ULG290; ULG282; UKG228; UKG237; UKG240; UKG195; UKG172; UJG147; UJG150; UJG140; UJG138; UJG136; UJG123; UJG102; UJG093; UJG090; UHG070; UHG062; UHG046; UHG052; UGG996; UHG006; UHG008; UHG009; UHG010; UHG016; UHG028;   PCDW1 ----- UMG495; UMG496; UMG444; UMG443; ULG412; UMG418; ULG378; ULG388; ULG380; ULG379; ULG360; ULG320; ULG297; ULG292; ULG280; UKG261; UKG251; UKG247; UKG189; UEG887; UKG206; UKG202; UKG188; UJG120; UJG151; UJG133; UHG029; UHG050;   PCDJ1 ------- UMG484; UMG497; UMG439; UMG440; ULG383; ULG382; ULG403; ULG404; ULG362; ULG353; ULG350; ULG351; ULG330; ULG314; ULG312; UKG238; ULG303; ULG318; ULG270; ULG268; UKG262; UKG246; UKG235; UKG232; UKG199; UKG212; UKG211; UKG200; UKG199; UKG185; UKG194; UKG182; UKG165; UKG164; UJG155; UJG152; UJG119; UJG165; UJG118; UJG112; UJG097; UJG081; UHG066; UGG990; UHG007; UHG015; UHG018;   
Recalling Firm/
Ethicon, Inc.
US Highway 22 West
Somerville NJ 08876
For Additional Information Contact Cindy Crosby
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
Lots of Proceed Surgical Mesh may delaminate from the polypropylene mesh during certain hernia repairs. Exposure of the polypropylene layer to the bowel prior to reperitonealization could increase the risk of adhesions and bowel fistulization.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Action The recall was initiated on 12/21/2005. The recall to the customers were initiate via letter with return receipt on 1/4/2006.
Quantity in Commerce 18,270 devices
Distribution There is a total of 1,070 consignees that have received recall product divided between hospitals and distributors nationwide. The product has been distributed internationally to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austra, Brazil, Canada, Chile Colombia, Czechoslovakian Republic, France, Germany Greece, Guaynabo, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Yemen, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom, Venezuela. Government shipments include: Alaska Area Native Health, Anchorage, AK; Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital, San Antonio, TX; VA Warehouse, Sioux Falls, SD; VA Medical Center, Miami, FL; Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, Hines, IL; J.L. McClellan VA Med. Ctr, Little Rock, AR; Medical Supply Warehouse, Andrews AFB, MD; Mike O''Callaghan Fed. Hospit, Neillis AFB, NV; Naval Medical Ctr., Portsmouth, VA; Recv Officer Hanal Hosp, Jacksonville, FL; USAF Academy Hospital, USAF Academy, CO; USAF Hospital Elmendorf, Elmendorf AFB, AK; VA Bay Pines, Saint Petersburg, FL; VA Hosp. Supply Service, Dallas, TX; VA Louisville, Louisville, KY; VA Med. Center WTS, Indianapolis, IN; VA Med. Ctr., Huntington, WV; VA Med. Ctr., Los Angeles, CA; VA Med. Ctr., Buffalo, NY; VA Med. Ctr., San Juan, PR; VA Med. Ctr, East Orange, NJ; VA Med. Ctr., New York, NY; VA Med. Ctr., Kansas City, MO; VA Med. Ctr., Leavenworth, KS; VA Med. Ctr., Wichita, KS; VA Med. Ctr., Temple, TX; VA Med. Ctr., Amarillo, TX; VA Med. Ctr., Grand Junction, CO; VA Med. Ctr., Nashville, TN; VA Med. Ctr., Mountain Home, TN; VA Med. Ctr., Loma Linda, CA; VA Med. Ctr., Wilmington, DE; VA Med. Ctr., Salisbury, NC; VA Med. Ctr., Columbia, MO; VA Med. Ctr., Saint Louis, MO; VA New York Harbor Healthcare, Brooklyn, NY; WHMC/MSLS, Lackland AFB, TX; Womack Army, Fort Bragg, NC.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55.
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = FTL and Original Applicant = ETHICON, INC.