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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall Optima MR360/Brivo MR355 (HDsv), GE 0.35T Signa Ovation HD MR System, GE 0.2T Signa Profile HD MR Sy

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  Class 2 Device Recall Optima MR360/Brivo MR355 (HDsv), GE 0.35T Signa Ovation HD MR System, GE 0.2T Signa Profile HD MR Sy see related information
Date Initiated by Firm June 08, 2012
Date Posting Updated May 01, 2013
Recall Status1 Terminated 3 on November 03, 2014
Recall Number Z-1209-2013
Recall Event ID 64918
510(K)Number K103330  K053009  K043112  
Product Classification System, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging - Product Code LNH
Product GE Healthcare, Optima MR360/Brivo MR355 (HDsv), GE 0.35T Signa Ovation HD MR System, GE 0.2T Signa Profile HD MR System.

Indicated for use as a diagnostic imaging device.
Code Information 5, 242143HM6, 269409HM9, 229427HM0, 261011HM1, 265007HM5, 267652HM6, 261005HM3, 250465HM2, 257783HM1, 276180HM7, 293127HM7, 266900HM0, 185390HM2, 259654HM2, 293092HM3, 187162HM3, 250459HM5, 267643HM5, 293130HM1, 280902HM8, 283381HM2, 245745HM5, 257792HM2, 196358HM6, 265001HM8, 252375HM1, 261008HM7, 245624HM2, 269309HM1, 267646HM8, 257780HM7, 293089HM9, 193207HM8, 252396HM7, 295723HM1, 296425HM2, 297321HM2, 297792HM4, 298506HM7, 298509HM1, 298515HM8, 305147HM1, 306415HM1, 307327HM7, 307330HM1, 307333HM5, 305842HM7, 182226HM1, 187469HM2, 188934HM4, 254619HM0, 291203HM8, 305318HM8, 306308HM8, 188814HM8, 265023HM2, 189945HM9, 256448HM2, 259663HM3, 305306HM3, 291784HM7, 204173HM9, 289103HM4, 261730HM6, 300914HM9, 181534HM9, 221022HM7, 217783HM0, 192378HM8, 280559HM6, 208928HM2, 193130HM2, 177380HM3, 305129HM9, 247878HM2, 198004HM4, 198790HM8, 224716HM1, 245556HM6, 274215HM3, 280905HM1, 281443HM2, 309473HM7, 197709HM9, 259648HM4, 223609HM9, 264183HM5, 281277HM4, 224451HM5, 249456HM5, 196791HM8, 216112HM3, 235831HM5, 259410HM9, 245748HM9, 185608HM7, 214982HM1, 230838HM5, 263688HM4, 256433HM4, 262310HM6, 268809HM1, 168747HM4, 194588HM0, 202467HM7, 278684HM6, 281428HM3, 286880HM0, 299936HM5, 300200HM3, 167093HM4, 241081HM9, 284466HM0, 229562HM4, 262295HM9, 259420HM8, 252402HM3, 276192HM2, 261736HM3, 264992HM9, 175009HM0, 176123HM8, 176952HM0, 194652HM4, 206783HM3, 210539HM3, 213393HM2, 224442HM4, 226020HM6, 230214HM9, 293118HM6, 294820HM6, 266894HM5, 266897HM8, 271733HM8, 281440HM8, 291778HM9, 281431HM7, 263673HM6, 261733HM0, 182601HM5, 200902HM5, 205894HM9, 226420HM8, 226780HM5, 252497HM3, 297822HM9, 252393HM4, 256141HM3, 257771HM6, 257798HM9, 207286HM6, 264554HM7, 286898HM2, 286901HM4, 212641HM5, 236222HM6, 256156HM1, 257768HM2, 165275HM9, 252380HM1, 256424HM3, 263676HM9, 276207HM8, 290033HM0, 248583HM7, 250462HM9, 264983HM8, 175614HM7, 206808HM8, 264586HM9, 262298HM3, 207131HM4, 284460HM3, 250048HM6, 259657HM5, 190053HM9, 298500HM0, 252411HM4, 197721HM4, 214032HM5, 264980HM4, 286649HM9, 198712HM2, 204139HM0, 295732HM2, 165274HM2, 289091HM1, 183671HM7, 218943HM9, 233375HM5, 260996HM4, 262286HM8, 262289HM2, 183345HM8, 197244HM7, 247882HM4, 276204HM5, 278687HM9, 285902HM3, 264986HM1, 264998HM6, 280556HM2, 290036HM3, 293812HM4, 297819HM5, 300197HM1, 250057HM7, 184795HM3, 270513HM5, 271706HM4, 295729HM8, 297324HM6, 252408HM0, 216086HM9, 293121HM0, 257777HM3, 276210HM2, 278672HM1, 281425HM9, 284463HM7, 285911HM4, 289096HM0, 297306HM3, 297327HM9, 242138HM6, 223718HM8, 263691HM8, 228528HM6, 256153HM8, 282413HM4, 292521HM2, 300203HM7, 301816HM5, 301819HM9, 302734HM9, 302737HM2, 305153HM9, 305156HM2, 308177HM5, 308929HM9, 309506HM4, 309509HM8, 310727HM3, 311241HM4, 312231HM4, 312379HM1, 194662HM3, 223449HM0, 264205HM6, 276198HM9, 171699HM2, 269456HM0, 291215HM2, 278675HM4, 266903HM4, 266906HM7, 278678HM8, 267634HM4, 281422HM6, 263685HM0, 268812HM5, 264989HM5, 269447HM9, 274224HM5, 199733HM7, 181103HM3, 180699HM1, 171698HM4, 229582HM2, 224689HM0, 293124HM4, 302716HM6, 270510HM1, 243170HM8, 196395HM8, 290030HM6, 199942HM4, 290024HM9, 227474HM4, 241065HM2, 265034HM9, 222113HM3, 210288HM7, 193196HM3, 297801HM3, 257843HM3, 240130HM5, 170081HM4, 227429HM8, 235191HM4, 309470HM3, 256144HM7, 273789HM8, 257546HM2, 226814HM2, 262319HM7, 214907HM8, 172794HM0, 198684HM3, 241050HM4, 172560HM5, 239726HM3, 262304HM9, 281416HM8, 291206HM1, 291209HM5, 292527HM9, 293083HM2, 293086HM5, 293133HM5, 293806HM6, 294367HM8, 294370HM2, 294814HM9, 294817HM2, 308912HM5, 308926HM5, 309479HM4, 309482HM8, 309491HM9, 309494HM3, 309497HM6, 309500HM7, 309503HM1, 310697HM8, 310700HM0, 310703HM4, 310706HM7 , 310709HM1, 310712HM5, 310715HM8, 310718HM2 , 310721HM6, 310724HM0, 311119HM2, 311122HM6, 311125HM9, 312210HM8, 312213HM2, 312216HM5, 312219HM9, 312222HM3, 312225HM6, 312228HM0, 312349HM4, 312352HM8, 312355HM1, 312358HM5, 312361HM9, 312364HM3, 312367HM6, 199950HM7, 205562HM2, 171317HM1, 236450HM3, 271730HM4, 297309HM7, 252405HM6, 256430HM0, 256455HM7, 250045HM2, 257786HM4, 25
Recalling Firm/
GE Healthcare, LLC
3000 N Grandview Blvd
Waukesha WI 53188-1615
For Additional Information Contact
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
GE Healthcare has recently become aware of a Reformat Image Flip Issue associated with GE MR Products. The axial and coronal reformatted images from a sagittal 3D series (such as with applications of FSPGR-3D T1, BRAVO T1, or CUBE T1) of over 126 slices may display a left-to-right image flip . In addition, the acquired sagittal images may be annotated with left-right location annotation revers
FDA Determined
Cause 2
Software design
Action GE Healthcare sent an "Important Product Information" letter dated June 8, 2012 to all affected customers. The letter identified the product, problem, and actions to be taken by the customers. Customers should contact their local service representative for questions regarding this notice.
Quantity in Commerce 864 (57 US; 802 OUS)
Distribution Worldwide Distribution-USA (nationwide) including DC and Puerto Rico, excluding the state of RI and the countries of Yugoslavia YEMEN Viet Nam Venezuela Uzbekistan Uruguay United Arab Emirates Tunisia Thailand Tanzania Taiwan Turkey Syria Switzerland Sweden Spain South Korea South Africa Slovenia Slovakia Singapore Saudi Arabia Russia Romania Reunion Qatar Portugal Poland Philippines Peru Pakistan Paraguay Philippines Oman Norway Nigeria New Zealand Netherlands Morocco Mexico Martinique Malaysia Macedonia Mauritania Luxembourg Lithuania Libya Lebanon Latvia Kuwait Kenya Korea Korea (Republic Of [South] Korea) KUWAIT Kazakhstan Jordan Japan Jamaica Italy Israel Ireland Iran Iraq Indonesia India Hungary Hong Kong Honduras Guadeloupe Greece Germany Georgia, Republic of French Polynesia France Finland Estonia Ecuador Egypt Denmark Dominican Republic Czech Republic Croatia Colombia China Chile Canada Bulgaria Brazil Bosnia And Herzegovina Belgium Belarus Barbados Bahrain Austria Australia Argentina Arab Emirates Algeria and United Kingdom.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 A record in this database is created when a firm initiates a correction or removal action. The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
3 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55.
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